UCLA fires OL coach Adrian Klemm

Offensive line coach Adrian Klemm was a respected recruiter, but struggled to develop consistent production on the offensive line. (Photo courtesy UCLA Athletics)

Offensive line coach Adrian Klemm was a respected recruiter, but struggled to develop consistent production on the offensive line. (Photo courtesy UCLA Athletics)

UCLA has parted ways with offensive line coach and run game coordinator Adrian Klemm, sources confirmed Sunday night.

Klemm, who came to UCLA with head coach Jim Mora prior to the 2011 season, was the highest-paid assistant coach at a public Pac-12 school last season. His contract worth $760,000 was set to expire this June. The 39-year-old coach earns the majority of his salary as one of UCLA’s top recruiters.

Despite his reputation as an effective recruiter, Klemm is under a two-year show-cause order for organizing training services and housing for two recruits in March 2014.

The UCLA offensive line struggled with injuries and depth issues this past season as the Bruins were one of the worst offenses in the Pac-12. After losing three starters from the 2015 offensive line that gave up only 14 sacks, the Bruins gave up 24 sacks this season and were ranked 127th in the country in rushing offense.

Scout.com first reported the news.

  • Coach Thom

    Coach Jedd obviously feels more comfortable with a OL coach he knows personally. Any news on Coach Yarbs???

    • Richard

      just saw something that said he will be retained

  • JustOwns

    Klemm and Mora deserve/own about 85% of the blame for the failed Bruin season – But Jimmyball skates and KP takes the rap.

    • 88 Straight

      This is not a surprise to anyone. Scout mentions that a replacement should be named relatively soon. There may be other changes on the horizon.

      • JustOwns

        I hate it when the innocent are fired and the guilty absolved – Klemm excepted.

        • jameskatt

          Klemm is guilty.

      • Sas…A.K.A…SamBam

        Do you think Mora had it with him? Or do you think the bew OC wanted his own man?

        • Richard

          He was no longer producing on the recruiting trail and has never been a good coach.
          But sure hope we didn’t jump from the frying pan into the fire.
          The pool of good recruiters AND good OL coaches is very small.


          Little Kenny Kiss Fanny

          • Sas…A.K.A…SamBam

            Come again?

  • jameskatt

    Since Klemm’s NCAA Ethics violation penalties, UCLA has been hamstrung from 2015 to 2018 in its ability to recruit new linemen and other players.

    Klemm Penalties:
    1. Klemm show-cause order penalty for 9/2016 to 9/2018.
    2. UCLA had to remove 1 full time coach from recruiting in 2015
    3. UCLA had to reduce its football evaluation days from 168 to 150 in the spring 2015 recruiting period
    4. UCLA had to reduce the number of official visits during 2016-2016.

    All of these seriously impaired UCLA’s ability to recruit linemen and other players. And if Klemm stayed, we would have been hamhocked until 2018 in recruiting.

    So Klemm had to go – notwithstanding how poorly the players he coached played.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s gone but, I’m also a little concerned about timing. With 2 weeks to go in recruiting it seems like a crucial time for him to be on staff. Unless he committed more violations in which case we need to terminate immediately. Worried either more restrictions are coming or we’ll lose some recruits. Looking like a great class. 4’s up!

    • jameskatt

      Since Klemm was THE offensive lineman recruiter. But UCLA was failing to recruit offensive linemen. Klemm had become more of a liability than assett. If anything, offensive libemen were staying clear of UCLA because of the NCAA 2 year penalty on Klemm that lasts until 2018. Despite the past good he did, the stain on his reputation did him in.

    • Richard

      “Damned if u do, damned if u don’t”
      If we had waited till after signing day we would have been accused of misleading recruits.
      Greater chance we add recruits by this dismissal than we lose some of those “committed” ???!!

    • Laker Rod

      The impression you get though is that recruits are not impressed with Klemm and it’s preventing guys from actually committing at this time.

      Also…I never saw Klemm as a good recruiter. If a coach simply promises a recruit or heavily insinuates early playing time and will play you as a true freshmen as enticement then he’s not a good recruiter.

      Klemm has failed miserably. It’s ridiculous as to the amount of true freshmen and redshirt freshman he has played and started over his career at UCLA.

  • Leonard E

    Klemm can do better, maybe he should focus on a school that invest in its football program and has a winning tradition, something UCLA doesn’t have.

    • Richard

      Perhaps a “school” that has no entrance requirements, no drug policy, no one goes to class, where u can break the law w/ impunity etc etc ????


        That sounds like one awesome school!

  • Safer In Westwood

    New hire should be in this week, per Scout source… .