Steve Alford: Close losses factor into UCLA’s disappointing season

The UCLA men’s basketball team is currently on track to place 10th in the Pac-12, a finish that would stand as the lowest of the program’s post-Wooden era.

Asked on Tuesday about what he would do to assuage upset fans, third-year head coach Steve Alford said that the Bruins are just as frustrated with this season’s results — emphasizing the nature of some of their losses, as well as the possibility of a late turnaround in March.

“There’s not a player in the locker room, there’s not a coach on our staff that’s happy that we’re 6-10 in league play,” Alford said. “We’re 15-14 overall. That’s not what we aspire to. …

“Five games, we’ve lost by one possession. Three of them in league play. If you can just get those — that’s the difference of where we’re at now versus, what? 20-9 and 9-7. That’s how close you are. But close doesn’t get it. It’s still the reality. We’re 15-14 and 6-10. And that’s not where we aspire to be. That’s not where we want to be. But that is what we are.”

  • UCLA = Lost Cause U

    So true Steve… One 19 point basket at the end against SC really cost u guys.

    • JustOwns

      Bozo U all-time NCAA tournament record 18 – 24. Joka, joka, joka.

      Bozo U greatest Basketball player: Cheryl Miller

      Bozo U has lost 5 of last 6 games. Choka, choka, choka

      Bozo U men’s BB hasn’t reached a final four in 62 years, and never won a Basketball NC.

      Bozo U + Andyain’twinning = Abandoned, scrap bandwagon.

      • UCLA = Lost Cause U

        Exact response I was looking for… So easy with you Ruins. Like taking candy from a baby.