Looking back at the Arizona brawl

When UCLA visited Arizona last year, the result was a 42-7 halftime deficit and an embarrassing, bench-clearing brawl. After what was arguably the nadir of Rick Neuheisel’s stint, the Pac-12 suspended 10 combined players from the two teams. With the Wildcats visiting the Rose Bowl in three days, some were asked to reflect.

DE Cassius Marsh, suspended two games last year: “It’s been different. I made some mistakes last year. I was young. It’s a regret I have. I’m past it. I try to live my life being a bigger man and know that the reason I’m out there is to play football.”

Marsh, who was also involved in spring practice scuffles in 2011, seems to have matured this year.

Head coach Jim Mora: “They haven’t talked about it. I haven’t heard anyone even mention it. I think they learned their lesson. The conference was pretty direct in their punishment. I don’t think we have the type of team that would fall back into that.”

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