NCAA releases academic progress rates

All of UCLA’s athletic teams were well above the minimum to avoid penalty when the NCAA released its latest Academic Progress Rate (APR) numbers Wednesday.

UCLA football was fourth in the Pac-12 in multiyear APR with a four-year average of 972 (out of a perfect 1000). Utah and Stanford tied for the top spot with an APR of 983. The football team’s 2014-15 APR was 963.

Head coach Jim Mora, per the contract extension he received in 2013, gets a bonus of $25,000 for the team’s APR, which was higher than 930 for the 2014-15 year.

In men’s basketball, Utah and Stanford both had perfect multiyear APRs of 1000 to lead the conference. The UCLA men’s basketball team was seventh in the conference with a multiyear APR of 962. UCLA’s score for the 2014-15 season was 942.

The mark, which exceeded the 930 score denoted in men’s basketball head coach Steve Alford’s 2014 contract extension, earns the coach a $10,000 bonus. The extension changed the APR requirement from 925 in his original contract to 930, and, according to the L.A. Times, the change was the only thing in the extension that survived when Alford returned the deal following this season’s 15-17 result.

For the other sports, men’s volleyball, men’s water polo and women’s golf led the Bruins with perfect 1000 multiyear APR scores. No team was lower had a four-year average than 960, with men’s basketball having the lowest APR at UCLA.

More about how APR is calculated, per NCAA.