Four for Four with Gavin Ketchum

On getting back into the rotation:
“It’s about taking reps now, just hearing everything. A big part of playing on Saturday’s, after you’ve been in the huddle a million times, just being in the huddle, around the ball. Our practice tempo is fast enough, it gets you in shape. So it’s more about taking these reps.”

On what it’s like to be back:
I think the bye week really helped. The first couple days, you’re technically full go, but you’re still in the swing of things, it’s like the first day of camp out there. But once you get in a drive, a two-minute deal, where its fire, fire, fire, when you get through that, you know you’re back. You know you can do everything.

On what he brings to the table:
“I add experience. The playing time I’ve had over five years of being here will help. I know the offense; coming back for the second year, I really have a good understanding, so I can help guys. I’m pretty familiar with all the positions, so I can help in the huddle. A big part of being a senior in the huddle is calming everybody down.”

On not losing his instincts:
“I never really lost them, but a big part of not losing them is when you’re injured you stay in there mentally. You listen to all the snaps, you put yourself in position. You may not have run the same route as the receiver did, but you need to see where he made his adjustments.

Neuheisel On:

On Thursday’s practice:
“I’m very excited about the way we practiced today. This is what we needed. I feel much better about the week, and very excited to practice Sunday. We’re 0-0, we start a new season, and we’re eager to get off to a good start.”

On winning the Pac-10:
“When you’re at UCLA, and you walk into a hall of fame that has 103 national championship trophies, you can’t become part of that scene until you win a Pac-10 championship. That season starts this next weekend.”

On Christian Ramirez’ recovery:
“We had him in a little scrimmage, got him some live action there at the end, and I hope he’s ok. He got up a little hobbled there. He’s got to start playing through that.”

On Gavin Ketchum’s recovery:
“He’s getting there. It’s been a while. He doesn’t seem right now willing to explode out of it. But that’s why this bye week is so important.”

On Kevin Prince losing weight with a broken jaw:
“He’s a put together kid. He’s been working out. He’s been running. He’ll be fine.”

On the battle at cornerback with Aaron Hester down:
“Sheldon Price is now competing, and Courtney has to win that job back from him. Sheldon has had the job. We’ll have plenty more opportunities the next couple weeks to see who’s ready to play.”

Post-practice update

Hey folks,

Just got done talking to Courtney Viney – one bright kid – and I’ll have some interviews for you shortly.
Some quick tidbits:
*Kai Maiava sat out of practice with a sore back, with Jake Dean filling in at center, but he is expected to play on Saturday
*Glenn Love was hobbling throughout practice with a sore ankle, but is also expected to play
*Gavin Ketchum was out in full pads jogging a bit, but still is doubtful for Saturday
*Brian Price was out of practice, too, with an banged up leg, but he’ll play Saturday.

Coming soon: Rick Neuheisel, Courtney Viney, Richard Brehaut, Carnell Lake and Damien Thigpen…