Weekly Q&A: Memphis


UCLA has its first road game of the season on Saturday with a trip to Memphis. The Bruins cracked the top 25 after last week’s rout over Hawaii. If you have UCLA football questions, leave them below in the comments or send me an email — thnguyen(at)scng(dot)com — and I’ll post answers on THURSDAY.

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  • Hardtail Bruin

    What do you think about coach Bradley’s defensive philosophy given the personnel he has available and the results on the field? The second half of the TAMU game he utilized an attacking defense with man coverage and saw success. The rest of the time he’s in “bend don’t break” mode with much less success. Do you think he’s doing the right thing or should the approach on defense be more like the second half of the TAMU game all the time?

    • j metaphor

      After A & M, Bradley’s response to the question “what did you do differently in the second half” was that he was forced into playing a zero cover defense. In other words, he completely blew the first half and only used the defense that worked in the second half because he was “forced to”
      Quite a formula for success. Remember that last Stanford drive last year?

  • j metaphor

    Based upon what you have seen, do you believe Bradley is on par, in terms of providing leadership, with the other coaches?

  • Danny

    Will you ever get a chance to interview David Coleman (VP of Officials)? If so how would you phrase the question regarding his very questionable justification Of the Kenny Young non call?

    • He’s not a very good liar. You can tell he was very u comfortable.

  • Danny

    Why do you think UCLA is having such a hard time with run defense and offense?

  • BruinFanCam

    so how they liking the move to the shady side of the Rose Bowl?

  • Paul

    What is it going to take for Coach Bradley to re-think his nickel / soft coverage scheme. . .that should have lost the A&M game and allowed Hawaii to rack up almost 500 yards of total offense? A number of Pac-12 teams would have lit up the scoreboard against the Bruins’ D on Saturday; we were lucky the opponent was Hawaii.

  • Kenji Bellavigna

    The UCLA offense is getting all the limelight in the first two weeks of the season, and most of the questions remain in the defense. Are you surprised by this given the fact that throughout spring and fall camp, it was the defense that was consistently dominating and seemed to be the rock of the team?

  • Ed Garrett

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  • EncinitasBruin

    It’s a bit surprising to me how Darren Andrews has always flown under the media radar as a Bruin. The dude is 19th inFBS in receiving yards, leads the nation in receptions for TDs, and is 3rd in the nation of overall TDs (all positions), but he rarely gets ink. Last year he was really the only sure-handed receiver on the team, with the plague of dropped balls coming from others. Perhaps a profile forthcoming? Thanks!

  • Aarik Lyle Woods

    Punt coverage seems a bit odd. I’ve noticed UCLA tends to keep 3 people back near the punter even on times where the opponents don’t seem to be planning a heavy punt block rush. Any reason for that? I worry it could cost us eventually when more tacklers aren’t downfield

  • Jayson

    Will the UCLA band ever expand its limited chants and or have a battle cry?

  • Severe84

    After Soso was the most effective RB in game one, and made one of the plays of the game on that 4th down, why did he not get any snaps last week?

    • 88 Straight


  • 92104bruinfan

    Any particular reason that stands out to you as to why the Bruins have not been able to run the ball effectively through the first 2 games of the season? Given what appears to be a much improved playcalling scheme, can this be chalked up to building depth and strength along the offensive line?

  • LTEfan

    Mora won’t talk about injuries, but you can. So which players do you think will miss the Memphis game?

    • Let’s not give the other team any advantages by talking about injuries.

  • After two games, would you revise your previously projected win total for the season?

  • Buzz

    When you do the “5 Questiions” segment as you did with the Memphis reporter do they also ask you 5 questions?

    If you are asked the questions and respond could you provide the questions and your answers?

    In your answers to such questions would you attempt to limit what information you give out so as to not provide any details that would be useful to the opposing team? For example, would you give out injury information that you may be aware of or a player suspension or any other information that may help the opposing team in any way?