UCLA LB Myles Jack wants to prove he’s not an ‘urban legend’

Myles Jack will enter the upcoming NFL draft as a consensus top-10 pick, about as sure a prospect as any franchise could hope for in the inexact science of talent evaluation.

For the past several months, the main concern for most scouts has been the health of Jack’s knee. On Tuesday, the former UCLA linebacker put himself through a number of drills during the Bruins’ Pro Day on campus — showing dozens of NFL personnel that the meniscus he tore six months ago is no longer a hindrance.

“That’s why it was so important for me to come out and show myself, show face,” he said. “Move around a little bit just to show people that it’s not like a myth or urban legend or anything. I’m really here. I can move around.”

Jack said he currently feels like he’s around “80 percent,” but was able to record a 40-inch vertical — a mark that would’ve tied for eighth-best among NFL Combine participants last month. However, that’s about three or four inches below what he would have been happy with.

He also held off on running a 40-yard dash. Instead, he plans to hold another workout in front of scouts on April 1.

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    • Laker Rod

      “Capabe” and actually being great are two entirely different things. Jack never proved to be “great” at UCLA. Go on dreaming like you always do.

      • NYC Bruin

        You said he’d be a Manziel, lol. You’re a clown.

        • Laker Rod

          LOL!!! There you go with your lies again. Never said Jack would end up like Manziel and you know it.

          I brought up Manziel to show you how stupid some NFL GM’s and Scouts are. You guys are so wimpy you simply wanted to make the best where Jack was taken in the 1st round until I called you out on it. Jellyfish.

          You’re on here 24/7. What a loser. It’s amazing how fast you reply to everything. Your wife must out having fun without you. Ha ha!

          • 88 Straight

            Complaining about personal attacks and then launching a personal attack. A hypocrite as always. At least he has a wife. Yours is as fictional as your UCLA diploma.

          • Laker Rod

            Switching the subject again? You’ve been caught in a lie and you know it. I never said those things about Jack being a bust like Manziel. You’re full of it and you know it.

            Your wife left your sorry butt long time ago. Come on fess up. She left you for another man or maybe woman. LOL!!

          • 88 Straight

            You are having difficulty remembering your own drivel and sinking further into your little fantasy world. It’s pretty clear that you have lost what little bit of sanity you had left. Nice English skills there! UCLA grad!? LOL

          • Laker Rod

            You’re a joke. Anybody reading this can easily see what a liar you are. You even changed your position in a different post related to Manziel and Jack. Admit it. You lied about me claiming Jack would be a bust like Manziel. Quit making stuff up. You might earn some credibility but highly doubtful.

            And you don’t even respond back about your wife leaving you for another man or woman. One must be true. LOL!!! I’m thinking it was for a woman. HA HA HA!! You want to continue to play this game of yours and you want to stick with debating about football. We all know you can’t because you get slaughtered every time and you know it.

          • NYC Bruin

            No, it’s pretty clear what you are though. You are a middle waged underemployed / unemployed white guy who doesn’t have the skills (which is clear from your writing ability and intellectual laziness) to compete in today’s economy, which has made you angry and bitter. Have fun at the Trump rally!

          • NYC Bruin

            Lets talk facts, which I know is something you confuse with opinion, but try and stay with me here:

            1.) You said Myles Jack was not going to go in the first round, you also said if he did he would become another Manziel. I challenged you to a wager, you tried to manipulate the original terms, I consistently asked for quantitative parameters, you never came up with them.

            2.) I’m on here 24/7? You have over 2,000 comments, I have less than 400…so yeah…

            3.) My wife does have fun with me, we are in Paris right now celebrating our anniversary.

            4.) Me being a loser, I’m willing to bet the dinner I paid for last night is more than you’ll pay in taxes this year.

          • Laker Rod

            No no no. You just make up more lies. I never said Myles Jack was not going in the first round. My position has always been Myles Jack is no 1st rounder IMO. 88 Straight makes his own conclusion and starts running with it. You join in and same conclusion where you know want it to stand. I repeat…you both have the same agenda. You both are butt hurt over being embarrassed by me because you’ve been proven wrong in the past. So both of you are obviously on a mission to return the favor. LOL!! It’s not working.

            The utter BS you come up with is a complete joke. YOU and 88 Straight simply wanted to make this debate about “Jack will be a 1st round pick”. I had to point out to you that there are plenty of dumb GM’s and NFL scouts out there. I pointed out a recent example of Manziel as proof. You know this is how it went. Same for 88 Straight. Every time I correct both of you on this you never dispute it.

            88 Straight flat out lied when he said I claimed Jack will be a bust like Manziel. And you are also saying I said Jack will be like a Manziel? Go find that post. You will never find it and you know it. Care to respond on what 88 Straight said and yourself? Come on. You both have already been proven as liars right here.

            Think about it. Why would I ever take the position and claim “Jack will not be a 1st round pick” if I already have the knowledge that there are plenty of dumb GM’s and NFL scouts out there and seeing the past 1st rounder disasters…nobody in their right mind would even conclude this.

            YOU and 88 Straight always jump to illogical conclusion because your minds are clouded with revenge. All you do is try to re-write history and change the topic of debate.

            If it was not clear to you before…you should clearly know now that my position now and always has been Jack is not a 1st round pick IMO. It’s too risky. Why can’t you honestly admit how you feel about Myles Jack.

            If you feel Jack deserves to be a 1st round pick then how come you can’t simply say Jack will also play like a 1st rounder? Well?

            And as far as the 24/7 comment and wife comment…my apologies…I thought I was actually responding to 88 Straight. I checked back and couldn’t believe it was YOU who claimed I said Jack would be like Manziel but yup it did come from you.

            Also..the “loser” part comes in where you fabricate stuff such as the Jack/Manziel comparison. Remember…I only brought up Manziel because he is a very good example on how taking NFL guys is somewhat of a crap shoot. I believe I have provided more than enough evidence as to why I don’t believe Jack is deserving of a 1st round pick.

            And there is no point in going to this money portion. Claiming your dinner is more than the taxes I’ll pay this year. LOL!! Your dinner was a very small fraction of the “state” taxes of what’s already paid 2016 year to date.

            I really don’t care what you do for a living. Just discuss football or basketball. Can you do it? I have more faith with you than 88 Straight.

          • 88 Straight

            You lie about everything, including being a UCLA grad and have the nerve to call others out to cover up your mistakes and lies.

            There was a simple discussion about where Myles Jack would be drafted. You said 2nd round and now you change it. Fine. Change your position. You have every right to change your mind. What you lack is intelligence, integrity and honesty. Nobody takes you seriously. You are a joke and a fraud.

          • 88 Straight

            You seem to have disappeared after getting called out on your lie about graduating from UCLA. What happened, jellyfish?

            And now you claim a reporter called the best conference record a conference title in the NFL! C’mon Rodney, are you incapable of admitting an error?

            Be a man. Say it now. Admit that you lied about graduating from UCLA. Do you have the character to admi it, or will you remain in hiding?

          • Laker Rod

            Like I said. I’m not on here 24/7 like you are. I haven’t disappeared. I never lied about graduating from UCLA. Get real. You’re an embarrassment to UCLA if you even actually graduated from UCLA. All you do is make up lies.

            You know nothing about college football and it’s been proven. You though UCLA could win with true frosh Josh Rosen. LOL!! You’ve proven how dumb you are. You don’t even deny your wife left you.

          • 88 Straight

            My wife laughs at you along with me. She can’t believe anyone would lie about graduating from UCLA to try an impress others when it is so obvious that you didn’t. You call everyone a liar but your entire presence here is one big lie!

  • NYC Bruin

    Remember the student services guy from BR said he’s not a sure thing.

  • Laker Rod

    “Look” and “perform”? Since when is 19 reps on the bench press “great”. Even Aaron Wallace did 25 reps. LOL!!

    • 88 Straight

      And yet Jack is projected as a top 10 pick. What are you projected as? A lottery pick as a menu writer and French fry cook.

      • Laker Rod

        Project as a top 10 per some reports. We’ve heard all this BS in the past. Manziel was actually a 1st rounder. We all know how that turned out. There have been many 1st round busts.

        And I’m not claiming Jack will be a bust. He’s simply not worth taking in the 1st round IMO. Wake up.

        All you’re good for is your dumb name calling.

        • 88 Straight

          Back pedal. You said he won’t be drafted in the first round and then pivoted when it looked bad for your evaluation skills, as it always does!

          • Laker Rod

            I didn’t backpedal anything. YOU are the one who was talking about the Top 10 projection. I stand by my position that Myles Jack isn’t worth the risk to be taken in the 1st round. You continually CHICKEN out and never boldly claim Jack will also play like a 1st rounder. JELLYFISH.

          • 88 Straight

            You have been backpeddling ever since you stepped in it. OOO…jellyfish! Man that hurts…virgin troll!

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! You just back pedaled again Jellyfish. Come on. I stood by my statement. Jack is not deserving of a 1st round pick. He’s 2nd round. If he gets drafted first round, I guarantee to you he won’t play like one.

            What’s the matter Jellyfish. Spineless punk. Let’s hear you say it. Say “Myles Jack will be a 1st rounder and play like a first rounder”. NYC wimped out. How about you? Jellyfish!

          • NYC Bruin

            You “wimped out” (what is this the 1970’s, who says that anymore). Give me quantitative parameters we can go on, otherwise I am agreeing to make a bet with you, where you are the sole arbiter of whether MJ has played like a first rounder. Considering your propensity for falsehoods and hyperbole, forgive me if I am not willing to let you be the judge of that. Quantitative parameters or you are the “wimp”.

          • Laker Rod

            You did wimp out . Come on. Go ahead. Tell us all how Myles Jack will be taken in the 1st round and play like a1st rounder.

            If YOU are so confident Jack is deserving of a 1st round pick then you must obviously feel he will produce as a first rounder. Isn’t this logical?

            But yet all you do is claim Jack will be taken as a 1st rounder ….that’s it. LOL!!

            All you you have been doing now is sidestepping and ducking this point and you know it. Both of you.

            The reason why you and 88 Straight get yourselves stuck in this type of predicament is because you simply try to argue against an “individual” for example like myself vs that of a “position/concept”.

            In reality, it appears both yourself and 88 Straight are not confident enough to take a stand and claim Jack will play like a 1st rounder. If you did…you would have already said so by now.

          • NYC Bruin

            Quantitative parameters or STFU.

          • 88 Straight

            Laker Rod wants to establish his own parameters in order to appear smart. He wanted to sit Rosen this year and play Neuheisel. He lied about graduating from UCLA and is hoping it will just disappear!

            Laker Rod’s writing skills aren’t even acceptable for an online school or a high school and yet he tries to pass himself off as a graduate of one of the top universities in the country! Yep, he should be the one to decide whether or not Myles Jack plays like a first rounder.

          • 88 Straight

            What year did you graduate from UCLA? LOL