By the numbers: Records fall in UCLA’s loss to Utah

Utah running back Joe Williams slips through a tackle from UCLA safety Randall Goforth (3). (Photo by Thomas R. Cordova/SCNG)

Utah running back Joe Williams slips through a tackle from UCLA safety Randall Goforth (3). (Photo by Thomas R. Cordova/SCNG)

A few notable stats from UCLA’s 52-45 loss to Utah:

  • 332 rushing yards for Utah RB Joe Williams — the most rushing yards for an individual UCLA opponent in school history
    • No UCLA opponent had ever run for 300 yards: Miami’s Edgerrin James previously held the individual record (299 in 1998)
  • 360 rushing yards allowed — most by a UCLA opponent since 2010 (437 by Washington State)
  • 70 pass attempts from UCLA QB Mike Fafaul — a single-game school record (old record: 57, Josh Rosen)
    • 40 completions — a single-game school record (old record: 34, Rosen)
    • 5 touchdown passes — most since Ben Olsen threw five against Stanford in 2007
    • 4 interceptions — most since Brett Hundley threw four against Cal in 2012
  • 99 yards on Utah’s opening kickoff return for a touchdown
    • First kick return for a touchdown allowed by UCLA since 2014 (Washington’s John Ross, 100 yards)
  • 16 UCLA rushing attempts — Least since Nebraska in last year’s bowl game (also 16 attempts)
    • 9 rushing attempts in the second half, only 1 in the third quarter
    • 6 of those rushes came from Fafaul
  • 85.5 rushing yards per game for UCLA this season
    • The Bruins are on pace for 1,026 rushing yards this year, which would be the lowest season total since 2008 (993 rushing yards)
  • 16.4 seconds per play for UCLA on Saturday
    • 24.9 seconds per play for UCLA entering the game
    • 23:49 time of possession for UCLA, least in any game this season for the Bruins
  • grave soul

    These are great details and stats to help dissect what’s going right/wrong. Thanks!

    • Mrhawaii

      What’s going wrong? Mora has checked out and will be in the NFL next season. That’s the reason.

      • Sandy Underpants

        For sure. UCLA football has been the envy of every NFL team for years. I know I’d pay this guy zillions to duplicate what he’s doing for UCLA, for my Atlanta Falcons.

        • Mrhawaii

          As an assistant!!!

      • grave soul

        I seriously doubt that Mora has checked out or that he will be gone by next season. Going to a more pro-style offense with an inexperienced OC and lack of real growth in our O line will cost us a few more games this season. I put most of the blame on Klemm — so many years and our O line is still struggling? Klemm is messing up big time.


        NFL? lol, at least you guys are keeping a good sense of humor.

        • Mrhawaii

          Easy to do watching the Bruins!!!!!!!

  • Laker Rod

    Well…is this a sign that the Bruin coaches are indeed trending more back to the Nzone system. To a certain extent yes…related to more hurry up offense and passing much more. Iese is in there and led the team in receiving yards this game…so from a personnel standpoint…not necessarily so. I don’t see Iese as a Y receiver as much as like Fauria or Duarte was.

    It seems this type of offense plays more towards Fafaul and probably even Rosen’s strengths this year.

    One would have to think that whomever is QB….the Colorado defense for this coming week may be thinking about going with 5 or 6 defensive backs. This should help UCLA’s running game.

    Giving up the kickoff return for a TD didn’t help UCLA out. It’s disappointing to see the UCLA defense collapse now.

    I called Eddie Vanderdoes out last week somewhat. Another poster agreed with this….but yet of course 88Straight the resident fool tried to argue against this and of course look what happens. EV had like 1 assisted tackle? What’s going on with him?

    Tak McKinley had like 3 sacks? Wadood had 15 tackles (10 solo) and some fans were complaining on some missed tackles/wrong angles he took.

    I would say this in defense of Wadood. Any time a safety is leading the team in tackles…especially solo tackles…this is a bad sign.

    UCLA had 5 turnovers also. Utah had 3 fumbles but only lost 1.

    Utah had 5 punts inside the 20. UCLA just 1.

    Seems like UCLA continues to just play bad enough in all areas which causes them to lose another yet pretty close game.

    And also…does anybody still think UCLA is losing because Theo Howard is not playing much? Oh brother.

    And here is my stance on Jim Mora and the rest of the staff. We are probably better off keeping all of them. They just need to simply do things better and more properly.

    If we clean house…UCLA will probably not win a conference championship for at least another 4 years or longer. I don’t trust Dan Guerrero making the right hire. Who would come to UCLA?

    And making Tom Bradley the head coach would be horrible move and a move typical by Dan Guerrero.

    The UCLA coaches have made plenty of mistakes this year and in the past. The hiring of inexperienced OC KP and his big switch to the new offense which guys like 88Straight promoted is the biggest factor for this year. The coaches are just in scramble mode now trying to fix it and ignoring other areas (special teams/defense) which are now falling apart.

    Mistakes in the past include playing too many true freshmen which led to unnecessary early departures and also led to unreached maximum potential. Look at where Deon Hollins is now. He’s hardly playing after playing a lot back in 2014 and 2015. Why did Cameron Judge play as a true frosh.

    Failing to introduce a running QB into the equation has been another big mistake by the coaching staff.

    Can the coaches fix these things?

    I’m a little worried about the UCLA defense still. Will Eddie Vanderdoes return for his redshirt senior year? He should. He needs to. Dickerson and JTM needs to return also. UCLA loses alot of senior linebackers and defensive backs.

    The coaches and players have to keep grinding at it.

    • Cali Man

      I agree with you on not cleaning house and keeping the staff still next year because my university’s football team (Wyoming) kept their coach and the staff after 2 dismal seasons and now they are doing good, even better than UCLA’S football team which is sad. I think they need to go back to running the N zone and need to quit tinkering and doing what they are good at doing

      • Laker Rod

        I think they can explore the power running game more next year. They return 4 or 5 or 6 O line starters from this year:

        1. Quessenberry RSr
        2. Kenny Lacy RSr
        3. Najee Toran Sr
        4. Moala RSr
        5. Kolton Miller RJr
        6. Andre James RSo

        What I hope doesn’t happen is what most of the dumb Bruin fans wish will happen….that’s to insert new guys as starters.

        I’m pretty sure your Wyoming team is winning now because the younger guys are now veterans also.

        • Cali Man

          Yup, they are all older, bigger, and stronger. And their coach doesn’t insert new guys in their offensive line like UCLA because the coaches don’t think like fans like 88.

          I’m still hoping everyone on the stays next year, which means they would only have to replace one guy and that’s McDermott since he’s graduating.

    • Cali Man

      Though I don’t think Mora’s divorce is helping because it looks like it’s causing him to lose his focus and concentration on the program

      • Laker Rod

        That’s possible. It’s hard to say.

        • Cali Man

          Something like that can really affect a person’s mind psychologically. It’s definitely hard to concentrate one the team while you’re also going through the divorce process