Pac-12 officials to ref BCS Championship

Per the Press-Register, national officiating Rogers Redding said today that Pac-12 officials will call the national title game. Conferences aren’t allowed to officiate bowls that involve their teams, and the BCS bowl rotation gave the Pac-12 those duties this year. (Notre Dame might not be in the title game had it not been for Pac-12 officials, but oh well.)

Five of the eight most penalized teams in the country come from the Pac-12: UCLA, Washington, Cal, Oregon and USC. Alabama — sixth-best in the country at 3.85 flags per game — is averaging less than half the penalties of any of those five teams. We’ll see if that ticks up on Jan. 7.

Conference USA will officiate the Holiday Bowl, as well as the Vegas Bowl. Teams from that conference averaged 5.53 penalties per game this season. Pac-12 squads averaged 7.24.

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UCLA vs. Baylor in Holiday Bowl

Kickoff is 6:45 p.m. on Dec. 27 at Qualcomm Stadium. It’s also on ESPN if you’re not available to make the trip. Johnathan Franklin and Baylor wide receiver Terrance Williams are featured at the top of the official site banner.

It’s certainly no Rose Bowl, but the Holiday Bowl is shaping up for a return to its traditional shootout ways. (The scores of the past three games have been 21-10, 19-7, and 33-0.) Baylor ranks No. 1 in the country in total offense, while the No. 17 Bruins are No. 20.

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