UCLA’s Josh Rosen named Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week

UCLA freshman Josh Rosen (3) debuted with 351 yards and three touchdowns in a 34-16 win over Virginia on Saturday. Cue the hype. (Keith Birmingham/Staff)

UCLA freshman Josh Rosen (center) debuted with 351 yards and three touchdowns in a 34-16 win over Virginia on Saturday. Cue the hype. (Keith Birmingham/Staff)

Josh Rosen put in the best offensive performance in college football this week.

That’s according to the Walter Camp Football Foundation, which gave UCLA’s freshman quarterback its top weekly honor on Sunday. Rosen threw for 351 yards and three touchdowns yesterday in a 34-16 win over Virginia, completing 28 of 35 passes and barely missing out on a 75-yard score on his first snap.

He still put in plenty of highlight moments, including a beautiful touchdown to Thomas Duarte.

Rosen is the first Bruin to be named the Walter Camp’s Offensive Player of the Week since Drew Olson in November 2005, and the seventh on either side of the ball since 2004.

  • jameskatt

    Rosen is going to be a special player in UCLA history.

    One of the things I like is his awareness of the play as it is happening.

    He was sacked once. He blamed it on himself for not releasing the ball quickly enough. He was aware of this – unlike Hundley, who allowed himself to be sacked too many times.

    With Rosen, with an experienced team, with the start of a pipeline of talented players, this UCLA team is in position to do something great!

    Go Bruins!

    • Laker Rod

      Come on. Let’s not blame Hundley. UCLA has had a shaky O line since forever prior to this year.

      Very proud of Kenny Lacy. I don’t think he committed a single penalty. O line guys should see their first starts as redshirt sophomores at the earliest ideally. I think guys like Lacy and McDermott have proven this.

      Redmond, Benenoch, and Najee Toran and in the past Torian White and Simon Goines all struggled as true frosh or redshirt frosh and even as true sophomores.

      It was great to see redshirt frosh Kolton Miller get some reps also at left tackle as a back up.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Just from some rough calculations, I figure Rosen would have been 29-36 for 425 yards and four TDs if Walker hadn’t drop that first bomb from scrimmage. Anyone can have one great “Kenny Trill”-type fluke game, but what you cannot deny about Rosen are his prototype skills (mechanics, footwork, arm strength, pocket presence, release, read progressions). Already at 18 he is better at those elements than Hundley was as a redshirt freshman.

    Yes, just one game. And I’m sure he will make some terrible rookie mistakes during the season. However, this is an Andrew Luck-type player that you can build recruiting and momentum around for the next few years. The worst news for SC yesterday wasn’t that their thin OL looked suspect against a Sunbelt cupcake–it was the realization is that Rosen will be crosstown for at least three years.

    • jameskatt

      Josh Rosen is at Marcus Marriotta’s skill and talent level. He has the innate awareness and instincts for football that is so difficult of not impossible to teach. We are so lucky to have him for probably the next 3 years.
      The team cannot get ahead of itself. Marcus had a great team around him. We need to do the same.

      • Laker Rod

        We are getting way ahead of ourselves. Rosen was starting down some receivers at times. Defensive coordinators will study film on him.

        Barkley started 6-0 behind USC’s power machine in 2009. They had won 6 straight conference championships at that point. The wheels came off shortly after.

        I would still like to see Rosen add 10 lbs more of muscle and have stronger legs under him and work on his speed. He’s way too slow. These are things for him to work on next year. I hope he doesn’t get injured at any point that will slow his progress down.

        He’s off to a fantastic start though.

        • The Big Woof!

          For once, I basically agree with you, Rod. Good when you base your comments on what you see, rather than theoretical statistics. It’s clearly not going to be that easy for Josh in every game, but he showed tremendous potential and ability. Fully agree with adding 10 lbs. by next year and maybe get to 225-230 by the time he gets to the NFL. I did not see a glaring lack of speed, and he makes up for any deficiency in that area by his pocket presence and movement and great footwork. He showed decent speed when he had to run in HS (yes, I know the game is much faster in college). He also has more smarts in one finger than Barkley has in his entire body. Trent Dilfer commented that he did do a good job of finding an open man if his primary receiver was covered.

        • j metaphor

          Thank you for showing up, Laker Rod. We know you were against starting a true freshman. Didn’t think we would hear from you for some time. We always enjoy your enlightenment and sage advice on the finer points of football.

    • bruinray97

      Great post. I agree with you 100%. Don’t know if you were at the game yesterday, but I can’t get over how the whole crowd just oohed and aahed with his every throw, starting with that long attempt. It’s a long season and there will be growing pains, LOTS of growing pains, but it’s hard not to get caught up in the moment of what this young man did in his first game. GO BRUINS!

      • Muleboy

        The kid was great, and looked unruffled against a good D

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Boy these clowns at ESPN have sure jumped on the band wagon. Hey Josh just do your thing and ignore the noise. Go Bruins!

  • KW

    Rosen looked v good. The Alfords (coach and Caillou) not so much.

  • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

    He should have redshirted.