UCLA releases updated logo, colors before Under Armour debut

UCLA’s 15-year, $280-million partnership with Under Armour doesn’t officially start until Saturday, but the school released its updated logos and color palette Friday morning.

The script UCLA (above) remains the athletic department’s primary logo, with different color variations allowed depending on the background, but there is no tail that stretches under the four letters and no black shadow. The athletic department’s different social media channels have started using the above logo over the past few months, phasing out the other versions.

Under Armour also sought to streamline UCLA’s color scheme, which means sticking to the traditional blue and gold and eliminating navy as much as possible.

Under Armour’s UCLA gear officially goes on sale Saturday morning online and in the UCLA Store on campus. The team’s football jerseys will not be unveiled until July 15 at an exclusive event for season ticket holders.

Below is UCLA’s official style guide, released by the school Friday:

UCLA Logo Style Guide (1) by thucnhi21 on Scribd

  • jameskatt

    That is so much simpler a color scheme – essentially only 2 colors instead of multiple variants of blue and gray.

    • Richard

      Bring back best FB unis of all time – Beban era khaki pants, baby blue jerseys w white (only) numerals.

      The apparel is essentially unchanged from Adidas but we did get all that $$, so…..

      Kinda liked some of Adidas FB unis, EVEN w/ the abbreviated stripes on the top and all that interesting looking material.

      • Sas

        Just saying but I don’t see how Under Armour helps with basketball recruits. I know Ucla is an established BBall program but kids like Nike and Adidas. The AAU Circuit is all Nike and Adidas.

        • Richard

          Absolutely right !!
          We had a big “in” w/ all the Adidas AAU teams.
          # Take the $ and run !!?

          • Sas

            Understandable. Under Armour is coming up. The money is right but the relationships coaches make with Nike, Adidas and AAU coaches was big. Interesting to see the development from here with the basketball side with Ucla/UnderArmour/BBall recruiting.

          • Richard

            “…the relationships….’WAS’ big.” It’s possible that paradigm is no longer viable ???!
            The Adidas AAU teams sent us many good players

        • William Scherer

          Under Armour is huge in AAU. I’m traveling with circuit now – 14’s – 17’s. Some of the biggest players coming out to major D1 play Under Armour and they have a number of big time recruits already taking multiple offers from major D1 (including pretty much entire PAC 12) universities. I think whatever you may have believed about Under Armour is very much in the rear view. — Will face Nike and Addidas end of July at huge tourneys in Vegas. Under Armour won it all last season. Probably will win again this year. Trust me – they are ALL IN.

  • Tyler Durden

    I hope they get the gold color right. It is not yellow.

  • Ray

    Hilarious. UGLY is concerned about this. Sorry UGLY, your brand is failing.

  • KidFromLeftField

    Bring back the Sixties Tommy Prothro Era uniforms and colors.