Weekly Q&A: Arizona


Greetings, friends.

We’re back after the bye week and ready for your UCLA football questions as the Bruins prepare to face Arizona on Saturday in Tucson at 6 p.m. Leave your questions in the comments below — or shoot me at email at thnguyen(at)scng(dot)com — and I’ll post answers THURSDAY.

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  • LuchaVa

    Does Rosen have the authority to change plays at the line? How much trust do they have in him to audible on the fly?

  • LTEfan

    What mistakes did Colorado make that enabled the Arizona backup QB to run for 327 yards? How does UCLA avoid the same fate?

    • Paul

      fire Bradley…seems like the only possible way to get rid of his beloved nickel D

  • keptycho

    Without a running game, we are toast against quality opponents. Will we see some progress in our running game this week?

  • Jason Ruiz

    What’s the outlook on Jaelan Phillips in the coming weeks. Haven’t really heard any updates on his ankle situation.

  • facescar

    Do you think targeting impacted defensive performance? Not just from missing good players, but also from not being able to get in game reps for our starters.


  • Paul

    With the way the Bruins secondary has performed (Fisher & Meadors, in particular), why hasn’t Brandon Burton seen the field more?

  • LuchaVa

    Will the PAC12 abandon the California 4 mandatory games after next season? The original rotation schedule only goes through the 2018 season.

  • Buster Bruin

    There seems to be a lack of speed at the running back position. Who appears to be the quickest running back in the rotation?

  • Buster Bruin

    The offensive line appears to be more effective than the dismal performance of last year. Do you attribute this to the offensive line coaching change or is it more that Miller is now healthy and Alves is better than the linemen who played last year?

  • Buster Bruin

    Is the poor performance on defense this year due to a lack of talent or a conservative scheme that does not effectively utilize the available talent?