UCLA assistants were third highest-paid Pac-12 staff in 2017

Offensive coordinator Jedd FIsch runs drills at practice. (Photo by Brittany Murray/SCNG)

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch was the third-highest paid assistant coach at a public Pac-12 school this year, according to USA Today’s assistant coaching data base, and UCLA’s entire nine-man staff was the third-highest paid in the conference.

Fisch, who signed a two-year deal in January, made $810,000 this year. Only Oregon defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt ($1.15 million) and Washington defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski ($867,500) made more as public-school assistants in the Pac-12.

UCLA’s assistant coaches made more than $3.7 million combined. Washington’s staff was the highest-paid Pac-12 group, making more than $4.67 million, followed by Oregon’s that fell just shy of $4 million.

Here’s a list of UCLA’s assistant salaries and how they stack up to other schools in the Pac-12. (Stanford and USC, the conference’s two private schools, are not included)

UCLA assistants:

  • Jedd Fisch: $810,000
  • Tom Bradley: $510,000
  • Demetrice Martin: $455,000
  • Hank Fraley: $410,000
  • Angus McClure: $410,000
  • Rip Scherer: $360,000
  • Jimmie Dougherty: $360,000
  • DeShaun Foster: $285,000
  • Scott White: $107,500

  • Ed Garrett

    well wirth it to, realy gave stamford a run for theyre monies,

  • j metaphor

    Interesting and informative information, pretty chart.
    Something you might see in a U Dub math class.
    At this point, a journalist would normally make a an observation or raise a question regarding the information stated in order to create conversation, debate etc.
    Is there a question, or an observation or point or do we just chart this one out and move on to the next calculus question?
    Beuhler ??????

  • Sandy Underpants

    So how will this affect their unemployment checks? Will they get more than 364 a week? And you’re telling me that the USC and Stanford coaches didn’t even crack the top 10, but smoked everyone in the conference for less? Man their respective schools are smarter, can’t argue that.

  • Linkster

    Heck of a deal…$617K for each victory not counting Mora! Way to go California taxpayers.

  • gotroy22

    Rarely has so much been paid for so little.