UCLA staff turnover begins as Scott White, Demetrice Martin leave

Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin. Photo by Rachel Luna/San Bernardino Sun, SCNG

Linebackers coach Scott White and defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin have left the UCLA coaching staff, sources close to the situation said, two weeks before UCLA’s bowl game against Kansas State and one week before the early signing period.

Although the assistants were initially expected to coach the Bruins through their bowl game on Dec. 26, the new recruiting structure prompted the departures last week. New head coach Chip Kelly hired linebackers coach Don Pellum and defensive backs coach Paul Rhoads and needed to trim the staff to stay under the NCAA limit while the new assistants begin recruiting to prepare for the signing period on Dec. 20.

The school has also already announced the hire of new defensive coordinator Jerry Azzinaro.

White and Martin were paid through their contracts.

Graduate assistants Dalton Hilliard and Kyle Weiss will take over the defensive backs and linebackers as the team prepares for the Cactus Bowl on Dec. 26 in Phoenix.

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  • cmwilliamsd

    Really? That doesn’t sound right. Many teams who have coaching turnovers still coach teams thru bowl games. Other Bruin sites are reporting about some derogatory tweets by Scott White. That led to his dismissal. Along with reports that their offices were cleared out for them. I’m afraid all the defensive staff will be let go. Based on performance

    • JustOwns

      I hope that’s fake news.

      • 88 Straight

        Not fake. There were reports of unprofessional behavior by them. If so, it had to be done.

        • EncinitasBruin

          I heard about some negative tweets by White, but not coach Meat. But you rarely get told to leave and have your desks cleared out for you unless something negative has happened.

          • 88 Straight

            Meat didn’t tweet but he did a couple of unprofessional things, allegedly. Probably related to future employment and recruits.

          • cmwilliamsd

            Leaving the job before it’s completed. Not professional. And doesn’t help with future employment.

          • Richard

            A huge factor is u can only have 9 coaches recruiting at a time; hence, if White and Meat were still recruiting along w new hires we could be accused of a violation.

            Better to clear their offices out so no question as to whether they were still on staff … BESIDES neither would be recruiting for UCLA knowing they were gone.

  • Ed Garrett

    good ridance jirks! u embarased us,

  • Paul

    Meh. Both could recruit, but neither could coach.