Pac-12 reportedly walks away from DirecTV, AT&T deal

Pac-12 Networks may not make it onto DirecTV after all this season.

According to the Bay Area News Groups’ Jon Wilner, the conference has walked away from talks with AT&T — which acquired DirecTV in late June — due to the carrier’s high demands.

AT&T wanted an equity stake in the network, which in turn would have forced the Pac-12 to redo its existing deals at a lower price.

Wilner did not rule out negotiations picking up again in the future.

  • DH

    Ridiculous! I’m so tired of the provider/supplier wars. Time to seriously consider cutting the cable and if I can’t get P12 online so be it!

  • Methusaleh

    Pac-12 Network should go with an online subscription model. Circumvent all the carriers. F ’em.

    • Tommy B Low Us

      If you know someone who has the pac network you can watch the games online with the pac 12 app. You just have to get them to give you their log in password info.

  • jameskatt

    I’d prefer Pac-12 on Comcast. DirectTV would have forced me to purchase their service.

  • Sandy Underpants

    Does anyone get Pac-12 network in America? I personally believe it’s just a made up network to keep USC off television. Seriously, who (even west coast states) would pay a penny to watch Pac-12 games when the best of the best in the conference are losing to crummy Big-10 schools and playing even with Cal Poly? That’s not worth paying for. Plus outside of football for 3 months, there’s absolutely nothing else in the Pac-12 worth watching… paying to be able to watch.

    • EncinitasBruin

      I have ATT-Uverse and purchase the P12 Network package at start of FB season and cancel at end–costs me an extra $50 a year. I probably watch about 25 games a season on the P12N, which seems worth it.

      My hunch is that none of these people sitting at the negotiating table are West Coast college football fans and/or P12 grads.

      • Sandy Underpants

        I wish I was as efficient as you. I’m still getting auto-debited monthly for a gym membership I haven’t used since 2007. I should call them tomorrow and cancel.