Myles Jack dunks ahead of NFL Draft’s second round

After reports about his surgically repaired right knee scared away every team picking in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday, former UCLA linebacker Myles Jack hit the gym Friday morning in Chicago to try to shut the haters down with a big dunk and a shade-throwing sleep emoji:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Jack will not attend the second and third rounds of the draft Friday, instead opting to watch the event from a hotel room in Chicago. The second round starts at 4 p.m. Schefter also reported that Dr. James Andrews told Jack he would not require microfracture surgery, as Jack previously said could potentially happen in the future.

Jack later retweeted this tweet from ESPN’s Randy Scott:

  • Xtracrazy32

    He definitely has a vertical leap! He made that look so easy. I think the reason why jack hasn’t been drafted yet is because of character concerns. Apparently he is a first class masshole, minus the m. After what has happened in the NFL with violence off the field, especially over the last couple of years, teams are looking at character more and more these days.

    • 88 Straight

      I think it was the knee. Jack has had no legal issues. A lot of these kid have huge egos and are hotheads. It’s part of what makes them great players. Ray Lewis was no choir boy. It’s simply the knee.

      • Laker Rod

        You need to stop thinking because you always think wrong. LOL!!

  • Charlie Bucket

    these NFL scouts are nervous Nellies! multiple teams had Jack in top 3 as a prospect, but some knee rumors start up and they are like a herd of gazzelles! same thing happend withTunsil. he smoked pot in HS?? big deal! but he fell 10 spots over nothing!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      I hear the Clippers are interested.

      • Charlie Bucket

        he’s got hops, that’s for sure. as for me i don’t remember watching an NFL draft in the last 50 yrs.