Spring practice day 15: UCLA wraps up camp at Spring Showcase

Head coach Jim Mora. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova // Daily Breeze/Press-Telegram

Head coach Jim Mora. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova // Daily Breeze/Press-Telegram

There is a notebook coming HERE focused on Josh Rosen and Takkarist McKinley. McKinley was named the MVP of spring camp by Jim Mora (you know, if there was such an award).

Here are video interviews with Mora, Rosen, Tom Bradley, Eldridge Massington, Jayon Brown and Conor McDermott

Here are notes/observations for the day:

— We finally got to be a good enough position to see one-on-ones today and it seemed like there was a case of the drops going around early on. Austin Roberts, who was one of Mora’s standouts of spring camp, had an early drop, as did Alex Rossool.

Kenny Walker, a receiver who has historically struggled with drops, showed strong hands and good concentration as he made a number of good catches. Walker caught a highlight reel pass from Rosen on the first play of seven-on-sevens, making a great adjustment to the ball, and catching it near the sideline. It helps that it was a sensationally thrown ball. During the team periods, Rosen threw another great ball to Walker after the quarterback rolled to his right, threw it back across his body to Walker, who ran a great comeback route for the ball.

— Rosen threw three interceptions, two to Charles Dawson and one to Mique Juarez. Two came during the team periods and one was during seven-on-sevens. After Dawson picked him off during seven-on-seven, Rosen stood in the middle of the field and raised two fingers to the side of his helmet like a gun and mimed pulling the trigger a few times as Dawson ran back the pick.

Mike Fafaul threw a dime to Brad Sochowski during seven-on-sevens that went for about 40 yards. Octavius Spencer was on the coverage.

Denzel Fisher had a great day on defense, breaking up passes left and right. He owned Jordan Lasley during one-on-ones, breaking up three straight passes to Lasley.

Eldridge Massington, who beat Fisher twice on one-on-ones, called Fisher his main competition during spring and said he’s improved his footwork tremendously, which has helped him get much better this spring. Massington was close to another great catch against Fisher during the team period, but was ruled out of bounds. Massington elevated over Fisher to grab the ball and the two players wrestled for it, but Massington held on. While the ref called it out, Jordan Payton, who was one of the many former players on the sideline for the practice, pointed to the divot on the field, which was inbounds, trying to sway the refs in favor of the offense. It didn’t work.

Nate Iese had a great catch during the first team period, almost snagging a ball with one hand, but then volleyballing it to himself and completing the catch.

— McKinley, Jacob Tuioti-Mariner and Matt Dickerson kept consistent pressure on Rosen again. Deon Hollins also had two sacks on Fafaul during practice. McKinley said he thinks he and Hollins can be the top two sack artists in the conference this year. McKinley is gunning for the top spot, but wouldn’t mind settling for second place if it’s Hollins who gets the top spot, he said.

— While Bolu Olorunfunmi was the biggest star of the running back group during the spring, Soso Jamabo got some good work Saturday. He seemed to be the top option during goal line situations and he broke off a huge 50-yard touchdown run during the team period in which he just dusted the entire defense.

JJ Molson continued his perfect streak during the final week of spring practice, hitting all three of his field goals. Andrew Strauch was 2-for-3.

— It looks like Ishmael Adams pulled his hamstring during the first team period. He came off the field limping at one point, came over to the training staff to get stretched out and came back, but did not last until the end of practice as he took his pads off during the second team period.

In the coming days, we’ll have some things to wrap up spring practice, so keep an eye out!

  • equerry

    Thanks for the writeup. Real question: were those shoes not uncomfortable to be walking the grass in?

    • Thuc Nhi Nguyen

      On a scale from one to 10, 10 being the most uncomfortable, they were a 3, but if I was smarter, I would have brought different shoes to wear to practice and changed before going to the Galaxy game last night.

  • Laker Rod

    How does Rosen end up throwing 3 interceptions in the spring game…where two are to a former walk on and one a true frosh linebacker. It appears Rosen has been having an alarming amount of interceptions this spring. Telegraphing his passes? Less receivers running routes and it’s now easier for the DB’s to focus in on Rosen’s intended targets?

    Let’s recall in how Rosen had a streak going of consecutive passes thrown without throwing an INT. While Rosen had 11 interceptions on the season…to me…it’s not that bad for a true frosh QB. Heck…Tommy Maddox as a redshirt frosh threw 16 interceptions in 1990.

    The thing with young QB’s is that they usually don’t do a good job of looking off their intended target or they get into a habit of having a certain body motion like faking one way but going the opposite.

    So what’s going on with Josh Rosen now? Why is he all of a sudden throwing interceptions at such a high rate.

    I believe it’s because of the new offense. It’s not necessarily the “change” in the new offense. It’s the new offense.

    The uneducated fans like 88Straight…think Noel Mazzone’s offense was pure junk and maybe even too simple. Again…the good thing about NM’s offense was that it was simple for young QB’s to pick up. In addition, the pattern and routes run by the 4 or 5 speed receivers kept the defenders spaced out where they are in one on one coverage and taking a gamble like jumping a route could be costly.

    With the new “power” offense..we don’t have as many receivers out there. The safeties can now do more double coverage. It’s been reported Rosen is holding the ball too long. The receivers are already making their break before the QB is throwing the ball. So two things the offense must focus on. Receivers..faking their break one way but going another. Rosen faking one way and going another and changing up his tendencies. In the end…both QB and receiver needs to be on the same page. We’ve seen situations also where Rosen is throwing one way but the receiver went the other way.

    And as far as the safeties in double coverage…against the new offense…the opposing safeties may have to help more in run support but that’s only if the front 7 can’t get the job done.

    • 88 Straight

      In his long coaching career, Mazzone has never won a Conference Championship as an Offensive Coordinator. Isn’t that your standard?

      • Intimidator Bruin

        Since when has any QB ever changed systems and not made any mistakes? You are over-exaggerating the interceptions because you have nothing to talk about. As everyone get on the same page the offense will look better and better. The real question is Sal Alosi and his weight program isn’t working. Last year we weren’t strong enough with DL and OL who had been in the program at least 2 yrs.

        • Laker Rod

          Why are we changing systems wholesale in the first place? Shouldn’t we be transitioning over to the new offense more slowly when we finally have the right personnel?

          It’s not just about Sal Alosi and his program…guys need time to develop…right?

          How can Halalilo develop when he’s basically rehabbing since Mora and Klemm were dumb enough to play him as a true freshman.

          And as far as the D line goes last year…who’s fault was it for not having enough more mature bodies around. And who’s decision was it to have Deon Hollins at 6’0 230 at one defensive end/LB and line up McKinley at 6’2 250 last year next to him in a 3-4 set.

          • 88 Straight

            You are beyond dumb. Blaming Halalilo’s injury on him being a freshman. He had his leg rolled on. It could happen to a player of any class. I would have rather he not played, but he wasn’t injured because he was a freshman.

            And, given that UCLA has yet to play a game, you have no idea how the offense will transition. Pure speculation from someone that lies about his entire life, including his education.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! Trying to argue something but then say you would have rather he not played. LOL!!! What a tool!

          • 88 Straight

            You just show how dumb you are with every sentence proving that YOU CAN’T READ!!!

            He didn’t get injured because he was a freshman. And I wish he hadn’t played. 2 separate staements. Clueless.

          • Laker Rod

            You’re so dumb. If Halalilo never stepped on the field and redshirted like even you wished….he wouldn’t have broken his ankle. DUHH!!

            You’re a real piece of work.

      • Laker Rod

        Changing the subject again? That’s all you can address from above? Your replies are basically no responses…just admitting defeat.

        • 88 Straight

          You always talk about Mora not winning a conference championship. In your eyes you said UCLA had no chance to win a conference championship with a true freshman QB. Maybe UCLA couldn’t win because they hired Noel Mazzone who has NEVER won a conference championship. Now you defend Mazzone who is a poor play caller and failed to recruit the position or develop the QBs. In the past you criticized him and now you praise him. Make up your mind! Just stupid.

          I don’t think UCLA will have a great year in 2016. Too many question marks. But for the long term benefit of the program, Mazzone needed to go. I think Mora has a different philosophy and that it was a bad fit. I am sure that’s beyond your comprehension.

          Have you just decided to NEVER answer why you lied about being a UCLA graduate?

          • Laker Rod

            You claimed UCLA would win a conference championship with a true frosh. LOL!!! Wrong!

          • 88 Straight

            Another lie from Faker Rod. Still doesn’t no the difference between could and would.

            In your case, it’s understandable. You never could or would be a UCLA grad, so you just lied about it like everything else.

          • Laker Rod

            Could would…who cares. UCLA didn’t win it…period. YOU WERE WRONG! Don’t fall back on your JELLYFISH routine.

            Per ProbationU/88Straight…oh UCLA could go 10-2…they could go 8-4…the could go 6-6. LOL!!!! SPINELESS JELLYFISH. Proven!

          • 88 Straight

            More lies. It was one post .

            Care to explain your fake diploma? Your entire back story is a lie. Why is that? Because the truth is too sad to admit. Keep lying. It’s all you got.

          • 88 Straight

            Just can’t deal with being wrong on Mazzone and Adams, so changing the subject. It’s called deflecting. Can’t deal with the facts of the topic and NEVER answer why you lied about graduating from UCLA. I said UCLA could go anywhere from 6-6 to 10-2 with 9-3 most likely.

            What did you predict? No prediction of their record, just that they wouldn’t win the conference. Very bold! LOL Given that Mazzone is about 0 for 20, that would make sense. And you wanted to keep him! LOL.

          • Laker Rod

            YOU WERE WRONG! LOL!! How can anybody be so dumb to believe UCLA could have won a conference championship with TRUE FROSH Josh Rosen. LOL!!! HA HA HA!!!

            Wow…really going out on a limb predicting anywhere from 6-6 to 10-2. JELLYFISH! LOL!!

          • 88 Straight

            You predicted nothing. One thing I knew was you lied about graduating from UCLA or ANY college! No credibility and no class. Strictly a low life.

      • Laker Rod

        What’s your standard? Hiring guys with no proven experience at their position…obviously. LOL!

        • 88 Straight

          Still no answer. Running away from his own opinions!

          • Laker Rod

            There is no answer from YOU. JELLYFISH.

            I can stomach Mazzone leaving so long as UCLA hired a proven offensive coordinator. You obviously have no standard which is why you would settle for anything.

          • 88 Straight

            Nice try. It’s obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes that Mazzone can’t call plays. In his long career he has NEVER won a conference title.

            I would rather gamble with a relatively unknown quantity than go with a proven loser.

          • Laker Rod

            Coach KP has yet to even call any plays but you prefer him. LOL!!

          • 88 Straight

            Yes. I prefer him over Mazzone who has never won anything. You have reversed field. You said he didn’t develop Woulard and failed to recruit enough QBs and now he’s your 2nd best friend after Ish Adams! You are a laugh riot and a champion prevaricator.

    • http://bestmenudo.com ThaiMex

      snore…..the sominex guy is at it again

      • Laker Rod

        You ever post anything football related. I have yet to see it. Proves me correct on the uneducated UCLA fan base. YOU are big part of it.

        • 88 Straight

          You are the dumbest poster here.

          • Laker Rod


            You’re the one who claimed the following:

            1. UCLA could win a conference championship with true frosh Josh Rosen. LOL!!
            2. Chris Clark can play and even start as a true frosh. LOL!!
            3. Thought UCLA could win their first 3 conference games when I told you they would lose 2 of their first 3. LOL!!
            4. You argued UCLA could beat USC if it came down to the division title. WRONG! LOL!!

            List goes on and on. Talk about DUMB! Nobody is dumber than you. You get everything wrong. You have not been right one single time.

          • 88 Straight

            I’m right about you Fraudney. Stick with your fake life, fake diploma, fake wife and fake daughter that supposedly attended UCLA but didn’t graduate. There’s nothing about you that is honest.

        • NYC Bruin

          Wait, since one poster says something, that “Proves (you) correct on the uneducated UCLA fan base”? All of it? Like all 500,000? Wow, I guess I was wrong about sample sizes all these years….crazy.

          • Laker Rod

            88Straight is all the evidence you need. We had other guys who have disappeared like TommyBelowUs who thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted. LOL!

          • 88 Straight

            Laker Fraud is ignorant. He has no idea what constitutes proof. He can’t read and he claimed to be a UCLA grad and will never answer questions about that big lie. He is a phony and a fraud.

      • Laker Rod

        I put most people to sleep with my long winded nonsense arguments. You are not the first one to say that.