• RoseBowlBound

    Thuc: is he as big a douche in person??? Did he mention that the Patriots just offered him the HC job…?

    • Coach Thom

      Very insensitive of you to ask Thuc Nhi if someone is a douche. Keep your sexist comments to the wearsc board.

      • Gordo Albondigas

        How is it sexist for RoseBowlBound to ask a journalist to comment on someone’s character or personality? I think you are being blatantly sexist since you do not believe Ms. Nguyen is capable of doing her job.

        • RoseBowlBound


  • Mrhawaii

    And NOBODY cares! ;-{

  • Tyler Durden

    Solid class. Filled positions of need. Go Mora and go Bruins.

    • FightOn!

      No RB’s, no WR’s, no Qb’s, weak OLine recruits…. Very solid…

      • Tyler Durden

        Who asked you dummy? Get lost

      • Richard

        Already have beau coup RBs, WRs and QBs stockpiled!! Even a couple of redshirt freshman OL.
        Got TWO great DTs; one will be in the starting rotation, the other will play as well as a true freshman.
        The best DE in the nation + a second one who will

        *****2 players who are consensus overall TOP 10 commits******

        Decent compliment for one of the youngest teams in the Pac.

        # “You’ve done well too keep your hair( Pilgrim) when so many are after it..”

        Good job Jim, coming off a 4-8 season !!!!!

      • gotroy22

        Har Har!

    • Laker Rod

      I agree. I’m glad UCLA got 5 offensive linemen.

      • Coach Thom

        Laker Rod, are there any of these new players that you would consider playing as true freshmen?

        • 88 Straight

          Coach, I don’t think there are any that I would consider playing, let alone Redshirt Rod. Even the highest ranked kid from Texas, Zabie, is very raw. These are all projects from what I can discern.

          • gotroy22

            That is Kissy86er’s way of saying Laker is right.

  • Mike

    Poor Jim. What a jerk! So over his head. One year left and he is toast and back to the drawing board for the bruins.

  • Sas

    Awesome day guys. Fight On!

    • Coach Thom

      Thanks for the sincere congratulations. It’s rare for a $UCSTER to praise UCLA. Much appreciated.

      • Sas

        No problem coach.

        On a side note we didn’t beat Maryland but UCLA will do.