• Pete

    Bring back the stealers.

    • 88 Straight

      They lost to the Jaguars.

  • Hogsman

    Last year, Coach Alford could get away with letting Ball dictate play. However, Holiday doesn’t have the same playmaking skills as Ball, nor does Holiday have scoring threats like last year to help carry the offense (Leaf, Hamilton, Alford). Coach Alford needs to be a better game manager and more hands-on with this team because they seem lost on the court at times.

  • Ed Garrett

    writer – when u next t&a? i got importint qeustions to ask, thanxs

    • Jim

      T&A? Seriously?

      • Ed Garrett

        i geuss u not now playdoh, he say that wise man speek cuz they got some thing to say and fools like u cuz u got to say some thing,

        so i got qeustions to ask, what ur problem with taht? never say i now every thing even tho i now alot, smdh!

        • Jim

          Take it easy, brother – I just wanted to point out that you didn’t write Q&A, you wrote T&A, which is an entirely different scenario…