Oregon 76, UCLA 68: Steve Alford

As center Tony Parker said Wednesday night, UCLA’s struggles have become a “broken record.”

The Bruins fell to Oregon, 76-68, in yet another game that showed off the team’s now-unsurprising inconsistency. In the first half, they held the league-leading Ducks to 35.7 percent from the field, while shooting 54.8 percent. In the second featured almost a mirror image: Oregon rose up to 54.8 percent, while UCLA slid down to 42.9.

The team is now 15-15 overall and 6-11 in the Pac-12, their highest conference loss total since 2003-04.

“Defensively, we worked, and most of it was zone,” said Bruin head coach Steve Alford. “Most of where they got us was in transition. This is the best team in our league, and we shot a high percentage. We just didn’t make enough big plays in the end to get over the hump.”

That zone defense, Parker said, was one reason why the Bruins gave up a 40-28 edge on the glass. The Ducks grabbed 12 offensive rebounds and scored 10 second-chance points.

“The ball goes up, it’s not like five-on-five, where you pretty much know who you’re boxing out every time,” Parker said. “In zone, it could be a different player every time. Sometimes, I might be out on the 3-point line boxing out somebody. … It’s just a different adjustment. We didn’t make it in the second half, but they did.”

  • UCLA = Lost Cause U

    No problem… Same conference record as Nebraska when you played them in the Crapper Bowl!


    • JustOwns

      Bozo U hasn’t made the tournament yet. Andyain’twinning has Oregon, Co, and Utah to go. That little Bozo U stretch like an 0 – 3 run. That would add up to 2 wins in the last 10 Bozo U conf. games.

      Then there’s the Pac – 12 Champ tournament. As far as I know it’s not at Galen Barn, so that mean Andyain’twinning is one and done there.

      So if Bozo’s wind up 2 for the their last 11 games, I don’t see the Bozo’s deserving an NCAA invitation.

      • Sam Bam

        You never know when to show up

  • Sam Bam

    In regards to Parker and boxing out in zone that is just unspeakable in my opinion. I would expect a high school player to describe that, and that’s not his fault. UCLA should never be pointing out its flaws in such a manner. He basically said we are trying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and they’re both complicated. Not being able to find a man to box out? Seriously? Wow…

    • MPPBruin

      Watching poor fundamentals is hard. The last couple of minutes were brutal.

    • JustOwns

      Sammy Boy, you’re 5′ 2″, what would you know about BB. I see though, you know how to shout – BFD. That’s all Bozo fans do – scream and shout.

  • 88 Straight

    Time for the Alfords to move back to New Mexico. This is simply a poorly coached team.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Why is this guy still employed? Do I need to drive him out to LAX for a meeting with Pat O’Hadden? Put down the wine glass, Dan.

  • j metaphor

    Tony Parker is a broken record.
    Nice, kid, funny kid, hope he can learn Italian in 4 months.
    UCLA needs to bring back The Red Zone where anyone under the basket with the ball got fouled in a manner that seldom allowed for a 3-point-play. Parker fouls with his hips while his feet are planted.
    That dog don’t hunt.