Video: Josh Rosen, Theo Howard, Kenny Walker, Nate Starks on Arizona

Quarterback Josh Rosen talks about how the Bruins found their way in the second half, working with Marques Tuiasosopo and turning hope into action at this point in the second.

Receiver Theo Howard talks about his first career touchdown pass, getting the call and what took him so long to get his shot.

Receiver Kenny Walker talks about how the offense recovered in the second half and working on the scramble drill against Arizona.

Running back Nate Starks talks about taking the lead running back spot and improvements for the offense.

  • Laker Rod

    Finally the Bruins opened up the offense. I don’t know what the coaches were saying more about sticking to what they have been doing in the past. That didn’t happen at all this game. I didn’t see much of any power rush/pro offense in this game. The Bruins opened up passing and kept at it. This is what we need to see.

    In the first half though, it seems there was too much focus to get Ish Adams involved in the offense. He did okay but we didn’t see much of Ish in the 2nd half.

    Bruins were in spread much more frequently and even had 3 and 4 WR’s (Nate Starks motion into the slot) at times. Josh Rosen ran the zone read option also and kept the ball but came up just short at the goal line. The funny thing about this play is that it seemed had he let Starks keep the ball it would have been an easy TD. The good thing though is that this keeps the opposing defense guessing.

    The Bruins needs to practice the zone read option more and Rosen has to do a better job knowing when he should keep it and run vs handing it off. When you can fake the camera person…you know you’re doing pretty good. UCLA is not there yet with this play.

    Also…if the Bruins keep up this faster pace and pass more then it’s much easier for Josh Rosen and his receivers to get in sync and even if they have a few drops here or there then it doesn’t matter. The Bruins yet again experienced drops this game but it didn’t prevent them from scoring 45 points this time. Yes…Arizona isn’t as good on D as some of the other teams but the Bruins easily could have put up 27 points on Stanford had they simply opened up the passing game more.

    In addition, mad props to Nate Starks. This guy is a true football player and team player. His pass blocking and downfield blocking were great. Starks had the great block on Theo Howard’s nice reception and TD run.

    Mad props to Andre James also. He seemed to do quite a good job. In fact it seemed after Kolton Miller got injured and went out the Bruin offense really picked it up. Hope Miller is okay though.

    Soso had 6 carries for -12 yards. He had a very nice catch and run though for 33 yards. I think when the O line improves in their smash mouth blocking Soso can be more effective next year. This year Starks and Bolu are probably better fits right now. If the Bruins get a big lead then perhaps bigger holes will open up and Soso will have more room to run.

    Darren Andrews seems to be the go to receiver this year. While Kenny Walker is involved in more of the bigger plays…Andrews is the one who makes the tough and key catches the most.

    And finally Josh Rosen played a good game overall but we all know he can do even better. He hung in there in the pocket and completed some very nice passes and took some big hits. This is a bit of a concern though.

    One more thing to add…how will Kennedy Polamalu’s offense look without a Josh Rosen….

  • 88 Straight

    We saw some growth from Rosen last night, moving around and making some plays downfield. The last TD pass to Walker was ridiculous, throwing it over 30 yards in the air with no legs and all arm. It shows what he is capable of doing if he continues to develop.

    Walker had another nice game and I think only had one drop which is a big improvement and inches away from 3 TD receptions.

    Howard was like a movie preview. We got a glimpse of his abilities with the ball in his hands. I would expect to see him a bit more as some others struggle to catch the ball, especially if Adams is out for a bit.

    • Laker Rod

      You would only see Howard more if he learns how to block better. Wake up.

      So much for sticking to the power rushing attack like you claimed. LOL!!! You can’t get anything right.

      Browning was 7-6 last year as a true freshman.

      How did your true frosh QB Eason do over at Georgia. Nice big fumble by him in the end zone.

      Look…get it through your thick skull…some true freshmen can do some nice things but you only see a glimpse of it. Since they are young they tend to be inconsistent and for every 5 nice plays there is often a critical error.

      Look at Eason. After the fumble in the end zone…he threw a nice ball up in the air and Georgia scored to go ahead but guess what Tennessee with their SENIOR QB had one last hail mary in him and it worked. Tennessee is 5-0 with their senior QB…Georgia is now 3-2. Where was Georgia ranked prior to the season starting. They were ranked like #9. Where is Georgia now. Wake up and get a clue.

      What happened to UCLA when they were ranked #6 in the nation pre-season in both 1989 and 1999. Both times they settled for a redshirt frosh drop back QB type in Brett Johnson who was like the No 1 or 2 ranked QB in the nation. The 1989 Bruins ended up 3-7-1.

      With Cory Paus in 1999 UCLA ended up 4-7. Wake up.

      Most teams do better with upper classmen QB’s. How can you even attempt to argue against this.

  • 88 Straight

    Troll boy sticking with trying to put a square peg into a round hole with the zone read nonsense. Rosen is a zone read QBas much as Arizona’s QBs were pocket passers. Just stupid.

    Most observers realize that Adams was injured during the game last night, which is why you didn’t see more of him.

    • Laker Rod

      Hey chicken. Respond to me directly. You’re a wimp.

      Rosen was running the zone read alot against Zona. You have no clue what football is.

      And we obviously didn’t miss Ish Adams on offense but you claimed he could be the leading receiver. LOL!!! HA HA HA!

  • 88 Straight

    Seems like Troll Boy is having a tough day. He just lashes out and loses his mind. Chris Petersen has blown his paint by numbers approach out of the water! Now he twirls around and never addresses that UW plays very few guys that redshirted.

    Keeps trying with the zone read nonsense. Plus claims Browning picked up a number of 1st downs when he only ran twice! Rosen is a zone read QB like Troll Boy is a UCLA grad! Now he claims to manage employees.

    I wonder if he dares to pick A&M to win the SEC. He loves Mazzone. ???

  • jameskatt

    Looks like UCLA has finally found a running back in Nate Starks. I’d like to see 100+ yard games from him if the offensive line can block for him. He is further useful because he can block to protect Rosen and spring the other players loose on offense.

    Adams injured his shoulder falling to the ground. Coach called it a subluxation that popped back. So he should be ready to return the next game.

    Overall, we suffered few injuries while inflicting more on the opponent. We’ll be ready to go the next game.

    This team is still built for and has the mindset of a Mazzoni style offense. So compromising and doing less of a Pro style offense may have worked to get the offense clicking. In the future, as the players become better tuned (e.g. bigger and stronger) for the Pro style, perhaps UCLA can then beat the bigger boys like Stanford and Texas A&M.

    At the present time, I’m just interested in seeing them get into a better bowl game than last year. Looking at the schedule, we should run the table and beat the other teams.

  • grave soul

    I was at the game and Rosen looked impressive overall — very cool under pressure. Our O line looked better than in most games, but then again, U of A’s D line seems to lack the zip they need to constantly disrupt plays. Rosen was able to shake off and evade a few sacks and make big plays out of them. Walker had a great game. Starks is still leaves much to be desired, although I was happy he made a couple of big plays. Eric Yarber needs to figure something out fast regarding all of the dropped passes.

    • Santiago Matamoros

      Rosen was getting hit hard and when under pressure, didn’t panic into error.

      That’s a big step forward.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        And after last night, two steps back and into a gurney.