Who knew?

Hey Bruins fans,

Ramona Shelburne checking in from Staples Center and had a question for you. Did any of you guys realize Aaron Brooks would be this good as a pro when you saw him at Oregon?

I’m just curious, since you guys saw him more than anyone outside of Eugene.

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Renardo Sr.’s version

Here’s what Renardo Sidney Sr. said of UCLA’s recruitment of his son. There has been speculation that UCLA had backed off Sidney this week, though UCLA has not, and cannot comment upon such speculation.

“I don’t know where the pulling out part came from, we never committed to UCLA. People are blowing that out of proportion. UCLA has to do what’s best for UCLA and we have to do what’s best for Renardo,” he said.

So I followed up with, “So are you saying that UCLA never told you it was ending its recruitment of Renardo?”

“Not to my knowledge,” he said. “We never committed to them, so why would they have to pull out.”

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More Sidney

Here’s what Renardo Sidney had to say when I asked whether UCLA had ever backed off of him in terms of recruiting:

“I’m not for sure what happened, but they were a school that I wanted to go to. Virginia was a school, Mississippi State, but like I said, I chose USC because I thought it was a great school to go to.

“It was very close. It was a nail-biter. But my family pulled together and we chose the best school for me.”

When asked more specifically about whether UCLA had pulled out of the running, he said:

“My mom and dad, my parents, don’t give me the info about that stuff, so you’ll have to ask them.”

Later, I spoke with both of his parents and both denied UCLA had pulled out and were insistent that Renardo had never committed to UCLA. I’ll have more on that a bit later.

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Sidney press conference


That’s really all I can say.

I’ve walked in the door here at Fairfax High to what I thought was a press conference to announce where Renardo Sidney Jr. is committing to play basketball in college next year and a banquet broke out.

Seriously, the entire gym is decorated and full of fans, teammates and families. There is a catered dinner in the back, and a full program outlining the events of the evening.

I’ll post the big news as soon as I can.

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