Jim Mora’s awkward ESPN exchange

UCLA head coach Jim Mora had an awkward exchange on TV this morning when he was asked to talk about his recruiting class. Before Mora’s ESPN 2 interview started, an analyst spoke about UCLA’s season, noting that quarterback Josh Rosen “needs to play better” after having “ups and downs” last year. Mora was then asked to “size up the class,” and Mora responded: “We’re excited about the class. Josh Rosen played five games.”

Just to note, Rosen in fact played in six games. He got hurt in the sixth game, against Arizona State.

Video from The Big Lead

  • Tyler Durden

    Not awkward at all.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Fake news. Sad.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Mora…awkward?…and water is wet?

  • JustOwns

    The very fact the Mora has to correct ESPN points out the ugly fact that JimmyBall is CFB irrelevant.

    Thankfully, Mora claims he is 100% dedicated to UCLA FB this year and “Fat Daniel” is happy, but is Under Armor happy?

    • Pete

      A little hope for you Owns. UCLA will be good at defense again. Personally, I think he’s making a mistake with offense he’s going to run. But, he is a former NFL coach and he knows way more about x’s and 0,s then most people. I think Rick Neuheisel would have been a better choice at OC. I guess those decisions are made by bigger and brighter stars.

      • BruinInSeattle

        kids want to prep for the NFL and you recruit kids promising to prepare them for the NFL…thus, you have coaches and schemes reflective of the NFL

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Give that man a contract extension!

    • Gordo Albondigas

      With a non-compete clause for when Texas makes a run at him again.

      • Mike

        Texas will never take a shot at Mora again. Why would they? Dozens of much better coaches to choose from.

        • Gordo Albondigas

          Only in Mora’s mind was UT ever interested in him. He took himself out of contention for the job, even though UT was never considering him, in order to negotiate a contract extension.

  • PVBruin17

    Analyst was critiquing and coach was sticking up for his player. Everyone was doing their jobs. This is a non-story in my book.

  • TK Bruin

    TN — I think we can allow the 5 game comment since he did not play 6 full games. I’m with the coach on this one.

  • Paul

    Poor analysis by Galloway: UCLA’s problems last season were due to O-line play

    • TK Bruin

      You gotta protect your QB in order for him to play well. Josh does great when he’s protected.

    • Sean Zavala

      Exactly …You can’t blame josh unless the line and coordinator was good.Josh is excellent and I hope this offensive coordinator and Offensive line Coach are on the same page and our good communicators .Example to Fishe and Fraley, you need to talk Slow , Clear And Loud .. And make Sure the Players understand the play book…That gos For practices and Intetviews

    • RoseBowlBound

      They should consult you more…you really look like an athlete.

      • Paul

        And you sound like an athletic supporter

    • Laker Rod

      More like poor offensive coordinator.

  • 88 Straight

    Classic Mora defending Rosen. Josh WAS up and down in his 5 games this year. Both guys were right to a degree. Josh had a new offense and a poor offensive line to perform behind. And then, Sam Darnold becomes the talk of the town. I think this may put a little chip on Rosen’s shoulder which is a good thing. The kid needs to work harder than he ever has and the staff needs to develop the talent around him and for the future of the program.

    • RoseBowlBound

      Going up and down… Common experience for most guys at SUCLA…

    • Laker Rod

      Rosen had an inexperienced offensive coordinator who rightfully got fired you twit. YOU are the one who claimed Polamalu was better than Mazzone you FOOL.

      And Rosen could have used a redshirt his first year. Rosen certainly wasn’t durable or strong enough or mobile enough to avoid injury but you thought he was ready to win UCLA a conference championship as a true frosh. LOL!!

  • Coach Thom

    E$PN is no fan of UCLA in any sporting arena. Why should Coach Jim feel obligated to put up with an obvious jibe at Josh and Coach Jim?

    • UCLA Dynasty

      Obvious jibe? I’ll say it too. Rosen needs to play better. 4-8 sucks and Rosen wasn’t great before he got hurt.

  • Gordo Albondigas

    Mora should just stick to face cupping and caressing, and leave football matters to others.

  • Oz

    Are you seriously trying to consider this to be controversial? To call this a “misstep” is a clear exaggeration. The ESPN talking head was saying that the team went 4-8 because of Josh Rosen and that Rosen needed to play better. Mora was correcting the record, you can’t put 4-8 on Rosen when he only played five games.

  • j metaphor

    Don’t you WANT a coach that backs up his players? Don’t WANT a coach that challenges the media when they make pinhead comments? Don’t you WANT him on the wall?????

  • j metaphor

    P.S. Anyone else notice Josh has been very under -the -radar this off season?

  • Mrhawaii

    Cranky pants Mora is feeling the heat from Fig Tech. Bruins will win the Natty (national Championship for you Bruins) cause we have found Mique!!!!!!!

  • Laker Rod

    Let’s get something straight here. If Josh Rosen played all 12 games UCLA probably would have went 6-6 at best.

    Rosen started 6 games and he was already just 3-3 and all he beat was crummy UNLV, BYU, and Arizona…right?

    Josh still has a lot to work on. He needs to find the open receiver quicker and settle for the shorter route guy instead of waiting so long for a receiver to get open and getting sacked.

    Rosen has to improve on his strength and mobility. The dude needs to be more humble and keep his mouth shut too.

    • 88 Straight

      “Would have went.” Where did you learn English?

      Funny that you speak of humility for Rosen when you call Nick Saban a dummy. That means you think you are smarter than Saban. Yep, you should lecture Rosen on humility.

      I will grant one thing. You are probably the brightest football mind at Walmart.

      • Laker Rod

        Changing the subject again DUMMY?

        You trying to claim UCLA would have some how went 10-3 if Rosen was healthy? LOL!!!

        You’re a joke.

        And Nick Saban was DUMB for playing a true frosh and not trusting him and firing his OC prior to the championship game. Look what happened. Proved you WRONG yet again Schleprock.

        • j metaphor

          Who’s the dummy, Would Have Went?