UCLA links: UCLA tries to keep emotions in check during USC week

UCLA Bruins head coach Jim Mora reaches on the side lines in the second half of a NCAA college football game against the against the against the Arizona State Sun Devils at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017. UCLA Bruins won 44-37. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)

Jim Mora knows its rivalry week. If he didn’t, then he was immediately reminded by the large gaggle of reporters in attendance at his weekly Monday press conference.

As UCLA prepares to face No. 11 USC on Saturday, Mora wants to recognize the importance and excitement of the annual rivalry, but doesn’t want the emotions of the day to get the best of the Bruins.

“It’s (about) not getting out of your head when the emotions start to ramp up because it is a rivalry,” Mora sad. “It’s still playing with great emotion but not becoming an emotional wreck when you can’t recover from a good play or a bad play and lose your fundamentals.”

More on UCLA’s early preparations for rivalry week

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  • gotroy22

    Where are gray stool, 86er Owns and the rest of the ruin leftist full mooners to tell us how evil Trump is today??? We await your apologies.

    DIPLOMACY: After Trump Intervenes, 3 UCLA Basketball Players Set To Leave China. “President Donald Trump confirmed that he did intervene with China President Xi Jinping in the case of three UCLA basketball players who were arrested after shoplifting in China and those players are set to leave the country.”

    • Linkster

      what will be interesting is how UCLA disciplines these kids…

      • Hogsman

        Here’s hoping they won’t use Southern Cal’s approach, which is to base the discipline on how much money the offenders are making for the university – the higher the revenue, the weaker the hand-slaps, if any. In fact, if the LA Times hadn’t exposed all of the shenanigans going on at the med school there, nothing would ever have been done, and those scumbags would still be there.

        • Paul

          Seriously. Across town, this would be “handled internally”, like Liam Jimmons (facing assault charges in Pullman, WA yet still playing).

          • Linkster

            assault charges? some yahoo ran into him as he was leaving the field. you sound like all the endless accusers coming out of the woodwork. see how far that goes in a court of law.

          • EncinitasBruin

            It’s on tape! A 300+ Pound thug upper cuts a woman running across the field. What kind of a man goes out of his way to hit a woman?

    • j metaphor

      What you don’t know is that he traded Alaska and most of Figueroa to get them back.

    • j metaphor

      You should talk to him about a Presidential pardon for St. Pat and your Dean of Medicine.

      • gotroy22

        Amazing how that charity scam story disappeared.

    • JustOwns

      Once again 22 is saved by chessy, CS censorship.

  • Paul

    Championship caliber teams don’t play with emotion — they play with discipline and intelligence…because they are coached to play this way.

    Even Pete Carroll told his criminals & rule breakers not to “act like it’s the first time you’ve been there.”

  • Fish

    Thanks to President Trump for helping to minimize the embarrassment to UCLA. Or is it even more embarrassing to UCLA that he helped them when the majority of bigoted faculty and administration (Jerry Kang) bash him, make false accusations and cause panic amongst the students?

    • 88 Straight

      What false accusations have been made about Trump?

      Just can’t wait to hear this.