Will Josh Rosen stay next year? Jim Mora says yes

Josh Rosen during practice. (Photo by Thomas R. Cordova/SCNG)

UCLA head coach Jim Mora told Yahoo! Sports on Sunday that he believes junior quarterback Josh Rosen will stay at UCLA for his senior year.

“I want a disclaimer, I have an option to change my opinion,” Mora told Pete Thamel. “But as we sit here right now, I can really honestly say I don’t think he’s going to leave.”

Mora cited Rosen’s relationship with new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch as one of the reasons why the quarterback might stay, despite being a projected top-5 pick in the NFL Draft. Fisch, who has coached a different starting quarterback in each season since 2009, said recently in a passing comment that he’s hoping to break that streak this year.

“There have been a lot of new quarterbacks, man,” Fisch said.

“Really hoping for two years with this one, though,” he added with a small chuckle. “I’ll tell you that. Write that.”

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  • JustOwns

    Just curious, what happens to JR if Jimmyball tanks another season?

    • Aero93

      so you think if rosen had a bad season, he is more likely to declare for the draft?

      • Coach Thom

        Josh needs two healthy, outstanding seasons as a Bruin QB before he is NFL material. I trust he knows that.

        • gotroy22

          Right, he can’t wait to blow town for the NFL combine.

  • 92104bruinfan

    If Rosen (or anyone for that matter) is projected to go top 10, I can’t see him turning down a $10m + signing bonus and $16m + contract over 4 years.

  • Jason Graves

    Don’t see that happening. Unless he wants his degree.

    • gotroy22

      Yeah right, after his whining about how hard it is to be a student athlete? Maybe he can talk to John Fowler who starred for the ruins as a linebacker while majoring in Bio Chem and becoming a physician?

  • Paul


  • Oschool1946

    If Rosen wins the Heisman or is one of the top 5 players selected and also plays in a major bowl game then he should go to the NFL anything short of that stay in school get your degree have a great senior season and raise your football stock $ $ $ also according to some football analyst because of his injury Rosen has only play 1 season it was good but not great why to many drop passes and no running game if you were rating last seasons 6 games on a scale 1 thru 10 it was a 6 or 7 again if he has a great 2017 season imagine what kind of a 2018 season he could have because he would be playing under the same Offense coach 2yrs in a roll and that alone is a BIG plus for any QB college or NFL I also know some of you are thinking what if he gets injury and there goes his $10million signing bonus and maybe his NFL career “DECISIONS DECISIONS “

    • gotroy22

      You lost me at “if Rosen wins the Heisman”…

  • Fish

    2016 passer efficiency rating of 138.9 = #47 in FBS, and an untested shoulder, knee, and hip. Long, long, long way to go before anyone should be projecting anything.