Weekly Q&A: USC

UCLA has lost two straight games to USC and is a 16-point underdog in this weekend’s edition of the crosstown rivalry. The Bruins are one win away from bowl eligibility and have two weeks to get it between Saturday’s game at 5 p.m. at the Coliseum and next Friday’s matchup against Cal at the Rose Bowl. If you have UCLA football questions, leave them in the comments below — or shoot me an email at thnguyen(at)scng(dot)com — and I’ll post answers THURSDAY.

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  • bruin4life

    How do you predict UCLA finishes the season? Does the team make it to a bowl game?

    • Sandy Underpants

      I’m glad you asked, I predict they do pretty good, 0-2, save the humiliation of going to a toilet bowl game where nobody cares if we win or lose and then we get destroyed. And finally student council votes on just disbanding our football program altogether and Jim Mora takes an assistant coaching job on our women’s basketball team. See, things could get worse.

  • Bruinsfan99

    Do all the players really buy into the rivalry? Some (especially freshmen) are not from the LA area so I suspect they may not be as locked in as others.

  • SnailOfWestwood

    One of the reasons against letting Mora go this year is because of the size of his buyout – what’s his buyout next year? Is it reduced enough to actually make a difference if the team underperforms again?

  • TheBizz

    How bad will UCLA lose on Saturday?

  • Sandy Underpants

    Realistically, I’m quite a procrastinator and it’s almost halfway through the week, why don’t we just lay down on Saturday and then qualify for the bowl game the week after. We really seem to have Cal’s number, we almost always beat them, we should probably just focus on getting ready for that one. Beat Cal!!! 8 clap!!

    • Hogsman

      Seriously, do you not have anything more constructive to do than to troll another team’s blog? And it doesn’t matter whether there are trolls on Wolf’s blog – didn’t you learn to take the high road? How old are you?

      BTW, it’s “lie down” – where did you go to school?

      • Sandy Underpants

        Uhhh, UCLA. You can’t tell the trolls from the alumni on this board, but that’s what you get when have a bad football program. And we can’t “lie down” on Saturday because we’re so bad, someone has to lay us down for us. And I will personally thank those players who do so.

  • Ed Garrett

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  • Robert

    Sc sucks against the spread…
    They already guaranteed in Pac 12 championship game.

  • Paul

    From Helton’s comments about Rosen’s play against ASU we can infer that SC will bring a lot more pressure (historically effective in rattling him). Fisch must realize this; thoughts on the Bruins offensive game plan? Can anticipated SC aggressiveness be used against them?

    • Matthew

      A broadcast earlier in the season said Rosen was then the most blitzed QB in the conference. Kinda makes sense to not give him much time.

  • Matthew

    The ASU game was only the second time UCLA gained more yards per rush than their opponent (first was Memphis). Is there any chance UCLA keeps that close against USC?

  • Buster Bruin

    Colin Samuel has appeared to perform very well and exhibited good coverage skills against talented receivers in the last few games. Do you feel he is a future starter and impact player at cornerback? Has he been more consistent than Darney Holmes?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    They should’ve thrown that $c player out of the game for making Adams want to hit him.

  • Buster Bruin

    You obviously do not report information which is told to you off the record. Are there other matters pertinent to the football program which you consider to be off limits? For example, if you learn that certain sensitive personal issues may impact a player’s on-field performance, do you refrain from reporting on those issues unless you have the player’s consent? Where do you draw the line?

  • Richard

    Brett Hundley was 3-0 against USC based mainly on his running ability. Is Sam a bigger threat to UCLA than R Jones? Does UCLA play the beef on D to counter Jones w/ more PT for Lokeni Tailoa and Mossi Johnson over Jaleel or do we want a faster lineup to defend Sam? Pick your poison ?

    I was under the impression that Jedd and esp his “girls” really like it here in LA. Will he / they stay or go at season’s end? Come on, take a guess.
    Let’s assume UCLA beats Cal and even wins a bowl game,
    does he want to coach DTR or take a HC job elsewhere? I think he signed a two year deal when coming aboard, for whatever that is worth.

    Your new frames look a lot better