UCLA Pro Day: Linebacker Myles Jack is ‘capable of greatness’

Here’s a roundup from today’s UCLA Pro Day, starting with the two stories set to run in tomorrow’s LANG newspapers …

» Myles Jack wasn’t at 100 percent on Tuesday, but Jim Mora said the linebacker is “capable of greatness.”
» Mora said he could envision 11 Bruins being drafted, which would nearly double UCLA’s record in the seven-round draft era.

And video interviews from …

LB/RB/DB Myles Jack:

Defensive tackle Kenny Clark:

Running back Paul Perkins:

Receiver Jordan Payton:

Videos shot by Thuc Nhi Nguyen

  • NYC Bruin

    CLIPPER, where are you? want to get away? Class Dismissed…..Again.

    • Laker Rod

      What on earth are you talking about. Myles Jack didn’t even run the 40 yard dash. Do you know what this means? He’s obviously been testing his time and the results were not good. Duh!

      The dude is basically distorting his numbers to make them all look better since he’s able to focus and concentrate on them at different times. He only did the bench press at the NFL combine. He only did 19 reps too which was good for 13th place for LB’s.

      His vertical of 40 inches is very good but he only did 10-4 in the broad jump. He didn’t even re-perform the bench press at UCLA’s Pro Day. Most likely because he couldn’t even put up 19 again as he was focusing simply on his vertical and broad jump.

      Here is what Aaron Wallace did all on the same day at UCLA’s Pro Day:

      He measures out at 6’2 3/8 242 which is basically his same weight at UCLA. He didn’t add weight like Jack did to distort his size and speed.

      40 yard dash – 4.59 and 4.57 which is good
      Vertical – 36 inches
      Broad Jump – 10-10 which is 6 inches better than Jack
      Short shuttle – 4.27
      3 cone drill – 7.35
      Bench Press – 25 (6 more than Jack)

      Interesting with the above numbers, Wallace isn’t expect to be drafted. Just an FA pick up. Obviously numbers are not everything because Vontaze Burfict put up some horrible combine numbers but has produced quite well in the NFL.

      And just an fyi, Travis Feeney from UW also had a 40 inch vertical and this was at the NFL combine where he completed all the drills except bench press.

      6’4 230
      40 yard dash – 4.5
      Vertical – 40 inches
      Broad jump – 10-10
      Short shuttle – 4.42
      3 cone drill – 7.2

      I still fail to see the fascination with Myles Jack. It’s not about being a Jack of all trades because he certainly isn’t a master in any of them. Classed dismissed. LOL!! You flunked out dude! LOL!!

      • 88 Straight

        You said Jack is going in the 2nd Round. We will see w That will be when grades are handed out, not before. You are always a bit premature in your excitement.

      • j metaphor

        Redshirt Rod loves to write!
        Obviously people ignore you in person, it’s good you have this outlet.

        • Laker Rod

          I like to flex my internet muscles because I have no friends. Really I’m just a worthless twerp with an attitude.

          • NYC Bruin

            We know.

          • Laker Rod

            Faker again. What a low life you are.

          • 88 Straight

            And yet he has you figured out perfectly.

          • Laker Rod

            Must be you. LOL!! Fits perfectly for the scum bag you are.

          • 88 Straight

            Not me, but nice try. I pointed him out to you awhile back. Maybe he is just your much smarter twin brother.

          • Laker Rod

            You all want to see crazy? I’ll show you how nuts I am by talking to myself. No one here will listen to me.

        • Laker Rod

          Another lame response. You’re real good with just personal attacks. Proves you can’t debate football. Typical uneducated Bruin fan.

          • 88 Straight

            Everyone recognizes you for what you are, a little boy screaming for attention that has never experienced any personal success.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Like you’re a real success. You’re on here 24/7. LOL!!! You don’t even have a job.

  • Laker Rod

    11 Bruins drafted but yet can’t win a conference championship. Can’t even win a division title lately either.

    UCLA – Champions NOT Made Here.

    • 88 Straight

      And what have YOU ever won? A participation trophy? Loser mindset.

      • gotroy22

        Come on, you can’t blame him for being frustrated. You had your window to do something with Hundley and blew it. Inquiring minds want to know: Was there a clubhouse cancer that caused so many talented players to not perform as a unit? If so, who were they?

        • NYC Bruin

          I disagree that the window closed when Hundley left, I think Rosen will be more than capable of steering UCLA towards a conference title. As far as what happened when Hundley was at UCLA, I think we 3 key games over 3 years, hardly the work of a “club house cancer”. In 2012 we lost to Stanford in the Pac-12 title game by a field goal. In 2013 we lost the south to ASU by 5 points, which was incredibly frustrating considering we had 1st and goal to win the game with under 5 mins to go. In 2014

          • Sam Bam

            Besides beating USC. Is it fair to say that if we use a magnifying glass Hundley lost every big game of his career?

          • NYC Bruin

            It’s an interesting question Sam, what would you classify as a “big” win? UCLA and USC have different standards for different sports, UCLA fired Steve Lavin after 5 sweet sixteens, USC would probably give Enfield a statue if he did the same. On the contrary, Mora would probably be on the hot seat right now if he had the same record at USC as he’s had at UCLA.

            With that being said, I think both Hundley and Mora won games that UCLA fans (myself included) would consider “big”: Both Nebraska games, ranked ASU on the road twice, top 15 Arizona at home to keep the South alive, beating a 10th ranked KSU in the Alamo bowl, obviously all 3 USC curb-stompings.

            Here is what I think USC fans fail to realize about Hundley and more specifically Mora. Before either showed up, UCLA was completely irrelevant in football, we were the ultimate after thought. USC had just beaten us 50-0 and to make matters worse were being prematurely crowned as the national favorite the following year. Mora and Hundley totally changed that dynamic in a single season. Did they win a conference or national title, no; was USC on sanctions, yes. Does it really matter?

            Is UCLA’s “house” as big as USC’s, nope, but we live on the same street now (not speaking historically), we weren’t even in the same zip code before Hundley and Mora showed up. I know most USC fans just expect that everything will go back to the way it was because sanctions are over, but you will now have to go through several programs that have been significantly elevated since PC’s departure. There is an argument to made that every program in the Pac-10 /12 is better now than before PC left, with the exception of USC, Colorado and Oregon St. I’am not saying you can’t or won’t climb to the top of the mountain again, but it’s a lot steeper than it’s ever been before.

          • Sam Bam

            I agree that SC will have to go through several programs now. The conference is growing. But during Hundley’s time and USC’s sanctions, I would view the “big games” as Stanford and Oregon. Yes you beat SC, and those were very respectable wins, but these two matchups between UCLA/Stanford, UCLA/Oregon were huge in terms of calling Mora a big time coach and Hundley a big time QB. And it all doesn’t fall on Hundley, but I don’t remember any of those games being close. Huntley had big expectations nationally and by the Bruins. I know things don’t go as planned (see SC 2012), but I would say the Stanford and Oregon games were big falls in terms of UCLA taking that next step. For the record I’m always on the fence with Mora. He shows me he’s really capable of leading a top program, then I’m like wow, he’s got a lot of growing as a coach. I think he is on the hot seat because Rosen being such a sure thing makes him have to win now.

          • 88 Straight

            As of now, Mora is similar to, but a notch above Andy Enfield. A big step forward but a lot left to do.

          • Sam Bam

            That’s true. I’d say Mora had a smijent more of talent to work with.

          • 88 Straight

            That is true but it is also true that it is easier to quickly build a basketball team than a football team. Many more freshman can contribute quickly in basketball and it only takes a few.

          • Sam Bam

            I think SC will have higher expectations next season not only from ourselves, but from everyone else. A sweet 16 would be a step forward for a program like ours. I personally expect next years team to make that or it will be a big letdown.

          • 88 Straight

            We will see. UCLA will have an infusion of talent but could lose a few to transfer. Cal should be improved. Oregon’s coach does a fine job. I think Alford will manage to screw the pooch again, even with better talent. The tournament alone does not make up for an entire season. Steve Lavin survived longer than he should by having poor seasons rescued by Sweet 16’s. SC closed the season poorly and choked the game away tonight from the free throw line.

          • Sam Bam

            I think Cal’s star Jaylen Brown and Ivan Raab are off to the NBA. They are 1st rounders. Lonzo Ball is a kid any team would want, I think Alford, Holiday, and Hamilton all sharing the ball and adding in a new gun like Ball will be real challenging. Washington returns it’s starting lineup except the point guard. This loss should be burned in the minds of SC’s players, and Enfield his staff all off season.

          • NYC Bruin

            Totally fair points. No question UCLA has not gotten to the same level as Stanford and Oregon, but that was never what I was arguing. Before both, Hundley and Mora, UCLA was in the bottom tier of the conference, Mora has gotten us to the bottom of the top tier or the top of the middle tier, either way, you get the idea. USC was never in the bottom tier, so you never looked up at Arizona, ASU, Cal and even Oregon St. for a period of time and said “how are these guys beating us every year”?

            I think we’ve talked about this before, but the entire program has improved under Mora, everything to from strength and conditioning to recruiting resources and now we have a football only facility being built. Do you realize that we used to have one S&C coach….for all of UCLA athletics before Mora. Assistant coaches used to live in Costa Mesa, because that was as close as they could afford to live near campus, now we have the highest paid staff (USC and Stanford are private and don’t release salaries) in the conference. Regardless of whether Mora ever wins a conference title at UCLA, he’s undoubtedly made it a more attractive job and has put us in position to compete every year. Would this be acceptable at USC? I’m guessing no, because you already had everything that Mora has put into place, so your frustration would certainly be more warranted.

            The point is, Mora’s success thus far on the field has not matched his success off the field, and those of us close to the program think that the results on Saturday will eventually catch up. But even if we are wrong, he’s made UCLA football a better program from top to bottom and for that I will always be greatly to Jim Mora.

          • Sam Bam

            Rosen being as good as he is puts even more pressure on Mora. And I think Rosen having such a good freshman season puts even more pressure on him. It comes with the territory. I’m sure Rosen welcomes the pressure, all great players want it. Mora for sure has made UCLA a more attractive job. And I think Dan G knows that also.

            What’s your thoughts on Kennedy Polamalu being the OC?

          • NYC Bruin

            Good question on KP; I think I like it, but I’m also in wait and see mode. Am I as excited as I would be if we got Lincoln Riley or Mike Norvell, no, but those guys are also proven play callers. I think anyone that’s followed UCLA will tell you that no unit has seen its players improve as much as the RB’s, and its not even close. He transformed Paul Perkins from a 3 star DB into one of the best RBs in the country.

            Like any job, if you excel at your level you get a promotion and with that comes increased responsibility. Sometimes people continue to excel and other times they find their ceiling. So with that being said, I think KP’s resume justifies the hire and I’ll be rooting for him to succeed, but I’m also hoping that him not being given this opportunity previously was an oversight and not something more indicative of his overall ability.

          • Laker Rod

            You’ve been fooled like most other UCLA fans. Each respective UCLA program like football and basketball is run so far into the ground that when a new coach comes in and has a decent record or start…all this praise comes out. LOL!! What a complete joke. Do seriously not get it?

            If Jim Mora was hired when Bob Toledo was hired back in 1995 folks would be moaning and groaning already. Can you not see this? The memory was still strong related to the 4 Rose Bowl wins and two 10-2 seasons in 1987 and 1988 along with Troy Aikman and a bunch of other guys who made it into the pros. UCLA even got back to the Rose Bowl in 1993.

            In Toledo’s 4th year, UCLA had a 20 game winning streak going until the wheels fell of but they still went 8-0 and won the Pac-10 title. I believe in 1997 also, UCLA finished ranked 5 in the nation.

          • 88 Straight

            Your solution for basketball? Typical. No answers. I like extra pepper on my fries, please.

          • Laker Rod

            It’s answered. You of course type too fast before reading…since you have no life. Mr. Unemployment.

          • NYC Bruin

            88 doesn’t produce sentences that are completely illiterate, a few examples:

            1. “Bypassing and the key question and points yet again Jellyfish?”- What does that even mean?

            2. “Spanos left and he was replaced by inexperienced Ulbrich who lasted one year and both Mora and Ulbrich had a melt down against Oregon since the defense was getting thrashed…and where was Myles Jack?” – You really need how to utilize the comma, it’s an effective tool.

            3. Talking one thing but recruiting differently. We talk about moving towards a more power offense but yet don’t even have seasoned players like tight ends to do this and in the mean time UCLA recruits 5 FIVE CINCO wide receivers for 2016 which none of them are really that big. Does this make sense? – To answer your own question, no, you do not make sense.

            I’m not much of a fry guy, but I prefer salt over pepper, on the off chance that I ever find myself at your place of employment.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Complaining and focusing about grammar. Those which do so already admit to losing the topic of debate.

            Why are you even jumping into something which was not even directed to you? Well?

            You know exactly the points which have been addressed to you. So tell us all again how you claimed Myles Jack will be a first round pick and play like a first rounder. Or are you going to deny this?

            And you seriously don’t get the part about the lack of tight ends UCLA has and what on earth is the point in getting 5 WR’s in the 2016 class? You’ve just proven you have no clue or concept related to college football.

          • 88 Straight

            You complain about name calling and personal attacks and yet in the past couple of days you have called gotroy22, nycbruin and me jellyfish. Do you know what a hypocrite is? Look in the mirror.

            You complain about liars, yet you lied about being a UCLA grad. Want to see the real liar? Look in the mirror.

          • NYC Bruin

            Don’t forget erroneous insults about spouses.

          • 88 Straight

            Pot meet kettle.

            He finally admitted that he isn’t a UCLA grad which was easy to spot with his writing. It’s quite sad that he has tried to pass himself off as a graduate of one of the nation’s finest universities.

            Now, wait for the back pedal and his stating that he never said that!

          • gotroy22

            Wasn’t Toledo more a creation of his intial OC and DC and once they left the ruins imploded?

          • Laker Rod

            Bypassing and the key question and points yet again Jellyfish?

            Face it. You know for a fact…the UCLA’s football and men’s basketball program have gone way downhill. It’s gotten so far down that fans like yourself are “impressed” or “satisfied” with what Howland did during his Final Four run and the same for what Jim Mora has done up to this point.

            And if you’re now trying to say that Toledo was more of a creation of his initial OC and DC then what about Jim Mora? Spanos left and he was replaced by inexperienced Ulbrich who lasted one year and both Mora and Ulbrich had a melt down against Oregon since the defense was getting thrashed…and where was Myles Jack?

            Then we get Bradley but still get steamrolled by numerous teams. Heck…even Colorado was steamrolling UCLA’s defense. Kenny Clark got called out during this game. Who saved the day again? Ish Adams? Remember? 94 yard interception TD. Colorado was about to score. 14 point switch. UCLA would have lost and you know it.

            And now on offense…we replace a guy who yet again doesn’t have real OC experience. You can make up all the fairy tales you want related to KP’s experience.

            Here are the things that worry me with Jim Mora. They have to be concerns of yours and others too but you’re just simply too prideful to admit it:

            1. In his 4th year, Mora ended up with his worst record to date. How is this possible even he is supposed to be “building” the program. Does UCLA have an Anthony Barr or Eric Kendricks or anybody similar “NOW” for 2016? Jim Harbaugh improved every single year. Stoops won a national championship in his 2nd year at OU. Pete Carroll tied for a conference championship in his 2nd year and won a national championship (tied) in 2003 his 3rd year.
            2. To even think a true freshman QB is going to lead you to some conference championship clearly shows Mora has not been at the college level long enough.
            3. For Mora to even claim NFL rookies have a harder time than true freshman QB’s is a joke.
            4. For Mora and the staff to even put themselves in a position to have to go with a true frosh QB in 2015 shows how stupid they were with their recruiting of QB’s in previous years and the development of them.
            5. The handling of coordinators have not been good. Nobody seems to want to stay at UCLA long enough in order for them to accomplish something.
            6. Hiring KP as OC. Come on. Why does UCLA always do on the job training. It would be different also if Mora knew offense but he doesn’t!
            7. Talking one thing but recruiting differently. We talk about moving towards a more power offense but yet don’t even have seasoned players like tight ends to do this and in the mean time UCLA recruits 5 FIVE CINCO wide receivers for 2016 which none of them are really that big. Does this make sense?

            Why don’t you try and debate within the details of the above if you disagree. All you do is come back with your lame responses. Can you debate intelligently related to UCLA football? You have yet to demonstrate this.

          • 88 Straight

            Looks like you aren’t smart enough to realize you are debating with a Trojan! LOL!!

          • Laker Rod

            Where are you on this 88 Straight. You obviously can’t address these points above you wimp.

          • 88 Straight

            Still laughing at you praising Ish Adams again and your fake diploma!

          • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

            Toledo lost his players when he started showing favoritism to his QB.

            Kind of like Alford’s doing with his son.

          • NYC Bruin

            Toledo’s major issue was he let Pete Carroll build a wall around Los Angeles with UCLA stuck inside.

          • NYC Bruin

            Not sure what the point is? Are you suggesting UCLA fire Mora? Lets say they did, then what? Who do they hire? How will he be better? Will he leave once he has success? Can we afford him? I doubt you have an answer to any of these questions. you’re a soundbite guy, easily manipulated by a surface comment that sounds good. Yet, you do not possess the intellectual capacity to answer the follow-up questions. Case in point will be when you respond with name calling instead of answering any of the questions I posed.

          • Laker Rod

            Not sure what the point is? Where did I ever suggest UCLA fire Mora. I didn’t. My point to you is what I originally wrote. Imagine, Mora being hired after Terry Donahue. If Mora had no conference championships after his 4th year he would be on the hot seat already but yet there are certain fans that totally defend him and simply say he’s a big improvement over KD and RN. Well…duh…that’s not that hard to improve on. Do you understand?

            I repeat…the UCLA Athletic Dept has an interesting way of doing things. As I said before…they drive the program down so far that when yet another unknown/unproven hire is done for men’s basketball or football…it’s simply again wait and see and if they simply do better than the previous regime it’s seen as a “success” with certain fans. Well…can you contradict this point?

            Please remember that between Toledo’s 3rd and 4th year, there was a 20 game winning streak and UCLA did win the conference championship by going 8-0 in 1998. Isn’t this far greater heights than what Jim Mora has reach after his 4th year?

            I’ve lost some confidence in Jim Mora before and during 2015. His decision to go with Josh Rosen true freshmen changed my opinion of him big time. For Jim Mora not to properly recruit and develop a QB within the gap of Hundley who was an RN recruit and 2015 is a total red flag. It doesn’t mean I think Mora should be fired.

            Also, I don’t do the name calling routine like 88 Straight. I don’t behave how 88 Straight does with his off topic personal attacks and you have dealt with me long enough where you should know better. It’s funny how you try to call me out on this when you can clearly read and see what 88 Straight is doing.

            You want proof of 88 Straight’s behavior? It’s all over the place. My comment of that UCLA may have 11 players taken in the NFL draft this year and my point is that UCLA has NOTHING to show for it. No conference championship…not even a division title this past season. Well?

            How does 88 Straight respond? “One thing is certain, nobody has ever said you were capable of
            greatness. And what have YOU ever won? A participation trophy? Loser
            mindset.” Also from 88 Straight “LR is a lowlife little know nothing troll. ” in respond to gotroy22.

            You care to acknowledge this is how 88 Straight typically responds? We all know you will not. No way and you know it. Prove me wrong. You might earn some respect.

            And in the mean time, feel free to respond my point to you related to how UCLA fans are often fooled by the UCLA Athletic Dept. What’s your take on the basketball program?

          • NYC Bruin

            When you try to attack posters wives you lose the moral high ground, plain and simple.

            I do think you bring an interesting point to debate here though. I hear what you’re saying about Toledo and I don’t dispute it, but so much has changed since then. I think there is a difference between expectations and reality, in reality, the gap between UCLA and the national elites expanded so much between Toledo and Mora that you can’t fairly use the same measuring stick now that would have been fair back then. Some UCLA fans (looking at you Bruinsnation) think that demanding firings for not winning national and conference titles every year is a reflection of high expectations, I disagree.

            I have had a much closer look under the hood of the entire athletic program the last few years as UCLA has put more of a focus on fielding competitive football team (and raising money from the likes of me). If you look at where the team was four year ago compared to today, there is an argument to made that no team in the conference has improved as much as UCLA. Was this year disappointing, absolutely, but seasons don’t happen in a vacuum. We lost the best player from every level of our defense, we were breaking in a freshman QB, who played quite well considering the success of others that came before him. You might say they are excuses, but in reality they also serve as data points.

            As far as Rosen goes, I think he is a generational talent and would be gone in 2018 whether he red shirted or not. Could I be wrong, sure, its sports, anyone that tells you they’re certain is naive or a liar. With that being said, don’t you think Rosen will be more advanced next year due to his experience this year?

          • Laker Rod

            Hey 88 Straight. You read this. YOU are the one who’s always making comments about wives. And NYC…don’t try and hide that you don’t see 88 Straight’s comments on this. This goes way back. You’re a real piece of work calling me out on it when 88 Straight is the total instigator on this and you know it. You have no integrity at all.

            And you are way off in your accusations related to Bruin Nation. They don’t expect conference titles for football every year nor do they expect national championships with bball every year. Get real. Football has not won a conference championship since 1998. We have seen a way worse program in Stanford well surpass what UCLA is doing. Come on.

            And for basketball….look who won the conference this year. Since when has Oregon been a historical power? They have well surpassed UCLA in football and it looks like now it’s happening in basketball!!!

            And please don’t use the excuse of breaking in a true frosh QB for football. It was Jim Mora’s choice to go with Josh Rosen true frosh. The decision was made by the coaches and redshirt sophomore 4 star recruit Asianti Woulard decided to transfer out. Are you trying to tell me that if Mora went with Asianti Woulard for 2015 you would be more upset at him since he wouldn’t have the excuse of going with a true frosh? Come on…make some sense.

            And keep in mind…Stanford lost 9 starters on defense going into the 2015 season. This didn’t stop them from having another very good defense and also winning the Pac-12 championship. Stanford replaced the 9 starters lost on D with mainly redshirt seniors or other upper classmen…true juniors or seniors or redshirt juniors.

            And sorry but I don’t agree with you in that Rosen is gone after 2017 whether he redshirt or not. If Rosen redshirted for 2015, Rosen would be leaving as a redshirt sophomore. People were saying the same about Hundley after he redshirted. He stayed for his redshirt junior year and he should have stayed for this redshirt SENIOR year because if he did….we wouldn’t be in this stupid mess.

            With Hundley at QB vs true frosh Rosen…for 2015…I seriously believe UCLA had a great shot at winning the Pac-12 conference championship. We certainly would not have lost to USC for the division title. Come on. Look at how awful Rosen played against USC.

            And while Rosen has a year of experience under his belt…it’s already proven in the past via REDSHIRT freshmen like Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariotta and Andrew Luck and Johnny Manziel and Kevin Hogan along with Sam Bradford over at Oklahoma is that you don’t need to have a year of experience to lead your team to a conference championship or more. Look at where Miami is by playing Brad Kaaya as a true frosh in 2014. Did they do well in 2015? Kaaya still got hurt. Can he really reach his full potential in only 3 years? Did Myles Jack really reach his full potential at UCLA in only 2 years plus 3 games? What about Redmond? Benenoch? Clark? Duarte?

            How about Brett Hundley? The guy decides to leave early to be a 5th rounder? I mean…COME ON!!! Is UCLA really that bad of a place for guys wanting to leave? What gives?

            In the meantime, Matt Leinart returns for his senior year at USC despite winning a national championship the year before! How about OJ Howard at Alabama. He’s returning for his senior year after winning a national championship. Kevin Hogan returned for his 5th year despite winning 2 conference championships 2 of the 3 previous years!

            I appreciate you dealing level headed related to this discussion. All I’m saying is that UCLA has to do something different. Jim Mora is playing way too many true freshmen and too many players are leaving after 3 years without even winning a conference championship and they are leaving UCLA despite not even expecting to be all that high draft picks.

          • 88 Straight

            What year did you start lying about your UCLA diploma? And I never talk about your wife, other than she is imaginary like your diploma. Get the facts right!

          • NYC Bruin

            I’m not going to get into who said what to who, but I think it is safe to say that between you, 88 and myself, “there are only murders in this room” if you get my drift. None of us can claim the moral high ground. As you can see from my previous post, I have attempted to elevate the level of dialogue, but we will see if that is sustainable. I’m also going to disagree with you on Bruinsnation and leave it at that.

            Basketball and Football are two completely different animals, so I’ll start with basketball. Alford didn’t have a good year, he’s been mostly a bust in my opinion, but he does have two sweet sixteens to hang his hat on, whether that should (the expectation) be enough to keep your job at UCLA and whether it is (the reality) enough are two different questions. Should it be enough? I don’t know, I do know no one is going to replicate Wooden and UCLA’s administration is vehemently opposed to following the Kentucky model. If you look at the schools UCLA likes to compare itself to in basketball than it shouldn’t be good enough, but if you consider the investment vs. the returns I think we have at least matched expectations. If we are being honest, UCLA simply hasn’t invested in the basketball program at the same level as our “peer” group. UCLA doesn’t even have a practice facility, Kentucky has their own basketball dorm. To sum this up, we’ve been using a plastic spork in a gun fight. Oregon won the conference this year, I don’t think they are a long term threat when it comes to basketball, we should worry about Arizona and the potential USC has to tap into their resources.

            With regards to your football comments: If you talked to anyone around the program, no one was advocating for AW. The kid just didn’t develop and to be honest I’ll be surprised if he’s ever a starter at USF (not a power 5 school mind you), I will gladly eat my words if he proves me wrong. The reason the kid transferred was he saw the writing on the wall when a true freshman was significantly better than him in spring practice. Would it have been helpful if we had a more seasoned QB last year? Sure, but we probably wouldn’t have landed Rosen than. Again this comes back to reality vs. expectations, should we expect to have a great red shirt Sophomore QB ready to go every year? Sure. Is it realistic? Probably not. Last point on this issue, I think most that follow the program would agree (ask Jack Wang in his next mailbag) that UCLA would not have had as good a record this year with Jerry or AW at the helm.

            You are right about Stanford, but we don’t have the same model they do and I don’t think we are patient enough as a fan base to adopt it. You’re right about Stanford’s defense, but this year their offense is what drove the team. They were substantially worse in almost every defensive category compared to previous years.

            I’m not stating Rosen would leave after 3 years, redshirt or not as a fact, just as a matter of opinion. I think he is as near a lock to be the number one pick in 2018 as you can be at this juncture. This isn’t a radical opinion either, several draft “experts” have stated similar sentiments.

            I think players get better the more they play and I also think football is a unique sport when it comes to translating practice to games. I can’t think of another sport that differs as significantly as football does from practice to a live game, feel free to correct me if you disagree on this. Point being, I think Rosen playing this year expedited his development in a way red shirting would not have. Under ideal circumstances would he have played this year? probably not, but point me to a single program that has “ideal” circumstances every year.

            As far as guys leaving early goes, I think you have to adjust to the times. From our encounters, I’d guess you are roughly 20 years older than me (I’m in my mid 30’s and this isn’t meant as an insult, just an observation). I’m not sure there has ever been a time in American history where generations view the world through such radically different lenses. Kids don’t stay in school as long as they used too. Think of how many one and done’s Wooden would have had. Has UCLA had their share of early defections, absolutely, but the number has increased across the board on an aggregate basis every year and I don’t think there is anything you can do to combat it.

            Lastly, I think Mora has the program in a place that you will see more upperclassman playing in the next two years, will there be exceptions? Of course, but Alabama and Clemson had a spattering of true freshman on the field this year too. As far as doing things differently, I can say without equivocation that Mora has done things differently and the program is in far better shape than he found it. But like all change, there are bumps along the way and some things are harder than others. I firmly believe the last four years he has been building a foundation for the next four years, which I am confident will be some of the best in UCLA football history. Time will tell on that last point.

          • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

            USC fans would prefer Mora’s last few seasons over their traveling circus.

          • NYC Bruin

            True, but I still think his seat would be warm.

          • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

            Hundley had no line.

          • Sam Bam

            Fair enough.

        • 88 Straight

          LR is a lowlife little know nothing troll.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! You’ve been slaughtered in every debate we have had. You thought we could win a conference championship with true frosh Josh Rosen. LOL!! Remember…I gave you a measurable related to true frosh Matt Barkley in how previously USC had won 6 straight conference championships by going with mainly upper classmen QB’s. The only year they went with an under classmen was in 2003 with redshirt sophomore Matt Leinart. He was still going into his 3rd year though with very little experience but still he had a great 2003 year.

            When Pete Carroll went with true frosh Matt Barkley in 2009, USC faltered big time. 9-5 overall. All you kept saying was Josh Rosen was better than Barkley. LOL!!! UCLA ended up 8-5. I told you they were not going to win a conference championship you mule head.

            And after all this you and NYC prep tried to brag about the “freshman” awards LOL!!! NYC even claimed Josh Rosen was 4th best in pass rating. LOL!!! He obviously made an error which he tried to cover up too. HA HA HA!!

          • 88 Straight

            Like I said, a low life troll who has never accomplished anything in life. Thinks he “destroys” people with his keyboard. just a pathetic existence.

      • Laker Rod

        Typical 88 Straight. Can’t deal with the facts so goes on a personal attack. You got called out too by gotroy22.

        • 88 Straight

          Still waiting for your solutions for the Dan Guerrero and Steve Alford situation. Crickets.

          Glad you found one brief measure of support from GoTroy! Nobody else agrees with you on anything, little troll. Find that UCLA diploma yet? LOL!!

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! You’re on here like 24/7 expecting an answer. Ha ha. I responded. Go look. You got slaughtered once again.

          • 88 Straight

            There are things called smart phones. One doesn’t need to be on 24/7. You probably got lost at the word smart.

          • Laker Rod

            I repeat…you have no life. It’s proven.

          • 88 Straight

            From someone who doesn’t have a clue what constitutes proof.

            Here is what has been proven: You never attended UCLA, let alone graduated. You lied about having a wife. You claimed that Myles Jack will be drafted in the 2nd round and then denied it. You compared someone dumb enough to draft Myles in the first round to the guy dumb enough to draft Manziel, and then denied it. You claimed that the team in an NFL Conference with the best record won the Conference Title! Then you went silent rather than admit you were wrong. You claimed Andrew Luck won a Conference Title at Stanford and later deleted the post and denied that you ever said it. What has been proven is that you are a lying little troll. And, you get paid by the hour in a fast food establishment. Have it your way!!

          • Laker Rod

            I didn’t graduate from UCLA. I went to a different university. My daughter went to UCLA and . I have a wife. I also have a very nice home and some nice cars. What do you have? You’re such a pathetic individual who has to bring in personal stuff into the equation. It’s always the same. People like you are unable to debate at an educated football level so you resort to this level.

            Look at you. First you lied and you know it…related to claiming I said Jack would be a bust just like Manziel. LOL! Care to admit your lie? Of course not. You’ve been in so many lies it’s ridiculous.

            All you do is nitpick and twist around wordings within a topic of a certain debate. You try and side step the point by making the technical aspect the main focus to draw the attention away from your foolish thoughts. Example is perfect related to Conference Title. Rookie QB’s had their team win the best regular season record in their conference. A reporter mentioned this and called it Conference Title…(not championship) which you also LIED about trying to claim I said that. In reality, what this debate was about was to show how stupid and wrong you were about true frosh QB’s having it better than rookie NFL Qb’s. Mora was wrong too and you know it. I proved it with evidence and you have no response to it period. It once again show how clueless you are because you simply do not do enough research or have enough historical knowledge.

            All you do is make up. BS. I don’t have to edit out anything. Bottom line with Luck and Harbaugh is that they did much better in the 4th year than Jim Mora and Rosen. LOL!!! You lost again!

          • 88 Straight

            You have been a busy little troll today, Laker Fraud. So, after telling everyone here that you graduated UCLA, the truth finally comes out. And now, you will probably try to deny that you ever said that!

            The truth is that you have invented so many different little stories that you have lost track of all your distortions, embellishments and outright lies. It has been clear to everyone based upon your lack or reading comprehension and writing skills that you were no UCLA grad, nor a college grad. I noticed that you said “attended a university.”

            Given that you have been caught AGAIN in another lie, it is known to everyone exactly what you are. It’s a small wonder that NOBOBY ever agrees with you!

          • Laker Rod

            Sure I have facts. No football conference championships for UCLA since 1998. 11 players going pro but no championship to show for it. You obviously have no legit response because if you did you would have responded properly.

            All you do is change the subject to like UCLA diploma. LOL!!! What a loser you are. You have no knowledge of UCLA athletics. It’s proven. You’re just another wimp fan. I’ll slam the ball right down your throat. You got no game and you know it.

          • 88 Straight

            Oooh….the bully behind the keyboard! LOL

            A real tough guy. I hope you don’t hit me over the head with your french fry basket. Such a loser and a phony.

            Oh, and have 11 players been drafted? Are they on rosters yet? According to you, Myles Jack isn’t even a 1st rounder? Your first string QB is headed to Japan. Where are your other 1st string QBs playing, Brehaut and Prince? What you think passes for knowledge is indeed amazing!

          • Laker Rod

            More of your sarcastic lame responses. So now you’re trying to devalue the 11 years since UCLA didn’t win a conference championship or even division title? Oh brother.

            Quit trying to deflect. First string QB to Japan…I told you….it didn’t matter who started for UCLA this year because UCLA was NOT going to win a conference championship. Redshirting Rosen was to build for the future. You’re such a stubborn mule who can’t understand this concept. And no…UCLA would not have gone 2-10. There were games where Rosen did not play well himself and in fact his opening game was a curse. If Neuheisel started UCLA would have been more run oriented and the team would have focused in on this. They would have been more ball control also which would have kept their defense off the field longer. Come on. Wake up. You have no clue what is going on.

            Everybody knew the ceiling was higher for Rosen…but the FLOOR was less deep for Jerry N. That’s a fact.

            You seriously believe UCLA is going to win a conference championship with Rosen now that Mazzone has left? UCLA’s best chance was 2016 IMO but this was “before” Mazzone left. We now have to deal with a new offensive coordinator.

            UCLA’s loses way too many players after 2016…especially defense. Even though Rosen will be a true junior in 2017…I can’t see him making up the difference due to the losses on defense. It’s always something which causes the Bruins to fall short.

            Had Rosen redshirted, he would still be just a redshirt freshman for 2016. Imagine how much better he could have been. What you saw in 2015…take away many negative plays and factor in Rosen has bulked up and is much stronger now and is probably more of a viable run option. Do you not get any of this?

          • 88 Straight

            You spend way too much time in the past and too much time in the future.

            “The past is for reference; the future for dreamers. The present moment is where you create success: make it a masterpiece.”

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Lame response again. When you can’t answer what’s addressed to you…all you do is go on your personal attack rant. LOL!!

            Face it. You are clueless. The solution for UCLA football winning a conference championship is the same formula Stanford is using. They win by preparing their guys by redshirting them. It’s a fact. Most of them are redshirted and don’t even end up starting until their redshirting sophomore or junior year. Wake up.

            You on the other hand along with the many clueless UCLA fans think it’s all about bringing in the new hot shot true frosh. You’re full of sh*t and you know it.

            You’re so clueless because you never learn from your past mistakes. All you do is live in the present with no future. It’s no wonder you are on here 24/7.

          • NYC Bruin

            Rosen would probably be the number 1 pick in 2018 whether he red-shirted or not this year. We might as well get the most out of him while we got him.

          • Laker Rod

            You make no sense at all. To get the most out of players it’s best to harness as much of their skills while they are here at UCLA. The more time you have the better off you are. Stanford follows this concept.

            Who cares if Rosen is the No 1 pick if he can’t even lead UCLA to a conference championship.

          • NYC Bruin

            Your basic understanding of the English language is clearly not limited to writing, your reading also needs work. The point I was making is that Rosen is most likely gone in 2018, whether he red shirted this year or not. I doubt anyone will argue (although you might) that his experience this year will likely make him better next year.

          • 88 Straight


            And debating with someone who lies as regularly as you is useless. Find anyone who agrees with ANY of you ever shifting positions?

          • Laker Rod

            More of your BS of 2-10. I repeat…name who UCLA would have lost to with Jerry. You continually bypass the point of how UCLA should better prepare for the future by redshirting players like Stanford does. You have your head stuck in the mud.

            And you claim every team tries to win every game. So are you saying by Harbaugh redshirting Luck…Harbaugh sacrificed winning games? Wake up. You’re full of nonsense.

            The smart coaches know who to redshirt and know which ones should play. It’s a combination and balance of playing for the present and also saving for the future.

            All I know is that Harbaugh left Stanford in much better shape after 4 years even though he started off way worse than UCLA. In comparison…Jim Mora had his worst season in his 4th year. Well…care to explain or make up more excuses. Face it. Mora has played too many true freshman and he has too many 3 and out guys and you know it. Deal with it. You just got slaughtered royally and you know it.

          • 88 Straight

            It’s easier to name who Jerry would have beaten. UNLV and Oregon State. That’s it. Everyone would have just stacked the box and forced Jerry to throw. Lord knows that Mazzone would never have made any adjustments!

            Harbaugh is a better coach than Mora.

            Everyone here is smarter than you. UCLA grad? You still won’t address how you made up that whole story? It’s what you do…you hope it will just go away like your other errors and lies.

            Ishmael Adams is our best DB. Wrong!

            Ishmael Adams wasn’t beat out by Marcus Rios. Wrong. It was reported widely. You just ignore the facts you don’t like.

            Myles Jack won’t be drafted in the 1st round. Still changing your story on that one.

            The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Conference Title with Roethlisberger in his rookie year because they had the best record. Now blaming it on an unnamed reporter! Wrong…and lying at the same time!

            Andrew Luck won a PAC-12 Championship. Wrong….and then lying to cover up your error.

            Why would ANYONE pay attention to your opinions?

    • j metaphor

      Redshirt Rod!
      We missed you. Been in the basement?

      • Laker Rod

        Best response? The truth hurts. Come back with something substantive. No conference championship since 1998!

  • gotroy22

    Is Jim Hill another Dorian Gray?

    • Laker Rod

      Why does no one here take me seriously? I know I’m a twerp, but twerps matter too right? I guess not.

  • EncinitasBruin

    “Su’a who?”

  • 88 Straight

    Another fabrication from the fictional UCLA grad. I said if his knee is fully recovered, he will go in the 1sr round. It was such a simple thing that I thought even a make believe UCLA grad could understand.

    I have made no comments as to how he will play. Nobody knows what team will take him or what position he will play and yet you want to try and compare his stats to Eric Kendricks, who plays in the middle. Jack is unlikely to play the same position which makes your comparison stupid.

    You said he was not a 1st rounder and would go in the 2nd round. You have since “clarified” your position. LOL

  • 88 Straight

    You may want to slow down a tad and edit a little. I scanned your lengthy post.

    Given that QB recruiting was done by the Mazzones and they both are now gone, that is clear evidence that Mora was unhappy with them and part of that must be QB recruiting and development. Neither you nor I know for certain if Woulard’s lack of development was a Woulard issue or a Mazzone issue. Reports out of Green Bay have been very positive about Hundley’s development in Green Bay. That Hundley didn’t develop like he should have seems to tilt the discussion to the Mazzones not doing their job properly.

    We agree on Alford but disagree on Howland. Howland was a very good hire at the time. He got UCLA to the Final Four in his 3rd year. And he repeated it 2 more years in a row. Can you imagine how people would celebrate Mora getting UCLA into the playoffs 3 years in a row? It’s too bad Howland lost his way, but those teams played hard for 40 minutes. If I saw a team play hard and fundamentally sound, I would be a happy camper. I don’t base my evaluation on just the tournament. A couple of wins in the tourney doesn’t make up for a lousy season, IMO.

    By the way, according to BRO, Ish Adams is moving to offense this year. It may be a good move as he is dynamic with the ball in his hands. As a DB, he was undersized and guilty of too many PI calls. He is a high risk/high reward kind of player. Last year the risks outweighed the rewards. This may tilt it back. There were other changes as well.

    Taua to FB. One other guy to FB. Austin Roberts up to 235# to TE, although that still seems a bit undersized to me.

  • NYC Bruin

    1. I’m not discussing BN’s, its a garbage site run by government employees who use political strategies to try and establish hyberbolic narratives about UCLA. If you think I’m making this up, google Murshed Zaheed.

    2. I agree on Alford, but there are certain things that the everyday fan doesn’t see. I think Dan is a competent administrator who was promoted one level above the limits of his talents. The world has changed and college athletics changed with it. Dan was very late to react to the revenue sport arms race and you saw the results on the field and the hardwood. We should give him credit for adapting, even if it happened a decade too late. So what does the changing landscape of college sports have to do with UCLA basketball? We simply have not had the same resources as our primary competitors (i.e., Duke). If you were Brad Stephens 4 years ago would you have wanted to go to a school with a fan base that doesn’t donate money, doesn’t show up to games and a program without a basketball only facility or even it’s own practice court? All the while your fan base expects final fours on a regular basis. That doesn’t require a coach, it requires a magic wand. On the bright side, all of the program related issues will be solved in the next two years and I think the overall program will reflect the improvements. This is the difference between expectations and reality.

    3. I wasn’t blaming AW, but some players don’t develop, it happens and it wasn’t like another power 5 school was clamoring for him to transfer there. I do agree player development is on the coaches, but I also understand that QB is the most fickle position in sports. There are less than 10 guys on the planet that can play the position at a competent level at the highest level. You are right about not being able to rely on a generational QB every 3 years, but I think our new offensive staff has a far more coherent strategy when it comes to QB recruitment and development. Mazzone would go after the best guy on the west coast, strike out and end up with a bottom level recruit that didn’t develop, this happened several times. A good example of Mazzone’s poor QB development are some of the comments coming out GB with regards to BH, who was basically told that he had to re-learn the position. The Mazzone’s are gone now, so hopefully this won’t be a recurring problem.

    4. I think you have a point, but the O-line was incredibly thin when AR and CB started as true freshman, I don’t think there was much in the way of options behind them. I also don’t think this is a systemic problem, all of the true freshman that have received significant playing time under Mora have been the best option at their position or were forced to play due to injury. In my opinion, red shirting can benefit guys that aren’t ready to play at the college level, but you can only improve so much without getting live reps. I’m not saying your completely wrong, but I don’t think this is a one size fits all philosophy, some guys need to redshirt others don’t.

    5. You’re starting to condescend to me here, I ‘m simply going to point it out without retaliation for now, but remember this next time you want to complain about how mean everyone is to you. Rosen isn’t a common QB, he is “rare”, read Bruce Feldman’s book on QB’s, my opinion on this is neither organic or unique, it is pretty widely held by anyone that covers football. Marcus Marriota needed the extra year for development. It is well known that Harbaugh didn’t want to give the reigns to Luck, because the O-line was still so bad. The bottom line is that a lot of people, myself and Jim Mora included, think Rosen was ready to go as a true Freshman and I think he acquitted himself quite well. UCLA would have been 6-6 in the regular season at best with Jerry.

    6. How many great teams have a dearth of 5th year seniors? Stanford and MSU are terrible comps to UCLA, totally different situations from a resources, recruiting landscape and administrative culture perspective, you’re comparing Berkshire Hathaway to Google, totally different entities. Again, I don’t think UCLA has started that many true freshman, I’d be curious to see what are patterns are versus other Power 5 schools in the past though. Stanford is a private school that can recruit nationally (I think they only had 3 kids in their class from CA this year). Both programs took several years to get to this level and lets see if they can sustain the success they had over the last 4 years to the next 4 years.

    7. Mora has instilled more of a meritocracy than either KD or RN. RN refused to go away from some of his upperclassman who were simply not physically capable of playing division I football. I went to therapy for many years to eliminate the KD years from my memory so I have no good references. Mora has made a few mistakes with burning redshirts, I agree on Van Dyke and Halilo. Josh Woods had to play due to injuries, Judge will always be a special teams guy, will maybe start this year, but I’m guessing Juarez takes his spot, Stephen Johnson could have gone either way, he made some contribution on offense, although I wish his speed was utilized more on the perimeter and FUP was the 6th best lineman and was ready to play and he made a meaningful contribution during the middle of the season, but he transferred so it doesn’t matter now.

    I think Boss plays, but doesn’t start, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in short yardage packages to clog the middle or if we do any kind of jumbo package on offense. I agree with the depth chart, except I think Boss will be in front of Toran and Hulick.

  • NYC Bruin

    Well, I gave a long and thoughtful reply a few days ago and it’s still waiting to get approved. To be continued….

    • Laker Rod

      It’s happened to me before also. Maybe you can copy and paste.

      • NYC Bruin

        Looks like it’s up.

  • 88 Straight

    Very reasonable take on things. This promises to be a bit of a transition year for UCLA with a lot of questions to be answered.

    How will the switch to the 4-3 impact the defense? What will the offense look like? While Polamalu has done a good portion of the OC job in the past, he is an unknown quantity as far as calling plays. Lots of question marks for both lines.

    Opening on the road at A&M and 2 weeks later at BYU, it seems highly unlikely to replicate the 3-0 start from 2015.