OL coach Adrian Klemm gets two-year show-cause order, fine for recruiting violations

The NCAA announced additional punishment in UCLA offensive line coach Adrian Klemm‘s recruiting violations case on Friday, handing out a two-year show-cause order and a $5,000 fine after Klemm admitted to paying for housing and private training for two prospects.

The NCAA accepted UCLA’s self-imposed penalties from last season, which included a two-game suspension for Klemm, who also holds the title of associate head coach along with his offensive line duties.

“While I certainly did not intentionally violate NCAA rules, the fact of the matter is that I did violate NCAA rules, and I accept full responsibility,” Klemm said in a statement released by UCLA althetics Friday. “I need to be aware of every rule, and I will be moving forward. I’m thankful that this process has concluded, and my focus remains squarely on our student-athletes and helping them achieve their goals.”

The show-cause order goes from Sept. 16, 2016 to Sept .15, 2018.

Klemm admitted to paying $2,400 for housing and private training for two prospects, according to the NCAA, but said he was not aware that he had violated NCAA rules because he thought the two prospects had signed National Letters of Intent.

  • Richard

    His recruiting has been abysmal last 2 cycles. Recruits prob thot he may be outta coaching for a while. W/ sit finally resolved he stays on essentially w impunity and his recruiting should pick up.
    Prob also gets a max effort from the OL this week, in support.
    UCLA self-imposition of penalties was key here.
    Ex-girlfriend turned him in.

    • 88 Straight

      He gets paid a lot of money and the OL continues to struggle and not develop any depth. Perhaps he needs to go.

      • Cali Man

        Especially with all of the false start penalties they get called for

        • 88 Straight

          The last game, 2 were on Kolton Miller a veteran. I don’t like penalties but if they could dominate the line of scrimmage, I wouldn’t mind a few. That’s the bigger issue, IMO. We are in our 5th year with Klemm. The line should be better and deeper.

      • gotroy22

        You pal Jacqui the trans was claiming Klemm was suspended from coaching for two years..

      • Richard

        Don’t think we can upgrade if we fire him. Might not do as well as the last one, Palcic.
        IMPOSSIBLE to find one who is a great recruiter AND a good coach, nws Stanford & U Mich OL coaches.
        Besides, generally speaking really good OL don’t want to come to UCLA. Need grades to get in, must go to class, no pampering vis SC which is total pampering and will be thrown off the team for sexual allegations even if no criminal case ever filed See Torian White SC contra : Chad Wheeler closed fist punches girlfriend in the face w no consequences.
        MAYBE ???? he can put together another class like Ulu-Perry, Halalilo, Wariboko, Andre James AND beef’m up, keep them in school and teach them to block the delayed LB or DB blitz.
        This has always been our achilles heel

        • 88 Straight

          Ulu-Perry is gone. Halalilo injured. Wariboko not yet ready to play. James is showing some improvement. A lot of work to do.

          Stanford has high academic standards, but they can use it to their advantage. We can do much better.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! Your complaining is ridiculous.

            Ulu-Perry gone and Halalilo not available are direct results of them playing as true freshman. Get it through your thick skull.

            And expecting something out of Andre James and Wariboko at this point as only redshirt freshman is a bit ridiculous also.

            A bigger issue is how both Alex Redmond and Caleb Benenoch left after only 3 years. This is yet again a result of them playing as true freshman. Get it through your thick skull.

            You have no right to complain at all since you constantly try to defend the play of true freshmen! Make some sense!

            You’re just full of contradictions.

            And look…some true frosh may indeed be good enough to play…even some linemen but those are proven out by them playing well and the team even winning a conference championship at some point.

            If a team wins a conference championship and a player is an All American and/or 1st team all conference their true junior year it’s alot easier to accept them leaving.

            This has NOT been happening at UCLA. UCLA is not winning and guys are leaving early and not even getting drafted or are very low draft picks. I’ve told you this all before. And you try argue against all of this! Wake up!

          • 88 Straight

            You don’t read well. Ulu-Perry didn’t leave because he played. He left because he was homesick. And you know that. Halalilo was injured and if you recall, which you won’t, I said UCLA should have been taking a knee with a minute left in that game.

            Wariboki redshirted. I believe James redshirted, not so sure.

            What I argued against was red shirting Rosen in favor of Neuheisel.

            Now, when are you going to pick a team? One team.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Like you really think you’re know what you’re talking about related to Ulu-Perry. Bottom line…a lot harder for him to leave if he had to sit out yet another year and already used his redshirt dummy.

            Now you’ve done a flip flop JELLYFISH. You’re now trying to defend what the coaches did when just earlier you were complaining about Klemm. You’re a joke.

          • 88 Straight

            What makes it harder to leave if you are red shirting? Losing another year? He already lost last year. I guarantee one thing. You have no ide why kids leave. Woulard redshirted and he still transferred.

            And you are still not picking a team. So afraid!! It’s PROVEN!!

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! YOU have no idea why kids leave. YOU are the one the who definitively claimed Fred Ulu-Perry wouldn’t have left if he redshirted. What are you some mind reader? LOL!!

            Listen dummy. I go off of historical facts and evidence. It’s obviously clear that for players who played as true frosh…they are more likely to transfer vs those players who have redshirted.

            Now let’s think about that for a moment. If you have players who supposedly were not good enough to play as true freshmen and had to redshirt…shouldn’t these guys be more likely to transfer since there does not seem to be playing time for them? But wait…it doesn’t even actually happen this way.

            Do you seriously need another butt whuppin’ where I will list out all the true frosh guys who played then transferred out vs that of guys who redshirted for UCLA.

            And I already told you before…I don’t really care what other teams are doing. Does anybody need to study at Alabama? You are an incredibly stupid and stubborn guy. Alabama isn’t winning football games just because they are playing a few true frosh here and there. It’s amazing how dumb you are.

            UCLA isn’t Alabama nor is it even USC or perhaps a better example right now….Louisville. You want UCLA to start bringing in players with troubled pasts? How much are these guys studying? You think these guys can even stay academically eligible at UCLA?

            The team to compare UCLA to is Stanford obviously. Are they playing a bunch of true freshmen?

            Stanford lost 3 offensive linemen starters themselves but when you look across the board this year …they have 3 juniors and 2 seniors I believe. One of the seniors only has 2 previous starts prior to the season.

            Wake up.

          • 88 Straight

            More name calling. It was WIDELY reported that Ulu-Perry left because he was homesick. Given that he is from Hawaii and transferred to Hawaii, it appears that reports are correct. Try reading and comprehending.

            Historical facts? You never have any data to back up you points. You have no idea what constitutes a fact.

          • Laker Rod

            Switching subjects? You’re the dummy who claimed Ulu-Perry would have left anyhow if he redshirted. LOL!!! I repeat…what are you some mind reader?

            And everybody knows Ulu-Perry was home sick. Many get homesick…but the fact is….if a player realizes he has to sit out yet another year…they often tough it out.

            You cannot even accept the challenge that more guys who played as true frosh transfer out vs that of those who redshirted. You’ve been beaten yet again.

            And what…you’re back to a team again? I thought you said picking a team wasn’t important to you. LOL!!

            Face it…you’re just a sad old unintelligent fool.

            The one point you are forgetting about UCLA’s offense this year is that it decided to go with an inexperienced offensive coordinator and that OC decided to make wholesale changes to the offense. It’s brand new. Even the blocking schemes are new and even their spacing is different.

            But wait…you wanted Kennedy Polamalu. LOL!!

            Look…before any of this went down…I encouraged that Mazzone stay and he and KP try to phase in a more power rushing offense. I said go 80% NZone and 20% power. Why couldn’t KP learn to call some plays too.

            The sad part yet again is that fans like yourself and the coaches couldn’t even realize that you can’t make wholesale changes like this and expect an offense to function at a very high level.

            And it’s obvious Stanford coaches better. They are not starting true freshmen linemen year in and year out.

            As far as recruiting “better”….Stanford has recruited SMARTER that’s for sure. I highly doubt Stanford is taking 5 wide receivers and only 3 offensive linemen.

        • Laker Rod

          The running back often has to pick up the blitzer or the QB has to recognize who the hot receiver is. It’s not all on offensive linemen.

          But YOU continually promote the play of TRUE FRESHMEN so how can any of the players learn how to do everything correctly.

          In the meantime…certain bozos prefer the way more complicated offense of Kennedy Polamalu’s over that of Mazzone. Oh brother.

          Look…let’s be consistent and have a game plan.

          If we are now going with KP’s more complex power rushing type offense…then the linemen will need even more time to grow which is probably why all 3 of the frosh linemen in Akingbulu, Paco Perez, and Michael Alves are or should be redshirting.

          And while Soso, Bolu, Jalen Starks, and Brandon Stephens have shown they can run the ball…I don’t think any of them have demonstrated they can pass block and pick up blitzers.

          And as far as Josh Rosen goes…yeah…he has an NFL arm but he has yet to demonstrate maturity and to recognize and pick up blitzes either.

          So you too…wake up.

          UCLA has 3 OL verbal commits so far in Ronald Rudd JC transfer, Kanan Ray, and Jaxson Kirkland.

          We probably could use 2 more O linemen plus 1 DT/OG type and also one other DT.

          Rudd will most likely start next year at right tackle. UCLA may move Kolton Miller to left tackle next year to replace McDermott.

          Hopefully we have moved past playing true freshmen offensive linemen! It appears Klemm and Mora are learning their lesson. YOU should too! Same goes for 88Straight!

          • 88 Straight

            Pick a team. Any team. One team by name. Can you do that? LOL

          • Laker Rod

            You can’t even pick a team even when you think it’s relevant.

          • 88 Straight

            Nice try at deflection. Everyone sees you as a phony and a fraud. The expert afraid to make a prediction. Calling others out but won’t make one pick!! Stick to name calling. The only thing you aren’t afraid to pick is your nose.

          • Laker Rod

            Deflection. LOL!!! YOU think picking a team now is important but can’t even do it. HA HA HA!!

            In the mean time we see No 2 ranked Florida State getting clobbered by Louisville. Unranked Cal beating No 11 Texas and their true frosh QB.

            I say again…any team you pick now and somehow miraculously wins the BCS title is just pure luck. You again prove you have no football intelligence.

            YOU are GUTLESS too. The obvious pick for you to make is Alabama. They are ranked No 1. But wait …they were down 24-3 to Ole Miss at one point and I’m sure you were sweating like crazy.

            For something this simple in your mind…it’s amazing how YOU can’t pick a team.

          • 88 Straight

            Still no pick. I’ve made my pick. I haven’t shared it with a coward like you. Nice try. Show everyone and pick one. You are hilarious and a stubborn coward.

            I think Alabama won yesterday last time I checked. Cali Man picked Clemson.

            Who have you picked? Every team that doesn’t start a freshman QB!! You don’t have the stones to name a team.

            Would love to see you on College Game Day! Laker Rod, what’s your pick? “I can’t pick a winner or a score. It’s impossible. Too many things can happen. Only dummies pick games and scores.”

            By the way, you love teams that go out and grab a graduate transfer QB. How did Oregon do yesterday? Even Mike Belotti has commented that you have to recruit and develop your own QBs and not rely on a graduate transfer. Dumb. Just dumb.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! Now you claim you don’t feel picking a team is important? LOL!!

            HA HA HA!!! You can’t make this stuff up.

            And how dumb of you to complain of Oregon’s once again graduate transfer. How did Oregon do last year? They did alot better than UCLA did and a lot of other teams with true frosh.

            And as far as what Belotti said…Oregon is indeed developing their own QB’s…they are smarter than to simply play them before they are ready. Wake up.

            Seems to me graduate transfers are having more success than true freshman. Cal beat Texas. I don’t see you pounding your chest over Texas and their true frosh QB anymore. LOL!!! You HUMILIATED yourself yet again.

          • Richard

            U r sooo F’g fixated on this freshman redshirting issue. W/ the sole exception of Stanford who has been doing it that way for 10 years, all the other teams r successfully playing as many freshman as us.
            We have a narrow window. Stanford started that model when very low expectations permeated Palo Alto. LA Fans can’t wait 3-4 yrs while we develop OL & DL. We can’t take losing now. Gonna lose Mora & Rosen in the process.
            The real problem is that we don’t bring in enough high quality OL & DL each year. It is accepted successful recruiting philosophy that 2/3 of ur recruits should be OL & DL….and high quality ones at that.
            U seen any Xavier Sua ‘Filos on the team. Came in as c. #1 OL and was a huge success starting as a true freshman.
            Bring in big talented hogs en masse every year and our problems are solved no matter when they start playing

          • Laker Rod

            You’re so fixated and obsessed with true freshmen and new players. Wake up.

            XSF wasn’t a huge success as a true frosh. Wake up. Your definition of “success” needs be re-examined. What was UCLA’s record in 2009. Where did there offense rank. Jeff Baca played as a true frosh also the year before in 2008. What about Stan Hasiak…what happened to him as a true frosh? Chris Ward? Micah Kia? For every one marginal successful true frosh example you bring up…there are probably 10 FAILURES. Wake up.

            And XSF played much better after he returned from his two year mormon mission. He was a lot older. Wake up.

            UCLA’s bigger problem has been playing too many true frosh O linemen in the past. Yes…they can recruit better also but why take 5 wide receivers in the 2016 class? Talk about DUMB!

  • Mr. Flores

    He didn’t know is BS. I knew that was wrong and i sell corn on the streets for a living