Kanan Ray transfers to Colorado

Offensive lineman Kanan Ray has transferred to Colorado after the former UCLA signee grayshirted last year.

The Sierra Canyon High grad did not practice or workout with the team last year while rehabbing a shoulder injury. He was granted a release from his NLI amid the coaching change that brought Chip Kelly to Westwood.

Ray was one of five offensive linemen who signed their NLIs with the 2017 recruiting class. The remaining four, Jax Wacaser, Zach Sweeney, Sean Seawards and Stephan Zabie, all redshirted last year.

More on Ray’s transfer and what it means for UCLA’s offensive line situation.

  • Ed Garrett

    gee,,,new couch and then player leeves,,,coinsidence any one???

    • Richard

      Ignorant trolls r the lowest form of “life” on this planet.

      • cmwilliamsd

        Ed is the spelling bee champion of the Wolf blog. I have a feeling he really enjoys his posts. If they had any kind of wit or showed any sign of intelligence, maybe others might enjoy them also. But sad to say they don’t. There weak cheese

      • Ed Garrett

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        • j metaphor

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          I think so.

  • Paul

    This one is a head scratcher: Ray was a U.S. Army All-American and center is a position of particular need.

    • Richard

      CCK met w/ Kenan and his parents and it was mutually decided that he didn’t fit CCK’s system. # prob is not athletic enough & CCK says his center should always be his best OL.
      Look for Murray and Zabie to start and if Wariboko finally lives up to his HS hype c. #8 OG this could be a better OL than we’ve seen in a while.

      • jameskatt

        Chip Kelly wants BIGGER Offensive Linemen. 280 pounds was too small for him.

        • Richard

          I’ve seen the 280lb figure but I think that is generous. I don’t think he even weighs that much !!?