• Pete

    It’s not one thing or two. If it was Mora and his staff could correct them. It’s the the team itself. The staff, the coaches, AD. You name it. The OL can’t run block. The DL, linebackers can’t find fill the gaps or beat the block. There’s a freshman DB who has been left on a island for two games and gets beat or commits a pass interference penalty because his one On one with a receiver that’s about 6’5″ and he’s maybe 5’11”? Missed tackles the whole game. That’s partly a talent problem. You have a OL coach that was fired from the Minnesota Vikings last year for having the worst running game in the NFL. I think it was 75ypc. Maybe this is one of the reasons the Bruins can’t get enough quality OL. There’s one thing Adrian Klemm could do. That’s recruit. I don’t know the number of times Rosen was hurried, but he got knocked down a number of times. He a good QB. But how long will he last when the offense is one dimensional. You hope there is not too many injuries on the OL. If there is, then you’ll see the 2 stars that don’t have much experience or talent. How many games in a row has there been spearing? Not only a 15 yard penalty, but the player gets ejected. If there’s no quality of depth then the other team exploits the position. On top off all that, Mora has a big buyout. Guerrero contract ends in one or two years? Easier to do nothing and leave it for the next AD. Next Week Colorado.

  • jameskatt

    This is a really bad year.
    You can just anticipate it.
    Every team is going to run down our throats.
    And we can’t stop them.

    • Intimidator Bruin

      This team isn’t bad. We built this team off of 3-4 players. When we went to a 3-4 against Stanford we looked good in the 1st half, but our problem is that neither one of these coaches(mora, bradley) does enough variation to keep the offenses off-kilter. When we put Lokeni in the game with Young at MLB with our DEs at OLB they were struggling. Our problem is that 1. Our strength coach sucks. 2. We dont diversify our scheme. 3. Coaches our playing favorites instead of saying whoever works the hardest in practices will earn the spot instead of handing them to players who haven’t earned a spot.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    If we don’t fire this guy immediately we may not win another game.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      would you take 4-8 right now?

      • 88 Straight

        I’ll take whatever it takes to clean house.

  • jameskatt

    Entering this year, I was given the impression that UCLA’s defense was its strongest feature. During training camp it was the defense that most often won. We were deep and we were talented.

    Then poof. The season started. ZERO DEFENSE. Sure, there was one quarter when they held Texas to nothing. That was great. But the rest of the games, the Defense was DEFENSELESS. Unbelievable. The offense has to score every time in order to keep the defense off the field so that UCLA can win. That is an impossible situation.

    What happened, Tom Bradley? Why has our vaunted defensive players imploded?

  • I don’t want anyone unemployed, but Mora should relieve Bradley of his duties and take over the defense, his specialty, immediately.

    If you’re going to go down in flames, you might as well be behind the controls.

    • 88 Straight

      Mora is just as responsible as Bradley, if not more. Add in the linebackers coach and the DB coach. Incompetence all around.

      • all around

        I thought that the new OC would put us on the road to competitiveness, at least.

        It’s pretty shocking.

        • 88 Straight

          The new OC is doing just fine, particularly when factoring in the OL that he inherited.

          The defense is embarrassing.

  • Intimidator Bruin

    Lets be honest though. If you have listened to Mora speak over the last few weeks, he has been calling plays on defense. The problem isn’t all Bradley but Mora trying to call plays on defense is definitely not the answer.. Mora isn’t allowing the LBs to blitz until the 4th qtr. If we want to win then we need Lou Spanos back. When he ran the defense for 2yrs it was the right way but Mora wanted to be in control at that time. So then we go through 2 more DCs. Mora needs to bring Spanos back or step down. This team isn’t that bad as they are playing.

  • j metaphor

    I want to thank the UCLA football coaching staff for allowing me to realize that I shouldn’t plan my weekends around worrying about and watching my team play. The concept of focusing on a team with no defense is indefensible.
    Thank you Coach Bradley for freeing up my weekends and my money for more rewarding pursuits.

  • j metaphor

    Please take off the hat.