UCLA AD Dan Guerrero voted incorrectly in satellite camp decision, Pac-12 commissioner says

Dan Guerrero, Athletic Director, UCLA. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht/L.A. Daily

Dan Guerrero, Athletic Director, UCLA. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht/L.A. Daily

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero “did not vote the way he was supposed to vote,” in the decision that banned satellite camps earlier this month, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott told Fox Sports’ Stewart Mandel at the annual College Football Playoff meetings on Wednesday.

Guerrero, on behalf of the Pac-12, voted in favor of banning the camps, thus prohibiting coaches to participate in camps outside of their own practice facilities. The vote passed 10-5, with the votes from the five power conferences counting twice.

After the decision, which took place on April 8, Guerrero sent the following email to his fellow Pac-12 athletic directors, per Andy Staples:

  • NYC Bruin

    Hey, Dan did something that actually benefited UCLA for once.

  • j metaphor

    Larry Scott has fumbled the Direct TV negotiations, his officials are the laughingstock of the NCAA and he dares to contradict the dean of Pac 12 AD’s?

    • Richard

      It’s been clear from jump, he’s out to screw UCLA !! His refs have F’d us every single gm. DG lodged a complaint last yr so he fined him and doubled down on the anti-UCLA refing in our next game


    The coldest surprise vote since Tai wouldn’t give his immunity idol to Scot at the end of this week’s “Survivor” episode.