UCLA basketball to wear ‘Made in March’ postseason alternates

UCLA's latest "Made in March" uniforms are far from the worst alternates adidas has ever released. (UCLA Athletics)

UCLA’s latest “Made in March” uniforms are far from the worst alternates adidas has ever released. (UCLA Athletics)

Staying true to its annual tradition, Adidas has designed new “Made in March” uniforms to, erm, brighten up the college basketball postseason.

Credit the apparel company with this: By releasing the infamous Zubaz shorts in 2013, it has set the floor so low that just about anything looks good in comparison. In this year’s Pac-12 Tournament, UCLA will wear a fairly traditional color scheme, with a faded triangle pattern just below the waistband meant to evoke John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success.”

How many appearances the Bruins (15-14, 6-10) will make in these new alternates remains unclear. They are currently on track to be the No. 10 seed in next week’s Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas.

In other basketball news, a petition calling for the firing of third-year head coach Steve Alford has collected more than 1,000 signatures, not an insubstantial figure. Of course, neither is the buyout stipulated in his contract: If UCLA were to dismiss Alford before April 30, 2017, it would owe him $10.4 million, paid out in monthly installments until 2021.

UCLA plans ‘blackout’ for Thursday home game against Cal

UCLA’s annual tradition of alternate uniforms will be commemorated on Oct. 22 against Cal, with the Bruins breaking out these new “City” jerseys as part of a Rose Bowl blackout effort. So if you can make to Pasadena at 6 p.m. on a Thursday, the school encourages you to wear black.

If you’re not happy with the alternates, take solace: The Bruins are 4-0* in alternate uniforms since 2012!

*“L.A. Nights” vs. Arizona; “L.A. Midnight” vs. Washington and in the Sun Bowl; “L.A. Steel” vs. Arizona. A total scoring margin of 166-60.

UCLA football to wear black ‘City Primeknit’ alternate uniforms

ucla city

It might be difficult to uniform traditionalists to muster outrage at this news, considering that UCLA is already wearing these mesh-style jerseys as their primary home look this season.

But for an as of yet undetermined date, the Bruins will also switch to these black “City Primeknit” uniforms — which honestly, don’t look to me as distracting as the design they’ll trot out most of the time at the Rose Bowl this fall.

According to adidas, “the metallic numbers and stripes are laser cut and serrated, allowing for maximum ventilation and flexibility.” Take that, Nike!

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UCLA to debut new mesh-style ‘Primeknit’ home uniforms


These are UCLA’s new home uniforms this season, featuring a mesh-style design that will no doubt be universally embraced by fans.

In an announcement that will cause no consternation among the Bruin faithful, UCLA said that the new “Primeknit” design pays homage to the school’s “tradition of grit and toughness.” The phrase “Champions made here” is stitched on the collar ribbing.

The new look will debut at the Rose Bowl on Sept. 5 against Virginia.

UCLA to wear colorblock alternate uniforms in Pac-12 Tournament

UCLA's new postseason alternate uniforms, which are far from the worse thing the Bruins have ever worn. (adidas)

UCLA’s new postseason alternate uniforms, which are far from the worst thing the Bruins have ever worn. (adidas)

After the Great Zubaz Scandal of 2013, the standard for shock and awe and disgust has already been set for the world of UCLA alternate uniforms. We have seen the future, and it nearly blinded us.

So here is the newest UCLA alternate uniform, colorblocked according to the latest fashion trends. It will be worn briefly during the Pac-12 Tournament in two weeks, then stored away as all UCLA alternates always are. Adidas will tout the “lightweight, sweat-wicking technology” and “targeted ventilation zones.” When asked, players will respond with appropriate enthusiasm. Some fans will nod politely; others will wring their hands and grit their teeth.

The gyre of sporting couture whirls on.