• Mr. Flores

    Great win. 8 clap

  • The Big Woof!

    The team showed the best FUNDAMENTALS I’ve seen in many
    games. Coaches are to be congratulated on game plan – mixed zone and man and
    substituted perfectly and the team played excellent defense in addition to
    moving the ball and being mostly unselfish on offense. Tony actually MOVED a
    lot getting into position, on pick and rolls, and on his shots – seemed
    quicker. If he would just learn to pass out and repost when 2 or 3 men are
    defending him inside instead of going to the bucket, his and the team’s offense
    would improve significantly, I think sometimes he thinks he has to do it all
    himself when he gets the ball down low (and use a pump fake sometimes).

    The Utah game could have been won, but both a sick coach and unaware players
    did not think to start fouling with 40-50 seconds to go which would have given
    them a better chance to win with a couple of missed free throws by the Utes.

    If the team could find a way to recreate what they did in
    this game for the rest of the year, they still have a chance to finish strong and
    accomplish something, and frankly, I’d given up on them this year until they
    showed how they could play in this game.

    • The Big Woof!

      Sorry for the condition of my post but my computer was playing the same way the team has played in many games this year.

    • gotroy22

      Maybe you match up better against CO than USC.

      • The Big Woof!

        No doubt about that, but had we played the same way a win against sc is possible.

  • KW

    Why oh why does Caillou have to speak with the press after games?