• Laker Rod

    If you look at the arm definition for Rick Wade and Kesian Lucier-South…they are probably another year away from heavily contributing IMO. I can see them in back up roles but not necessarily 2nd string. It’s good it’s only spring time. This off season and summer hopefully they can continually bulk up.

    I think in the 4-3 the two deep is as follows:

    RDE – McKinley, Hollins, KLS
    RDT – Ankou, Nick Terry
    LDT – Vanderdoes, Tuioti-Mariner or Tagaloa
    LDE – Dickerson, Tuioti-Mariner, Rick Wade

    We can utilize 3-4 also:

    RDE – Tuioti-Mariner
    NT – Ankou
    LDE – Vanderdoes (not 100%) or Dickerson

    • NYC Bruin

      I actually agree on the two deep, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hollins move into a much more situational pass rusher.

      • Laker Rod

        From what’s been happening in practice it appears this is the case. I hope Hollins handles the situation appropriately. Again…I just don’t understand what Jim Mora is doing at times. Deon Hollins played as a true frosh at probably around 6’0 218. He barely played also. He had 7 total tackles. That’s it.

        Hollins would have been better off redshirting in 2013. I said this way back then. Mora played all 5 linebackers he recruited that year which was a huge mistake. 1. Jack 2. Hollins 3. Isaako 4. Jayon Brown 5. Cameron Judge.

        You can’t gain wait during the season if you’re playing. You can’t be lifting super heavy because it would cause muscle soreness on game day. That can’t happen.

        If Hollins redshirted his 1st year, he probably would have been 230 lbs his redshirt frosh year in 2014. KLS supposedly put on 18 lbs in less than one year after redshirting. Yes KLS is much taller than Deon Hollins but still…Hollins could have put on 10-12 lbs his redshirt year.

        Ideally Hollins would be a redshirt junior this year and he would already be up to 245 lbs on his 6’0 frame. This is the weight and size he needs to avoid getting held by offensive linemen constantly.

        Hollins could have then had a banner year as a redshirt senior being around 250 lbs. Teddy Bruschi was around 6’1 250.

        Coaches better seriously look at redshirting Mique Juarez also. The guy has been out with a head injury and is missing valuable practice time. Breland Brandt is out also. Some folks over at BruinGold are no so high on these two as they have come from smaller type programs in a not so tough league.

        And let me say this. I like all the young guys…but the point is….they are young. Jim Mora constantly makes the mistake of putting them out there in live action too fast. Look at all the guys getting hurt. Halalilo broke his ankle also and is on the sidelines not developing physically.

        • NYC Bruin

          I guess we will see. I’ve always thought the bulk of the physical growth happens between spring and fall, but time will tell.

          • 88 Straight

            He had me at “can’t gain wait.”


          • Laker Rod

            Yup. I would say the physical happens between spring and during the summer time for sure.

  • Eddie House

    Rick Wade looks pretty good at 265 lbs and the coaching staf has said he is improving. KLS needs to drink some serious protein shakes throughout the day and one right before bedtime with a half pound of peanut butter, LoL. He might be another year away from contributing as you stated. I like your two deep Rod. Hopefully Mique gets back without a concussion and gets into the groove before spring is over.

  • sam

    I’m confused, KLS says that the coaches want him to be 225… but his goal is to be 250? I don’t think he heard the coaches right.