USC tight end Caleb Wilson will transfer to UCLA

Former USC tight end Caleb Wilson will transfer to UCLA, giving the Bruins an additional body at a position with a thin depth chart.

The move, which was first reported by Bleacher Report’s Adam Kramer, comes nearly three months after the Trojans dismissed his father, defensive line coach Chris Wilson, who has since landed at Missouri. Caleb had originally committed to Old Dominion as a quarterback in January 2015 before deciding to walk on at USC. He redshirted his first season with the Trojans.

The Gardena Serra product has good size at 6-foot-5, 225 pounds — something UCLA could use as it transitions to a more pro-style offense. The Bruins, who lose four of their top five pass-catchers from 2015, signed three-star tight end Jordan Wilson last month, and will likely move some returning players to the position as well.

Caleb Wilson told in December that USC coach Clay Helton granted him a release without any restrictions. Because he was not a scholarship player with the Trojans, Wilson is not subject to the Pac-12 rule dictating that intra-conference transfers must sit out a year and lose an additional year of eligibility.

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  • Laker Rod

    People need to be patient with both Jordan Wilson and Caleb Wilson. One will be a true frosh coming in and the other a redshirt frosh. Both are undersized tight ends for this day and age. At 6’5….245 to 255 is more the ideal weight.

    I like this pick up but both these guys are for the “future” not present.

    Here is the interesting aspect of trying to utilize a tight end this year. Both Connor McDermott and Kolton Miller are the type of tackles who don’t need a TE next to them. They are more “quick” pass protection type tackles. Caleb Benenoch was a smash mouth type tackle who would have done much better in pass protect with a blocking tight end next to him.

    UCLA needs to implement a system which takes advantage of the best most experienced players on hand…not the other way around.

    I think UCLA should utilize a two split running back set often. Soso and Nate Starks have to improve their pass blocking though and learn to pick up blitzes.

    If UCLA is going to use a tight end then it either has to be Nate Iese or some offensive lineman like Poasi Moala or Andre James at times.

    UCLA should frequently be in a 3 WR set anyhow. UCLA is loaded at the F position (motion man) where they have Kenny Clark, Stephon Jonhson, and even Darren Andrews.

    I see Andrews though more at the Z spot and Massington at the X spot (Payton’s position).

    And UCLA still needs to run the zone read option at times and Josh Rosen better be working out and bulking up and learn how to be a more consistent better runner who can take some hits and get right back up.

    • UCLA = Lost Cause U

      Good point Rod… I hear that Old Dominion has a nice RB you guys can pick up too!


      • Laker Rod

        Who farted?

        • The Cadre Must Go!

          You must have pulled his finger……

    • Sam Bam

      He’s still learning how to play TE, he much rather play QB (not happening). Give him a year in the program and you may be pleasantly surprised. He’s a good athlete.

      • Laker Rod

        Yup…he definitely needs a solid year in the program. At 6’5 225 he’s quite skinny. Need to at least add 10 to 15 pounds.

        Unfortunately, UCLA has too many dumb fans who think so many freshmen can excel at this level.

        • 88 Straight

          And yet everyone recognizes that you have never excelled at any level!

          UCLA grad! LOL Any more fantasies you want to share? A proven prevaricator!

          • Laker Rod

            Just attacks as usual since you’ve been humiliated so many times by me. Jellyfish. LOL!!!

            One day you might win a debate but I doubt it. You’re too old. HA HA HA!!

          • 88 Straight

            The truth hurts. You are the only one here that thinks you have ever “won” anything. It’s just another participation trophy for you, little boy. Mommy probably has a bumper sticker for you too!

      • Laker Rod

        He needs to redshirt again to remove those Trojan choke tendencies.

    • 88 Straight


    • j metaphor

      Rod, Why would you run a zone read option with a QB that everyone knows is going to hand it off? #2 Why would you want to expose Rosen to a hit when he is a perfect drop back QB?

      • Laker Rod

        That’s the problem in itself. If Rosen was bigger, stronger, faster, and tougher…he would actually be keeping the ball way more often and be more of an effective runner and not getting up gimpy every time…which is the main reason why Rosen should have redshirted in the first place. Rosen not being a running threat was a huge reason as to why UCLA’s rushing attack suffered. We had the most returning offensive linemen in a long time but yet the rushing attack was less effective.

        And you think by simply lining up different where Rosen is under center and UCLA is in an I formation that this will cure UCLA’s inconsistent rushing attack and cure their inconsistent offense? UCLA just lost their 4 year starting center in Jake Brendel and lost two of the better power type linemen in Redmond and Benenoch. Those two struggled more with penalties and pass blocking…especially Benenoch at tackle but he was a more effective run blocker than Kolton Miller.

        And if you think Rosen is now somehow the perfect drop back QB…it’s funny how Rosen himself didn’t even play this in HIGH SCHOOL. UCLA fans kept saying Rosen in HS ran the same exact offense as Noel Mazzone’s. Really? Now everybody wants to switch?

        Do you not recall how hard and difficult it is for UCLA to run a drop back type offense full time. It’s not going to work. You can’t make these wholesale changes and expect instant success. UCLA doesn’t even have the proper personnel to run an I formation power offense where Rosen is under center and they utilize play action, etc. full time.

        Even Stanford ran the read option at times. They understand the important of having a mobile QB. Have we not learned our lesson in how we had the luxury of having mobile Brett Hundley.

        And on top of all this…UCLA’s going to try and do this with a new offensive coordinator who’s only been a puppet OC in the past? Don’t get me wrong. I like KP as a position coach but he shouldn’t be elevated to offensive coordinator and expect to design and call plays like this. Mora is more of a defensive coach also which doesn’t help. We didn’t seem to learn our lesson with Ulbrich.

        The best thing for UCLA to do this year is stick with the read option for around 70% of the time. The other 30% is where Rosen is under center at times. It has to do be done this way until UCLA has the right experienced personnel in place. I’m not sure if UCLA should ever move away from the read option either. UCLA needs a mobile QB…it’s the most effective way to counter attack teams like USC.

        • 88 Straight

          Dude, you need to get a life!

          Fantasy football. Fantasy wife!

          • Laker Rod

            Like you have one old man. You’re on here 24/7 loser. It’s obvious based on how quickly you respond. Since you’ve been called out on this…you’ll delay now. LOL!!! So predictable.

          • 88 Straight

            What’s predictable is your ongoing battle with illiteracy. Keep trying, UCLA grad! LOL Who is your favorite backup QB that should start over Rosen this year?

  • Sam Bam

    I’m glad for Wilson. He’s a wait and see kid who could be apart of something if he puts in the time and work. There just wasn’t an opening for playing time at SC with Petite, McNamara, Imatorbhebhe, Angeline all more experienced and more true to the TE spot for SC, and his father being replaced made it an awkward situation for him. But I’m still glad he’s moving forward. I wish him all the best.
    PS. OWNS,
    You ripped this kid for the last few months. He’s now a Bruin. How will you spin this?

    • JustOwns

      As usual you’re full of it. This kid xfer’d from Bozo U to Old Dominion! This kid didn’t want to be part to the 2 bit Toejam family.

      Outstanding is all I can say. As SW wrote in a Inside Toejam today, there’s a former Bozo player wandering the streets homeless, and begging for food. Where’s the Toejam Family.

      In response, you penny ante F**K, you came up with cheap shop line “If you mess with the Bull you get the horns.” Does your wife what A.H. she married?

      • Sam Bam

        Dude you are off the hook! Ouch!!!

        • The Cadre Must Go!

          I’d like to put him ON the hook…. Goodfella’s style…….

          • Sam Bam

            You talking about the frozen guy in the back of the meat truck? Ha!

          • The Cadre Must Go!

            Frankie Carbone….. That’s the guy!

          • Sam Bam


  • Benjamin Hayes

    Does he have a scholarship at UCLA?

    • jameskatt

      So far, no.

  • jim

    Why SC ever let Wilson go is a mystery to me. The kid is an outstanding athlete. Why they let his father go is also a mystery to me. He’s an outstanding coach. Incidently, just for your info, His dad is not at Missouri. He was hired by Missouri but shortly after that the Philadelphia Eagles hired him as their D-line coach.

  • jameskatt

    Great Pickup. More good news for UCLA Football.
    I’d love to see Caleb bulk up to 250 pounds by his sophomore year.

  • Laker Rod

    What needs to happen is Jordan Wilson needs to play as a true freshman. The Trojan transfer needs to redshirt to get rid those Trojan tendencies. We don’t want Trojans causing issues on the field.

    • The Cadre Must Go!

      Causing issues?…. Like winning?…..

    • j metaphor

      Wait !! Red Shirt Rod ?? is that you? Someone has hacked L Rod’s account. He DIDN’T just recommend a player play without red-shirting, no he didn’t.