Eldridge Massington working on connection with Josh Rosen

The first five games of Eldridge Massington’s career went about as well as he could have hoped. On nine catches, he totaled 233 yards and two touchdowns to start the 2014 season, including an 80-yard score to mark his first career trip into the end zone.

It certainly didn’t hurt that he roomed with quarterback Brett Hundley. That friendship blossomed into natural chemistry on the field, and helped the 6-foot-3 wideout finish fourth on the team with 367 receiving yards.

But Hundley went to the NFL as a fifth-round draft pick this past spring, and that’s left Massington in a bit of a rut. Through five games, he only caught five passes for 49 yards. Eight Bruins already have at least 50.

Asked about his connection with freshman quarterback Josh Rosen, Massington said: “It’s been cool. It’s not like me and Brett, but me and him are starting to establish a good relationship. It’ll never be like me and Brett, but he’s a great guy. I like him a lot.”

  • Laker Rod

    I don’t necessarily think it has much to do with a connection between Rosen and Massington.

    The biggest difference is in 2014, UCLA had Payton Jr at the X spot, Lucien RJr Z spot. Fuller Jr was at the F position which is the motion man. Massington subbed in and sometimes started at the Z spot. In addition, while Duarte had the Y spot…he was only a sophomore and was inconsistent with his hamstring issue. Mossi Johnson played this slot position Y in place of Duarte. All this while RJr and 2 time returning starter Brett Hundley was throwing to them.

    In 2015, the coaches decided to move Fuller Sr over to the X or Z spot opposite Payton Sr who appears to be playing both X and Z…and lining up either on left or right side. In addition, Duarte is flourishing at the Y spot this year as a Jr. Darren Andrews RSo or Kenny Walker RJr are in the F spot. Perkins is being relied upon also and Nate Iese a RJr even limits the F spot role. All this while having a true frosh QB in Rosen.

    So it seems Payton and Duarte are the main deeper targets. Iese is a safety valve. Andrews and Walker or even Steven Johnson are guys you try to sneak through for a deep route.

    This explains why both Massington and Mossi Johnson prior to his injury were not seeing too many throws there way.