UCLA assistant Scott White named Pac-12 Recruiter of the Year

UCLA’s Scott White was named Scout.com’s Pac-12 Recruiter of the Year today, joining two other Bruin assistant coaches who have earned that same honor.

Landing five-star recruit Mique Juarez helped push the linebacker coach and special teams coordinator ahead of competitors such as USC’s Tee Martin, Stanford’s Mike Bloomgren, and Washington’s Jimmy Lake — each of whom were honorable mentions. Juarez was the last of four highly touted linebackers to sign with UCLA, with the team having already announced the arrivals of four-star prospects Breland Brandt, Krys Barnes and Lokeni Toailoa.

White first served as a UCLA graduate assistant in 2011 under Rick Neuheisel, and remained on the staff in various capacities after the Bruins hired Jim Mora as they entered the 2012 season. Mora promoted him from defensive quality control to linebackers coach last February.

“We’ve been able to provide some stability here with the staff,” Mora said Wednesday, when speaking generally about his assistants. “When you promote from within, I think that helps you create that feeling of stability. … Quality promotions from within really help us.”

New UCLA quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo was named the conference’s top recruiter a year ago, when he was at USC, while offensive line coach Adrian Klemm earned the nod in 2013.

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  • jameskatt

    We have great recruiters. And it bodes well for our football program in the future.

    Scott White, Marques Tuiasosopo, and Adrian Klemm are an ALL-STAR TRIO.

    • Laker Rod

      Congrats to Coach White but I’d rather have better “developers”. Stanford does more with supposedly less. The measure of a recruiter shouldn’t simply be based on these star rankings.

      A recruiter/coach needs to evaluate their position needs which is what Stanford has done so well. They don’t care about star rankings. They go after the positions they need and they focus on linemen the most.

      Stanford is rarely in a situation where they have to “start” a true freshman or even play a lot.

      • Richard

        U don’t need to develop squat when u recruit the best. Stanford’s 2012 OL class was the best ever recruited to CFB. All of them r 1st or 2d Rounders.
        It’s still 90% about the Johnnies and Joes and 10% coaching. sc is the only exception to the Rule.

        Per u : better to recruit a 3* & coach him up to a 4* level of play than to recruit a 5* who stays at that level or digresses to a 4* level of play due to less than optimal coaching ?!

        A 6′ 6″ 330lb super athlete OL is always gonna be a great OL. A 6′ 1″ 280lb OL is always gonna be that and nothing more…Brendel, Quizz et al ad nauseum

        • Laker Rod

          Richard. You need to do more research and you are way off in your assessment that it’s 90 players and 10% coaching. LOL! What did I tell you Probation man….you out there? Still have fans thinking like this.

          Despite getting a top class of offensive linemen in 2012, Stanford coaches didn’t start any of those guys. Only some played as true freshmen also. The Stanford coaches “developed” them over time and they are the ones who chose to take those offensive linemen or linemen in general.

          You focus in on the 2012 Stanford class which their team ranking per Rivals was No. 5 but what you fail to mention or include is that both USC and UCLA have had higher ranked recruiting classes over Stanford for the most part. Look it up. UCLA still had the 13th ranked class in 2012. USC No. 8

          In 2013, Stanford’s class was ranked No 63 vs UCLA No. 8. USC No. 13

          In 2011, USC had the No 4 ranked class. Stanford No. 22. UCLA No. 45

          In 2010, USC had the No 1 ranked class. UCLA No 8. Stanford No. 26

          In 2009, USC had the No 4. ranked class. UCLA No. 14. Stanford No. 20

          In 2008, USC had the No. 8 ranked class. UCLA had No. 13. Stanford No. 50. FIFTY!

          Stanford has beaten UCLA 7 years in a row going back starting from 2009. Care to explain?

          Heck..even UCLA beat USC 3 years in a row despite supposedly having lesser quality players which you just claimed this was a 90% factor. You are way off.

          Michigan State ended up in the BCS playoffs. Go look at their average recruit rankings these past 4 or 5 years. They average like in the 30’s and 40’s. for their recruiting classes.

          Coaching is the key. Come on. Don’t tell me about Alabama. Alabama was getting top ranked classes even way back in the late 90’s and early 2000 but yet UCLA beat Alabama twice in 2000 and 2001. Alabama started winning again when they got Saban. It’s coaching.

          • Richard

            I seems that we continue to talk past each other. I was addressing OL and u pivoted to overall class rankings. Save the QB and interior DL, the OL is THE group of any true consequence; the rest of them are all fungible / easily replaceable.
            If what ur putting on the field is more than adequate, u have the luxury of red shirting new OL. This was prob the case for Stanford re the 2012 OL class. I just don’t see this as rocket science. If the returning OL is mediocre, play the biggest and strongest athlete irrespective of whether a true freshman or not.
            # Tevita, Raulerson & Warbuckets can take us to the Promised Land i.e. consistently converting on 3d and 1, Lacy and Quizz have never done so. McD & KM r great in pass pro, we’re lucky to have them but have shown little ability to drive block their opponent into submission in the run game.
            And, btw, I do no “research”. I pull all this straight outta my…..head.

          • Laker Rod

            More like straight out of your a$$. LOL.

            You say one thing then suggest another. Look…my point to you and 88 Straight are that if the true frosh is the best we got then don’t expect much. Got it?

            As you said yourself…if what you’re putting on the field is more than adequate you have the luxury of redshirting which is what Stanford is constantly doing. They don’t start true frosh right away and neither does Nick Saban related to linemen. The coaches keep the young players hungry. UCLA/Mora on the other hand…award the position to true freshmen linemen and then they feel this sense of entitlement and attitude. They pick up bad habits and bad reputations from the refs.

            Keep in mind also that it was the Stanford coaches who chose to go after so many linemen and continue to go after them.

            And please don’t tell me what I already know. It’s what I’ve been preaching all along and it isn’t rocket scientist stuff. The most important positions are QB and the linemen. It also means you can’t necessary overload on offensive guards and have no tackles or just get defensive ends with no defensive tackles.

            It works like this. What’s the use of getting 4 defensive ends who are all 5 star recruits and who are all around 6’4 240. What about the interior? This is NOT good recruiting but yet the team recruit ranking is high. To me…a team is even better off with a 2 star DT who goes 6’3 255 who has an older brother that you already know is 6’3 305. It’s about growth potential and having adequate depth of bodies at each respective position. Stanford recruits for the future. Understand? They recruit the 6’3 255 DT to redshirt and they plan on him being available in 2 years down the road and eventually start his redshirt junior and/or senior year.

            UCLA on the other hand recruits too much for the present. Mora makes comments like we didn’t recruit him to redshirt him blah blah blah. That’s what he said about Chris Clark the tight end. Where is he now?

            And I repeat…you don’t get it. Kenny Lacy will be in his 4th year in the program as a redshirt junior and returning starter. If Coach Adrian Klemm is any good then it’s time for him to develop guys like Lacy and Poasi Moala.

            Just listen to yourself. When UCLA got Poasi Moala as a true frosh…you were probably claiming he would start also. Admit it. There were reports floating around how Moala was taking first team reps as a redshirt frosh.

            When will you guys ever learn. Now you think Halalilo who will be coming off a broken leg is going to take UCLA to the promised land in 2016? Same for Wariboko as a redshirt frosh? Make some sense.

            May I remind you also that Scott Quessenberry played as a true frosh and got himself injured since he was not fully ready and had to redshirt this past year. So who’s dumb decision was it to play him as a true frosh and now you’re claiming he’s not good enough for 2016?

          • Richard

            One man’s orifice is another man’s oracle.
            I’ll deal w this later. Watching “Bullitt” on TCM

          • Richard

            U should b very happy. Nebraska is trying to hire Angus McClure one of our uber recruiters who is not, per se, a very good coach.

          • Laker Rod

            Are you sure McClure is a great recruiter? UCLA only got Rick Wade last year. One defensive lineman. That’s it. No DT’s. The year before in 2014, UCLA only got Ainuu Taua who goes like 5’11. Is this good recruiting for a 2 year period? Najee Toran from 2014 moved over from the offensive line.

            While McClure may have done well in 2016…we would be better off having a more balanced class. There were two good things though. Nick Terry the JC transfer and Nnoruka the other JC transfer who will be a true sophomore and most likely redshirt. This puts him in the same class as Rick Wade. But still…2 D line guys from 2015?

          • Richard

            McClure owns Central and No Cal. He knows every single Hi Sch or JC coach in those areas.
            Irrespective of position grp he is lead recruiter re any recruit essentially north of Ventura Cty. He is directly responsible for all the Sacramento area players that enrolled. Ditto any JCs from C. or N. Cal. I believe this includes the 2 JCs we got this year and certainly Takk McKInley previously.
            He stayed on Vanderdoes from start to finish, getting him to transfer even after signing w ND. Where would we be now w/o Eddie V r only quality DL.
            I think ur way off on this one. To posit that AMcC is not a super recruiter is just plain wrong

          • Laker Rod

            Let me re-phrase the question then….are you sure he’s a good position coach? I understand assistant coaches recruit by area but it doesn’t appear he puts enough emphasis on the position he coaches which is D line.

            Vanderdoes is a 2013 recruit. 3 years ago. And it was weird how we landed him anyhow. He originally committed to Notre Dame. So what happened in 2014 and 2015 then?

          • Richard

            No Rod, as I said before, he is not a very good DL coach. However, on his watch we have had the most # of good interior DL….ever!!!? # You can’t get good / great IDL every year.
            Kenny Clark, EV, (& Cassius Marsh) and now Boss T. Btw, I told him to play Datone Jones inside & DT acquitted himself well inside # Way stronger than Marsh. Was another 1 who was decent (barely) went out early to Tampa Bay.
            He is paid relatively little c. $200k and is a tireless, unrelenting, dogged recruiter. I wouldn’t want his job. VERY labor intensive.
            Jerry Long was the best DL coach we ever had, by far. Google him. I think he coached our 2 best IDL ever !! Manu Tuiossoppo & Clifford Fraiser, maybe even Irv Eatman altho he played more on the OL. Jerry coached 10-11 yrs to get those 2 great ones. He was prob the most beloved Bruin coach ever.

          • Richard

            IF so expendable why is Nebraska all over him ?? # He owns C. & No. Cal

          • Laker Rod

            Here is my assessment of Angus McClure. I don’t believe he’s had enough time to really show if he’s a good DL coach. He was really an offensive line coach. He’s a loyal Bruin that’s for sure.

            McClure has been on the D line side for awhile now and he’s at the tipping/turning point where he really needs to show what he can do.

            I don’t fully put the blame of the lack of D line recruits in 2014 and 2015 on McClure. Mora is responsible for this also as well as the other coaches. They need to work together and understand that QB and linemen are the most important areas.

            And I don’t necessarily agree with you that on McClure’s watch, UCLA has had the best interior defensive linemen. The best years for interior linemen were 2006 and 2007 and the guys involved were recruited by a variety of different coaches. Go figure.

            Brigham Harwell, Kevin Brown, Brian Price, Jerzy Siewierski, Jess Ward…plus UCLA had Bruce Davis at DE and Justin Hickman for 2006. There was also Nikola Dragovic who was a solid back up.

            There is some potential with the 2016 class that McClure got but he has not been redshirting enough guys and he doesn’t recruit enough linemen in each respective year. McClure needs to follow up with another 4 defensive linemen class in 2017. So far with early verbal commits we have nobody as usual.

            The problem and stigma with UCLA is that they only get the better ranked recruits in a certain year if there is a possibility of early playing time. If not…then nobody commits. This has to change.

          • Richard

            Harwell was (only) a half decent, underweight DT. Price, a Warren Sapp wannabe did a good job of stopping the run up the middle. Neither, ofcourse, hold a candle to Kenny Clark, superstar.
            It would defy history if either of the 2 JC DT recruits contribute early but we can hope. Hence, The Boss is prob our only good get at DT this year.
            I’m hearing 2017 has a plethora of good DTs. !?
            I agree w ur last paragraph but am bereft of a solution short of us winning big for 2-3 yrs. Then we will have a choice. As of now we are not the most attractive destination and hence have to make do w/ what we get.
            Did u attend UCLA ?