UCLA WR Jordan Payton: ‘We’re still in this. We control it.’

UCLA’s injury list continues to grow, but the team still pulled out a 35-31 win over Colorado on Saturday that kept it on a clear path to winning the Pac-12 South.

If the Bruins win their last four games — at Oregon State, at home against Washington State, and then at Utah and USC — they’ll clinch the division without worrying about any tiebreakers.

“It’s crazy,” said receiver Jordan Payton. “Today, I was looking at the games and stuff like that. I was like, ‘Wow, we’re 6-2. We’re still in this. We control it.’ What a great situation to be in for us, and for me personally, senior year.”

  • 88 Straight

    I am glad the players still believe. Some of UCLA’s so-called “fans” gave up on them before the season started.

    • Laker Rod

      When a true frosh drop back QB has never won a conference championship…have to be realistic. Some folks are just delusional.

      And for you info as well as Jordan Payton…last I checked…Utah controls their own destiny also.

      Utah and Stanford have the most consistent defenses. Their offense can both be a bit erratic.

      UCLA has a consistent defense…consistently bad…and they have an inconsistent offense. Doesn’t sound like a formula for future championship success this year.

      • 88 Straight

        I don’t fully buy Utah’s QB, Travis Wilson. Never have. He is capable of some bad decisions. The problem is we don’t have any run defense, so we may never force him to panic. Last year, it was his backup that caused the problems at the Rose Bowl.

        Tom Bradley will need to rack his brain to come up with a scheme to stop Booker and pressure Wilson. It may be a challenge with the personnel we have available.

        Mazzone will need to free the reins and let Josh take some chances. I think those are our only shot and we need to have reasonable weather.

        To go back to your ongoing theme regarding true freshman QB’s, they are normally starting as true freshmen because they have a lousy team to start with. The sample size of true freshman QBs starting on above average teams is a very small sample size. And just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

        • Laker Rod

          Capable of bad decisions but there are sitting at 7-1 this year and control the Pac-12 South.

          And yeah…of course Bradley has to rack his brain…it’s because Wilson is an effective runner. The UCLA D cannot just key on Booker. Wilson is an effective enough passer also. Wilson can run on first down or pass. Mazzone seems to lack confidence in Rosen throwing. He fears the incompletion or sack and he’s worried about 3rd and long or 2nd and long too much.

          Think about it. UCLA’s offense is so easy to figure out. Just play 7 man front and key on running back and make Josh Rosen the true frosh beat you over the top/deep. It will be cold in late November. Utah will just control the clock and keep the ball away from UCLA. It’s the same formula every team has been using and a clearly inferior team like Colorado almost beat UCLA with it at the Rose Bowl.

          And wow…how far we have come to where Jordan Payton once claimed…whoever is the starting QB has the keys to a Ferrari. Wow. UCLA is nothing close to a Ferrari. You hand the keys to an 18 year old…it’s what you get. The problem is the 18 year old wants to go faster at times but his coaching team doesn’t trust him to drive it the way it should be driven or he spins out at times and of course this contributes to the lack of confidence.

          • 88 Straight

            Should have played Jerry. He can really run!

          • Laker Rod

            More sarcasm by you only shows you are admitting defeat.

          • 88 Straight

            He is your guy.

          • Laker Rod

            More sarcasm yet again. You admitting defeat as usual. Utah is at 7-1 and is the clear favorite to win the Pac-12. I would put USC 2nd to possibly winning it. You feel any different? Come on…admit the truth.

          • 88 Straight

            We all know the pecking order. Rosen still gives us the best chance. You are still a troll.

          • Laker Rod

            Best chance at what? LOL!!! Winning a conference championship? LOL!!

            Listen to yourself…..it’s like the chances with Jerry was .01% and for Rosen it’s like .015%….might as well be zero for both! WAKE UP!

          • 88 Straight

            Both better odds than you having a wife.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Back to the personal attacks obviously. You admitting defeat as usual 🙂

        • Tommy B Low Us

          I think l rod is chris foster for the la time. Haha!


    Hopefully Mora can get the team out of the sun so they can have a real chance. How can they be expected to win with the sun shining on them?

    • EncinitasBruin

      Well, we’ve kicked SC’s butts twice facing into the sun.

  • jameskatt

    We’ve got Replacement Killers. The Bruins will keep fighting on. They guys will heal in waves just in time for the big games.