• Henry Cruz

    Jim mora your outa here!!!

  • Fish

    Embarrassing. Allowing a 45 yard TD run, missing a FG, and fumbling the ball all in the first 5 minutes of the game. Then throwing 3 interceptions. Torture to watch this team not improve each week and so painful to watch these uninspiring press conferences. What happened to “Were going to “Rise Up””?

    • Paul

      We only rise up against crap teams like Colorado and Oregon State.

  • Danny

    I really like Jim Mora and the new attitude he brought to the team but this may the straw that seals it.

    I think the Bruins need to beat Utah USC and at least one more for him to save his job. Hoping for the best.

    • Paul

      Both will mow the lawn with this team…which is sad because the talent is there.

  • Sandy Underpants

    If the rumors are true and Bill Billichick is retiring, it looks like we could lose Mora to the patriots this offseason. Bruins we need an 8 clap right away!

  • Paul

    Mora has been checked out for a while. Hard to hide…