UCLA links: Josh Rosen sends thanks to Jim Mora

Josh Rosen knows he hasn’t always been perfect, both on and off the field, but through whatever controversy he stirred up during the past three years, Jim Mora always defended his quarterback. Rosen is grateful.

“We all are forever indebted to him,” Rosen said of his former head coach who was fired this week. “He has helped me grow up, mature, get closer to becoming a man. I mean, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and he’s always been by my side when I think a lot of people maybe wouldn’t, so it’s not just with me it’s with everyone on the team.”

More on Rosen’s reaction to Mora’s firing and how the team is moving forward with Jedd Fisch

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  • mikey likes it

    Don’t worry Josh! This is UCLA’s coaching failure! Failure to recruit top notch offensive and defensive lines. Therein lies the success of a program.

  • Ed Garrett

    john shuold quit this know! he got a big game to play this weak end and he waisting time riteing love letters, smdh!

    • Pudly76

      Hey Bobble-head Ed, I was just wondering, why didn’t mora let rosen do interviews? Was it a lack of trust?

      • Ed Garrett

        hi john, i think hes afriad that theyre afair may come publick if he talk to much, thats why im so i-rate abuot john rosen riteing love letters to john mora insted of practising his foot ball gaim,

  • Ed Garrett

    u ever notice that they all ways go to same locker room and togehter??? and know this love letter and and they both wear hats to cover theyre love massages?

    • Pudly76

      Yeah, yeah I do, I was just thinking about that too. And did you notice how mora wouldn’t let other coaches recruit him? And then they”accidentally” end up at the same school!

      • Ed Garrett

        ugh! it was rite b4 our eyes to, im up set that ucla fired the couch john mora cuz of this but I geuss with all the harasmint going on they had to get ridd of him, smdh!

        • Pudly76

          I heard they had to let him go because it cost so much to clean the locker room of all the hair. Love messages on the scalp are a hairy mess!!

          • Ed Garrett

            john rosen probaly up set that john mora got cauhgt messaging a nother mans face during a gaim last yeer and every one cud see it to, and then that guy misstereously goes a way???? smdh! ucla is like broke back foot ball,

          • Pudly76

            Yes that happens in these sort of February- December romMANces, so I’m not surprised. The writing was on the wall when mora was doing the surrender cobra and rosen didn’t care and lost the games anyway.

  • j metaphor

    Can’t wait to see Rosen’s and the teams action statement to recognize Mora. I’m hoping their statement is just winning the game.

  • Coach Thom

    Friday’s game is important on so many levels. It will be a vital showcase for Coach Jedd to impress other schools as to his merits of becoming a HC, not just a OC. For the players it means whether or not they will play in a bowl game and end this season on a high. For those on our coaching staff it may well mean their last game at UCLA. A win is a must for their future prospects elsewhere. For the fans and boosters, victory would justify the support they’ve showed throughout this horrendous season. This is a MUST WIN game, no doubt about it. Go Bruins.

    • gotroy22

      Are the overs and unders on attendance at 10,000?

      • JustOwns

        That would 9,457 more fans than attended Lehigh vs bozo u BB game at Galen Barn.

    • Pudly76

      Getting in a bowl doesn’t guarantee ending the season on a high note, although it might show mora had lost this team in a way that no one prefers to discuss.

  • tigerbalm2010

    Ummm.. Okay. That was a bit awkward.