• gotroy22

    Rosen looks like a true freshman today, no running game, no run defense, no special teams. You ruins regress to the ASU game,USC wins going away!

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Mora deserves all the credit. I no longer support Mora. Hopefully Mora will return to the NFL or the CFL ASAP.

      The Bruin deserved to lose, KU played FB, UCLA played Mazzone. UCLA has no excuses.

      I’m not disappointed UCLA lost, I’m disappointed in Mora and Mazzone. Neither deserves UCLA employment.

      • G Man

        Hahahahahaha! Your handle is a little dated, huh?

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Looks like it. However, I may keep just to irritate AH’s like you.

          • G Man

            Please do.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Keep it. It’ll make you look even more foolish than you do now and that’s saying something.

  • G Man

    What’s the matter, Bruins?? SC just beat up the best coach you’ve ever had??

    All those years of sanctions and SC has won 2 Pac 12 South Championships. When SC hires Chip Kelly or John Harbaugh, your goose is truly cooked.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Mora is 3-1 against USC. When SC draws even, then we can talk.