Former players express support for fired OL coach Adrian Klemm

During his five years at UCLA, offensive line coach Adrian Klemm produced three NFL draft picks, including 2016 fifth-round draft pick Caleb Benenoch.

After the 39-year-old coach was fired this week, Benenoch, who played in five games as a rookie for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, took to social media Tuesday to support Klemm, quoting a tweet from fellow former UCLA offensive lineman Simon Goines. Goines was part of Klemm’s first recruiting class at UCLA, but was hampered by injuries most of his career.

During Klemm’s tenure, UCLA sent Benenoch, Xavier Su’a-Filo (2nd round, 2014) and Jeff Baca (6th round, 2013) to the NFL through the draft.

  • JustOwns

    If Klemm is the best, remind why his 2016 O/L was so, what’s the word I’m looking for, DEFICIENT!

    • BruinInSeattle

      but you did dredge it up.

      • JustOwns

        There’s one in every crowd.

    • j metaphor

      Refuse to dredge it up?
      Do you know what that means?
      Someone with appropriate professional training please explain it to J.O.

      • JustOwns

        Apparently, there’s always two in a crowd. I’m sure you’re the one with the beeg HEAD.

        You need to change your handle to Cliff Clavin, because other than Clavin, nobody beats an empty chicken soup can like young metaphor.

  • cmwilliamsd

    Obviously something happened to prompt this firing three weeks from signing day. If Mora wanted him gone. He would have left in November.

    • Sean Zavala

      The media and The fans .We need great football coaches and teachers at Ucla.
      Terry Donahue perfect Example….

    • Benjamin Hayes

      I agree. When I heard this I assumed it had to do with another recruiting violation. A Klemm has clearly been one of the best recruiters the team has had. One bad season on the o-line wouldn’t sink that.

  • Laker Rod

    The two former players backing up Klemm are ones who Klemm allowed to start as true freshmen.

    What did we get out of this. Simon Goines has a bad knee to begin with and had he redshirted and went through re-hab properly…he probably could have had an extended career but in reality what Klemm did was cut Simon Goines’ career short.

    As far as Benenoch goes…this is a guy who got kicked out of the USC game for throwing a punch as a true frosh and was replaced by Ben Wysocki who clearly outplayed Benenoch all season long during the USC game.

    In the end, Benenoch left early and I don’t believe he won 1st or 2nd team all conference honors.

    Klemm has been horrible developing offensive linemen because he plays so many guys before they are even ready. Look at what happened with Najee Toran also. Starts him as a true frosh in 2014.

    He played Fred Ulu Perry against Utah on the O line and Perry got got worked bad.

    He puts in Halalilo in garbage time and he breaks his ankle.

    Mora is at fault also. Amazing how dumb these UCLA coaches are. We have FOOLS like 88Straight who try to argue they are doing the right thing also…only to see how WRONG they have turned out.

    I’m not necessarily sure firing these guys resolves the issue either. Mora has very little time left to make up for all the screw ups he’s made.

    • Coach Thom

      The sanctions imposed on UCLA by the NCAA for Coach Adrian’s recruiting violations definitely had a negative impact on the program. That’s irrefutable. Hopefully, Coach Jim and Coach Jedd will monitor our recruiting practices much more assiduously. Personally, I would prefer a OL coach that can COACH rather than rest on his recruiting laurels.

      • Sas…A.K.A…SamBam

        How? It wasn’t even a slap on the wrist. I disagree Coach. It wasn’t good publicity at all but it was nothing in terms of being handcuffed.

      • 88 Straight

        I am sure that Mora wanted to hire the OC first and the let the OC decide if he wanted to keep Klemm and others on the offensive staff. The OL did not develop last year or show any improvement throughout the year under Klemm. These are linemen that had been in the program and had redshirted, yet did not develop under Klemm. Add in the show cause order on Klemm and the departure was expected.

        I agree with you on the ‘coach” aspect of the job. If you have a good coach, recruits will want to come and play for a good coach. A good recruiter alone may get a couple of good recruiting classes but if recruits don’t see players developing, that well will dry up. At the end of the day, the product will speak for itself.

      • Laker Rod

        I agree 100%. If you follow everything that Klemm did…you get a serious impression that he as a coach felt it was all about the raw talent coming out of high school and if you had that Klemm was going to give you your shot even as a true frosh.

        Klemm even committed violations in order to try and obtain certain HS recruits.

        Also….Klemm is not the only one who has some problems. Not sure if you realize this but UCLA went hard after 5 star tight end Chris Clark back in 2015. UCLA even put out fake press clippings saying Clark was going to be the next Gronk to entice Clark to commit to UCLA. I’m not saying other schools don’t do this however in the end…Mora was pretty rough on the guy during summer workouts.

        Clark actually had mono and he was still not fully healthy and he showed up to practice not dressed and Mora gave him an earful yelling at Clark and saying if you’re not going to bother to get dressed then get on a plane back to New Jersey.

        The guy missed so much practice time but yet Mora STILL played Clark as a true frosh and of course the dude sucked. We have truly dumb UCLA fans like 88Straight who tried to argue this guy could see lots of playing time and possibly even start.

        Ellis McCarthy missed a lot of practice time also prior to the season even starting way back in 2012 but of course the UCLA coaches played him also as a true frosh. Same for 5 star Priest Willis.

        What happened to Mique Juarez too. Yet another 5 star.

        Every single year we go through this and here we go again with this next crop where certain UCLA fans are already claiming Jaelan Phillips and Darnay Holmes both 5 stars will be for sure playing and again possibly even starting for 2017.

        ESPN actually has Holmes listed as a 4 star. He’s listed at 5’10 195 on ESPN and 5’11 180 on Rivals. In reality he could be only 5’9 and while he has blazing speed his height may be a concern.

        We actually have decent CB depth but if Holmes can be a kick off and punt returner along with being a back DB…I’m okay with him “playing”….but I can’t necessarily see him as a “starter” at this point. Allow him to commit and enroll first.

        • 88 Straight

          Long overdue to stop with the same Chris Clark lie you have been telling. Very dishonest. For the record…again…Mora stated that he didn’t recruit him to redshirt him. I said that Clark would play based upon those comments. I’m sure you won’t stop lying about it though, just like your other fictions like:

          1. Your UCLA degree.
          2. Claiming that Andrew Luck won a Conference Title at Stanford.
          3. Ben Roethlisberger won a Conference Title as a rookie.

          All 3 were false that you have never retracted. There are several others not worth rehashing. Your continuing lies are quite boring. Perhaps you should try staying in the present.

          As an FYI, it has been reported that Darnay Holmes has enrolled at UCLA already and has started taking classes.

          • Laker Rod

            Not a lie. Quit your deflection and changing the subject. YOU tried to argue Clark could play and start. I even tried to tell you Nate Iese would destroy Chris Clark. You were not buying any of it. All you do is LIE.

            You always end up WRONG also.

            All you continually hope for is that I get kicked off. LOL!! You’ve been HUMILIATED so many times by me that’s all you can wish for. Same thing with Bruin Gold. So many tools ended up wrong they requested a ban. LOL!! It’s easy to change logon name and re-sign up you dummy. I chose never to go back.

            Too many dummies like yourself over there. Guy named Marx claiming Zach Whitley will start from day 1 as a true frosh. LOL!!

            What’s the matter? You didn’t even respond on how I picked Clemson over Bama also. YOU LIAR. You claimed I didn’t pick a team. LOL!!! I even showed you where it was and of course you had no response. 88Straight WRONG again.

          • 88 Straight

            You didn’t. More lies.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! What a LIAR. It’s right there in the Jaelan Phillips thread. When it came down to Clemson and Bama I picked Clemson. Deal with it.

            You argued Chris Clark could contribute heavily and possibly even start as a true frosh. You even tried to bring in arguments of what Jim Mora said. I kept telling you Clark was not ready and should redshirt especially with his mono deal and I kept telling you Nate Iese would destroy Chris Clark. You constantly tried to argue for Chris Clark.

            Quit trying to deny it. You try to argue for every true frosh out there if there is any glimpse of hope.

            Again..all you do is move on to non-football related topics. Nothing but deflection from you. It’s so obvious.

            You’re a joke. You’ve been clobbered every single time.

          • 88 Straight

            You’re a shameless liar with no life.

            Makes sense. When you lie about being a UCLA grad it shows that you haven’t got an honest bone in your body. Simply a guy that tries to be a bada$$ on the internet. Just a little troll with a keyboard and never anything positive to offer. Some life.

          • Laker Rod

            The only LIAR is you. I picked Clemson right before the game you dummy.

            I didn’t need to pick any pick the whole time before because it simply would have been a wild guess. Already explained it to you before which you have no response to DUMMY.

            You’re just in plain denial.

  • Tyler Durden

    Too many whiners and complainers on this blog.

  • Laker Rod

    LOL!!! You’re stuck. I picked Clemson right before the game and you know it. You LIED when you said I didn’t. Your old eyes and pea brain can’t even read properly. You realized after I pointed out to you that I picked Clemson. Oh..the HUMILIATION yet again.

    No response yet again on how it wasn’t necessary to pick a team way before the BCS championship game. Nobody even knew who would be in the playoffs you fool

    I did tell you way back though that the team I’m picking is the team that doesn’t have the true frosh QB. I won….YOU LOST. It’s that plain and simple.

    I beat you again. I’ve beaten you every single time and you know it. Like taking candy from a baby. Too easy.