Three for Three with Reggie Carter: Pt. 3

On penalties hurting the defense:
“It was San Diego State right back over again. Tennessee’s first drive, get over the field, make it third down, and then penalty. It’s like we’re hurting ourselves early in the game. We have to find ways to stop doing that. I don’t know if guys are anxious or it’s anxiety or nervousness. I still believe we could have had a third-and-out in the first series of both games. We need to come out strong. Tennessee didn’t hit us in the mouth like SDSU did.”

On Akeem Ayers:
“Akeem is a great athlete, probably better than I am, and it’s a little different because now he’s out of control, he’s trying to make a play. When I was younger and I was trying to make every play, I wouldn’t get the penalty, but I wouldn’t make the play. Rather than do my job, I tried to do everything. He’s just got to settle down and relax and plays will come to him. We kind of have a competition in making tackles, and he’s behind right now, so he’s anxious to make a play. When you’re chasing it, it’s not going to come to you.”

On David Carter:
“He did great, we probably give him trouble every day about being big and not meeting the standard of his size. He got in there and did a great job. If he can continue to get better, he’ll definitely see a lot more time.”

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Pre-practice update

A scorching morning sun has UCLA’s players thankful that they are only in shells today, shoulder pads and helmet. Looks like it will be a light practice, focused on preparation for Friday’s closed scrimmage at the Rose Bowl.
As defensive tackle David Carter strolled onto the practice field, he shook his head and said, ‘Woooo, it’s hot.”
Christian Ramirez is still in a walking boot but the limp is noticeably lighter today, and Chane Moline and Stanley Hasiak are back in pads for practice.

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