Video: Jim Mora after UCLA’s 47-30 loss to Arizona

Head coach Jim Mora talks about facing Khalil Tate, why he thinks UCLA can still turn the season around and UCLA’s two main struggles against Arizona (turnovers and tackling).

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  • Henry Cruz

    Jim mora your outa here!!!

  • Fish

    Embarrassing. Allowing a 45 yard TD run, missing a FG, and fumbling the ball all in the first 5 minutes of the game. Then throwing 3 interceptions. Torture to watch this team not improve each week and so painful to watch these uninspiring press conferences. What happened to “Were going to “Rise Up””?

    • Paul

      We only rise up against crap teams like Colorado and Oregon State.

  • Danny

    I really like Jim Mora and the new attitude he brought to the team but this may the straw that seals it.

    I think the Bruins need to beat Utah USC and at least one more for him to save his job. Hoping for the best.

    • Paul

      Both will mow the lawn with this team…which is sad because the talent is there.

  • Sandy Underpants

    If the rumors are true and Bill Billichick is retiring, it looks like we could lose Mora to the patriots this offseason. Bruins we need an 8 clap right away!

  • Paul

    Mora has been checked out for a while. Hard to hide…