VIDEO: UCLA coach Jim Mora previews Bruins’ trip to Stanford

UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked to the media for the last time before the Bruins’ 7:30 p.m. kickoff at Stanford on Thursday. Here’s what he covered.

— On whether or not Stanford represents a significant hurdle for the team: “I think you make a mistake if you look at it like that. I think you have to look at it like one game. That’s always been our approach. … Once you start making one game more important than the other, you open yourself up to inconsistency.”

— On USC firing Steve Sarkisian yesterday: “He’s a friend of mine. Certainly, my heart goes out to him. I wish the best for him. I care about him.”

— Mora said that UCLA has become a more physical program since losing to Baylor in the 2012 Holiday Bowl. And while the Cardinal’s defensive line is thinner than it has been in past years after losing three starters, Mora thinks it’s still talented enough to pose a big challenge.

Mora was also asked whether or not time of possession becomes more important against Stanford, which is third nationally with an average of more than 35 minutes per game. UCLA is down to just under 26 minutes per game, a notable drop after averaging more than 29 minutes in each of the past three seasons.

“So many teams go so fast on offense,” Mora said. “You can be very effective on offense. You can stay on the field on third down on offense, end in a score, and still not use up a ton of clock.”

— Linebacker Jayon Brown (back) and cornerback Marcus Rios (sinuses) will both be ready to play against Stanford, Mora said. Brown had moved into the starting lineup after Myles Jack’s season-ending knee injury, and should reprise that role if he’s fully healthy.

The LA Times reports that offensive tackle Simon Goines has retired from football due to his medical condition. Goines started 20 games in 2012 and 2013, but has since been sidelined by various injuries.

  • Laker Rod

    While I don’t necessarily disagree that the UCLA football team is more physical than the one against Baylor in 2012…this seems more the case on offense..not so sure about “individually” on defense:

    2012 Defense

    RDE – C. Marsh Jr, Owa Jr

    NG – S. Epenesa Jr, McCarthy Fr

    LDE – D. Jones RSr, Owa Jr

    Owa and McCarthy were 5 stars and Marsh and Jones 4 stars. Same with Graham. Is the D line of 2015 as talented as the above group? EV is out. We have no 5 stars on the D line right now. The oldest player is Ankou RJr and 2 star and true junior Kenny Clark 4 star. McKinley nor Dickerson nor Tuioti Mariner nor Ankou are at the level of where the 2012 guys were. We are not very physical on the Dline. Dickerson and Tuioti-Mariner are only true sophomores. They need another year.

    ROLB – A. Barr Jr
    RILB – E. Kendricks RSo
    LILB – J. Zumwalt Jr, Dalton Hilliard Sr minibacker

    LOLB – D. Holmes RSr

    With Jack out…the 2015 LB group doesn’t appear to match up well against the 2012 group either.

    The front 7 of 2015 doesn’t necessarily seem better than the 2012 unit.

    • 88 Straight

      With all that in depth research, care to predict a final score? I will sit this one out. You are the smartest guy here, so I thought you might help us dummies, idiots and morons out so we can place a bet.

      • Laker Rod

        This again shows how idiotic you are. Predicting a final score in college football? You’re a total idiot. Anybody making a prediction is just making a GUESS. There is no proven smarts with any one game’s score. With college football you often can’t even guess who the winner is going to be when the situation seems quite obvious.

        I did say that the chances of UCLA winning the 1st 3 conference games would be very hard and would likely go 1-2. So what do you think? You claimed way back before the season started that UCLA could win all 3 of their 1st conference games. That didn’t happen

        And of course you sit this one out. You always do. You’re a pure chicken and Monday Morning QB. You only started to brag “after” Rosen had his good game against Virginia. Of course you no longer make predictions…because your predictions are only when you think it favors UCLA in anyway. You fail to be “objective” related to the situation at hand. You obviously don’t believe UCLA is going to beat Stanford.

        History has shown that UCLA often does better when you don’t expect them to do well. History has also shown that UCLA’s chokes away games they were favored to win at home. I already posted in a different thread what UCLA needs to do to win. It’s good they had a bye after the loss. Kenny Young has been playing out of position the last couple of games. He has had time to clean it up and he needs to be more instinctive and aggressive. Jayon Brown and Rios are back. The D line and the coaches are getting used to life without Eddie Vanderdoes. The UCLA O line is coming off a bad game and they have a chip on their shoulder and they usually respond well after a bad game. Mazzone knows he can’t hold Rosen back. Rosen needs to run at times..if he can ..and we all better hope he doesn’t get hurt or fumbles or throws more interceptions. Injuries/mistakes occur when you either ask a guy to do more than they should or that player himself decides to do more or extend out more than he should. We are already getting to that point of asking a true frosh to do too much.

        And the best way to put it is this way….if UCLA wins against Stanford…it would be a bit of a shock…right? Stanford is favored to win.

        • 88 Straight

          As predicted. You mock me for sitting it out while you sit it out. And you stoop to calling me an idiot again which will probably result in your post being deleted again. No wonder you got kicked out of Bruin Gold!

          • Laker Rod

            You are an idiot. You cannot defend what you tried to ask. Nobody can predict scores you moron. You have no rebuttal back related as to why it’s pointless to predict scores in college football.

            And there you go again in denial. You claimed the Bruins could go 3-0. Don’t lie. When I stated the Bruins may end up 1-2 in conference play after 3 games you tried to argue against this. Don’t lie.

          • 88 Straight

            You really need to work on your social skills. Therapy perhaps. Since you like to search, go back and find where I said UCLA will be 3-0 to start PAC-12 play. It never happened.

            Now, before you are deleted again for inappropriate language, I am predicting an upset for tomorrow night. Bruins by 3 points. Something along the lines of 34-31 or 31-28…in that ballpark. It’s all wishful thinking and I have done ZERO research. See…I am just having fun with a prediction. It means nothing, just like all your ridiculous statements Redshirt Rod.

          • Laker Rod

            Typical ProbationU tactics. You want to play more of a yes or no game?

            1. Were you arguing against me related to UCLA going 1-2 for the 1st 3 conference games? Your answer better be yes otherwise you will be lying as usual.

            2. You already admitted Rosen “can” win a conference championship. Yes or no. Again…better be yes

            3. If UCLA were to win the conference championship…they would need to have no more than 2 conference losses most likely. Yes or no.

            4. You honestly trying to claim you didn’t see 3-0 as a possibility. With you it’s always the same. You say stuff like Bruins could open up 2-1 or 1-2 or even 3-0 in conference play. You then deny you ever claimed UCLA “will” go 3-0. You’re too easy to expose. You want to also deny you ever claimed UCLA “could” go 3-0?


            And your prediction is meaningless and you know it. Have fun with yourself with it. Predicting the score of one game is meaningless. Predicting what will happen related to the entire season is more important. With a true freshman QB…you have inconsistencies as I explained to you before. Any team can lose a certain but any team can win a certain game. This is especially true in the wacky Pac-12.

            It’s very possible UCLA could win against Stanford. Will you gloat this time around? The very next week the Bruins could lose to Cal at home and you know it. If you understand the ups and downs related to how true freshman usually do…this is more of an “educated” prediction. Understand?

            I already told you before and I’ll say it again. UCLA is not winning any conference championship in 2015. I’ve been saying this ever since Josh Rosen was supposedly going to be named the starter even way back in March and early April. You on other hand have been all over the place. You agreed that it isn’t ideal to play a true frosh but he’s the best we got. Then you try to argue Rosen “can” win a conference championship. Then you switch around and claim UCLA could go anywhere from 6-6 to 11-2.

          • 88 Straight

            You are a bore. I am done with you. You really need some help. And I am serious about that.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Same old nonsense. After Virginia you were riding all high and mighty claiming I was wrong, etc, etc. Then when reality sets it….you switch tunes and say anybody could have guessed UCLA wasn’t winning the conference. LOL!!!! You’re a real piece of work. No wonder you changed names. Keep it up..UShouldBeOnProbation.

          • 88 Straight

            You are wrong about red shirting Rosen. That is the simple point. You were pretty happy after Virginia and turned back to your negative self a week later. And you are still wrong about Brehaut over Hundley and the regular season conference title.

          • Laker Rod

            The spin master. UCLA only received 2 out of 44 votes “after” Rosen was known to be the starter right? Before this it was all about whoever is the QB is being handed the keys to a Ferrari. The talk out there was that UCLA was the most gifted team.

            UCLA had the most returning starters than anybody in the conference. Fact.

            Stanford lost 9 starters on D from the previous year. Fact.

            And I’m not wrong about Rosen redshirting. He clearly isn’t ready. You and others and even the UCLA coaches are so wrong on this. Your excuse and reasoning of he’s the best we got is totally irrelevant. It’s the fact that these coaches are in their 4th year with the program. They have had plenty of time to properly recruit and develop a QB where it didn’t need to come down to a true frosh QB.

            There is no excuse on defense either. Injuries are just excuses. Wasn’t it even Tom Bradley himself which said excuses are for losers?

            How is it possible that UCLA doesn’t have the proper personnel in the 4th year? Who’s fault is this? Is Kenny Young ready as a true sophomore? Obviously he is not. If Cameron Judge and Jayon Brown were so good to play as true freshmen then why is it they cannot even start as true juniors.

            Matt Dickerson and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner are only true sophomores also.

            And as far as Josh Rosen goes…you seriously believe the pick six he threw didn’t bother the team? It set the tone. Can you not see the confidence level rose dramatically for Stanford when they see Rosen throw an interception like this. The Stanford fans fed off of this.

            Do you even realize what Coach Shaw did? He elected to receive when Stanford won the toss. Did you see how he decided to punt even in positive territory just to try and pin UCLA deep for Rosen to start the game? It worked.

            Rosen had too many 3 and outs and stalled drives. Not everything is his fault. Too many penalties by Benenoch. He still has not broken his bad habits or even more importantly his “reputation” from his true frosh year. Same with Redmond. We then decide to play Fred Ulu Perry? What’s going on with the supposed development of Poasi Moala or where is Zach Batemen or Oscar Lopez. It’s the non-development of these players also that should be sending up red flags. The UCLA boards are having a melt down over these same exact issues now. Ulu Perry did not play well either.

            All the yards that Rosen got at the end and his last TD were meaningless. There is plenty of blame to go around…Rosen for sure is included in this. You and others seem to want to blame everybody else but Rosen.

          • 88 Straight

            You are fixated on Rosen. It is clear to everyone that he is better than Neuheisel. Do you think Neuheisel is better than Rosen? I think you believe that the Bruins would either be doing better with Neuheisel or that Rosen would be better served by sitting out the year and learning while holding the clipboard and that holding the clipboard he would get to observe the college game. I believe he will progress faster by playing than by holding the clipboard on the sidelines. It’s that simple.

            It is a team game and last night’s loss was not on Rosen. The game was lost in the trenches and because we still have WAY too many costly penalties that kill drives and take points off the board. How man times was Benenoch penalized last night. You are obsessed with Rosen.

          • Laker Rod

            This has nothing to do with Rosen being better than Jerry and you know it. Spinmaster working yet again. You tried argue that Rosen was ready and capable of “possibly” winning a conference championship. I told you it was not happening with a true frosh QB. You can’t handle the truth.

            In addition…I have repeatedly said…if a true frosh is the best we got then don’t expect much. Now that UCLA has lost two in a row…you and others want to put the blame and EXCUSE on everything else but Rosen. Oh brother. EXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS. You are a loser!

            Do you even have any confidence that UCLA can beat Cal? Explain yourself as to why. Mine is simple. I don’t have confidence that UCLA can beat Cal because Cal has Goff who is a junior QB where as Josh Rosen is just a true freshman. Wake up!!

    • Jack Wang

      Kenny Clark wasn’t a five-star recruit, but he’s arguably better than anyone on that 2012 defensive line. I’d easily take the 2012 linebackers over what’s left minus Myles Jack though.

      • Laker Rod

        True but when you are comparing DL 2012 to 2015 which is 4 years apart…how much progress has UCLA made.

        Let’s compare the potential of 2016 to that of 2012. Clark may leave after 2015 and EV probably won’t be at full strength. UCLA will need to see huge leaps of improvement from Dickerson, Tuioti-Mariner, and McKinley and Taua. Same goes for Najee Toran and hopefully UCLA can get one productive year out of Carl Hulick as a redshirt senior.

        How did we end up here anyhow:

        2012 recruits:
        1. Ellis McCarthy NG
        2. Nate Iese DE
        3. Jeremy Castro DE
        4. Eli Ankou DE now DT
        5. Carl Hulick OL now on DL

        Only Ankou and possibly Hulick will be around for their redshirt senior years in 2016.

        2013 recruits:
        1. Kenny Clark NG
        2. Eddie Vanderdoes DT/DE
        3. Kylie Fitts DE

        Nobody redshirted. Why only take 3 if all were going to play? Fitts transferred out. Clark may leave after 2015.

        2014 recruits:
        1. Matt Dickerson DE
        2. Jacob Tuioti-Mariner DE
        3. Ainu Taua NG
        4. Tackarist McKinely DE transfer
        5. Najee Toran OL now DT

        2015 recruits:
        1. Rick Wade DE
        2. Keisean Lucier-South DE
        3. Fred Ulu Perry OL now DT

        Not even sure if Lucier-South counts as a 3-4 type DE. He’s more like an Anthony Barr type. So we only got 1 true D line guy.

        We currently only have 3 D line recruits for 2016. Osa Odighizuwa 6’3 250 DT, Wole Betiku 6’4 250 DE, and Marcus Moore 6’3 244 DE. UCLA needs to get two 290 lb DT types for 2016.

        We are lacking O line recruits for 2016 also. Time is running out. Mr. Wang…please bring up with the coaches.

        • 88 Straight

          Yes, Jack. Will you please sit down with Coach Mora and present him with the concerns of Laker Rod? Is is of the utmost importance.

          • Laker Rod

            More sarcasm. We need O line and D line recruits right?

          • 88 Straight

            And I think you should give Jack Wang your list or go see Mora yourself. He probably doesn’t know what the Bruins need without your help.

          • Laker Rod

            More sarcasm yet again. What you think of the score so far? You never do get it.

          • 88 Straight

            You just love it when UCLA loses. Pathetic life. I am sure Mora needs your suggestions. You are the one that asked Wang to bring it up with him. Going to deny that? You must think he needs your help.

          • Laker Rod

            No you are incorrect. I don’t enjoy UCLA losing which is why I point out my suggestions as to what the team needs. We need more D linemen and O linemen..right?

          • 88 Straight

            Get that list to Mora. I am sure he is unaware. We might even need some linebacker help and some receivers than can get open. I am sure Mora has e-mail or Jack can get him your suggestions.