Throwback Thursday: Chris Joseph

Here’s what we know about Chris Joseph: He is much smarter than me.
He is also a much better athlete, much more composed, and all-around cooler.
This interview might not have been such a good idea. I’m downright depressed now.
Just one chat with the soon-to-depart Rhodes Scholar, and I wish I had the chance to cover him when he started for UCLA for three years (2005-2007).
In September, Joseph leaves for Oxford University in England to begin his masters in geography, focusing on biodiversity and conservation.
Meanwhile, I know the 50 state capitals.
“The interviews were in November of last year, so from the time when I found out I won until now, it’s been almost a year,” said Joseph, who attended UCLA’s practice on Thursday along with Pat Cowan. “For a long time, it was kind of just hanging off in the distance. Now it’s a reality. I have my passport and my visa. Working on getting my bank account over there. I’m ready to do it.”
He understands that there will be an adjustment, even beyond the weather.
He is prepared.
“Lifestyle, culture, social conventions, everything is going to be a huge adjustment,” Joseph said. “I’m going to be me, regardless of what happens. I’m going to adjust, tweak a few things to make sure I don’t ruffle anybody’s feathers. I don’t want to be on anybody’s watch list, become somebody’s enemy.”
That should not be an issue whatsoever.
Joseph is a composed man, a fantastic student – he carried a 3.95 GPA at UCLA – and he is eager to experience the world for the first time.
“I’m not much of an international at all. I’ve never really been anywhere, to tell you the truth,” Joseph said. “I’ve been places, but never really seen them. I’m a West-Coast guy. But I’m open minded and I’m always in to trying new things. I’m excited and open for anything that can happen over there.”
Meanwhile, on the home front, Joseph expects big things from his former teammates.
“They’ve got a lot of new guys, and I think it’s definitely going to build on last year. At least they have the foundation set,” Joseph said. “It’s not new to anybody yet. They have a lot of new guys playing, a ton of new talent, and those seniors are going to be leaders. I have high hopes; I can’t say they’re going to the Rose Bowl, but I think they’ll do well.”

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