When does women’s softball start? Who NOSE!

    • 88 Straight

      Who did ANDY hire as his lawyer? ANDYISLAWYEREDUP!!


        Who really NOSE!!!

      • Pudly76

        Really? Your team just entrenched itself in the West cellar and this is what you’ve got. Hmmm.

      • JustOwns

        LOL. It appears Andy did know squat.

  • keptycho

    Understandably, Josh sounds very low about his performance. He did perform poorly but no where to go but up Josh. With this loss and poor performance I think he and the team will work hard to understand Why, with a long break between games to prepare for AZ, was the team performance so bad?

  • Mrhawaii

    Roseen has checked out for good.

    • Sean Zavala

      Some of those interceptions
      Looked really weird,
      Almost on purpose.

  • Sandy Underpants

    Is this guy checked out already or what? He must be delusional like the people that are worried the NFL is going to steal Jim Mora. I don’t think they’re gonna steal Josh Rosen either.

    • JustOwns

      Whoa, genius on board!

  • Ballin

    Rosen needs to move on. He sucks!

  • Ballin

    I hate to hear “we just need to get better”. It’s so old and tiring! And that fucked up Deshaun Foster!

  • Ballin

    #42 is suppose to be the damn leader on defense, but he’s the worst player on defense! Omg he sucks!