Video: Jim Mora press conference Oct. 16

Head coach Jim Mora talks about the takeaways from the Arizona film, trying to build the team’s confidence back up and the challenges that Oregon presents.

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  • JustOwns

    Same song, 6th year verse.

    According to BG’s UCLA 789 the following are UCLA’s D-1 defensive stat ratings:

    Scoring Def.- #124 (49.5 PG)

    Penalties – #125 (535 yds)

    Total Def.- #126 (523 YPG)

    Rushing Def.- #128 (313 YPG)

    JimmyBall stumbles on.

    • Jvbruin

      Well after we hit the meat of our schedule we should be able to raise that to 128 in all categories

  • Jvbruin

    Build confidence? In the coaching staff? Why would they listen to anything this staff has to say. The only thing I’m confident in is that this coaching staff annually takes top tier 4-5 star talent and turns them into 1 & 2 star athletes. The only time they take a 2 star athlete and make him look like a 5 star athlete is when the 2 star back up comes off the bench for the other team.

  • Mead

    I have been watching UCLA football for years. Starting with “Conservative Coach” Donahue in the late 70’s and his satisfaction with winning a PAC 10 Championship” and continuing with Toledo who only cared about offense. Then the Dorrel years with his only claim to fame was his 2006 win over SC. Then Rick who said the Monopoly was over. A few years later lost 50-0 to SC. But nothing compares to the product that coach Mora is putting on the field the last two seasons. It’s not even division 3 quality. So Unprofessional. This is probably the saddest state of UCLA football ever! When does basketball season start?

    • Jvbruin

      We need to ask LaVar to coach our football team

  • Paul

    “Everything is a challenge.” Seriously? Why is that, Jim? The talent is there, so what’s lacking?