• Tommy B Low Us

    With all the injuries in the linebacker core, do you think coach mora would consider moving Nate iese to the defensive side as well? Also how is Dwight Williams looking? He seems to be the forgotten man.

  • Luis Wuence

    Am I the only one who thinks soso Jamabo would be a beast at outside linebacker? I get he is talented at running back, but do you ever see a day where he might move over to defense? Reminds me a lot of Barr with his frame.

  • LTEfan

    In a disappointing performance by the defense, did you see any positives in terms of players who had to step in for the injured starters?

  • Ted

    Why didn’t Devin Fuller play the slot receiver during the Arizona game? I saw Andrews in his place the whole game? Is he hurt? How about Olurunfunmi? Any word on his injury?

  • Elizabeth Rosenwald

    Where do you think TJ Leaf will end up eventually? 247 sports has UCLA as the front runner but its not a reliable source.

    Who else is UCLA pursuing?

  • ProbationU

    Jack, what is your take on the Chris Clark departure? Was he just homesick? Were we dealing with a parental situation? If he had redshirted, would he still be a Bruin?

  • max

    How much truth is there to the thought that this year’s UCLA team is more mature and better able to block out external distractions than last year’s?

  • max

    Does this UCLA team truly believe in their own potential to win the Pac-12 and make a Playoff run?

  • max

    Do you think Bradley enjoys being at UCLA and on the West Coast? Can you see him staying for a solid chunk of time? Does he get along with/respect the other coaches, especially Mora?

  • max

    Does anyone on the UCLA team really care that Devon Lucien is on the opposing team this Saturday? Will it matter at all?

  • xtracool32

    What is the morale around the football offices, with this season’s ban on diddy, and his crew from coming to practices? My guess is that everyone is happy about it, and it is much better for the football team.

  • miguelito

    does mora apologize to beat writers after he punks them during pressers? I remember mora punking a writer after the UNLV game, and I felt bad for the beat writer. Mora made him look pretty foolish

    • Steve W

      The writer was Jack. Mora didn’t make Jack look foolish. He made himself look like an A$$. Not the kind is composure you want your head coach to teach the players.

  • Steve W

    Is there a way to join the lawry pre game tailgate at the rosebowl for a discount? It’s quite pricey. Thx.

  • nybruin

    From Coach Mora’s presser about Myles Jack injury, he comes off as particularly concerned about his players’ long term well-being and not wanting to rush them back. I feel this has been the case in other injuries too, esp. concussions. Do you find this to be an honest side of Mora or do you think it’s just coach speak from a media savvy guy?

  • 92104bruinfan

    Many folks perceive (not incorrectly) the Bruin D has issues against the run and the zone read attack in particular. Do you think that was exacerbated a bit by AZ’s Randall who is a much better than average runner tho not nearly the passer Solomon is? I’m not convinced this is purely a run defense issue as the Bruin D could not get BYU’s offense off the field for long stretches the previous week and the Cougs run a rather balanced attack. Obviously big-time injuries are a factor here but am curious if there are issues beyond that. Thanks for your work here and on Twitter. Go Bruins!

  • Reggie

    It appears that there have been fewer videos during the week with players than usual. Is Mora limiting media access?

  • Danny

    What do you think our chances are for Jack Jones? When is he going to declare

  • PKbruin

    What was once a strength, now seems to be a weakness that opposing teams like SC, Stanford and Utah will expose. Are Jayon Brown, Savaiinea, Ankou and Dickerson really capable of playing D at a high enough level to keep us contending for a National Championship let alone a Pac12 title?