UCLA adds new speaker system; drones to follow?


Should you spy a strange contraption hovering over Spaulding Field in the future, don’t panic — it may be the latest in UCLA’s embrace of technology.

The Bruins rolled out a new sound system on Wednesday, but head coach Jim Mora said that won’t be the team’s last high-tech addition.

“The next step — and we will get to it, it’s just going to take us a while — is they’ve got these drones now that can hover over your practice field with a video camera,” Mora said. “What we eventually want to do is get a drone because that’s another perspective.”

Tennessee tried a similar idea last week, using what looked like an eight-pronged helicopter at its spring practice. An upgrade on the cable-suspended Skycam used in television prospects, the “drones” also require that UCLA amp up its fundraising efforts. A Cinestar Octocopter, used in the film industry, can cost around $10,000. Continue reading “UCLA adds new speaker system; drones to follow?” »

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