Mora: Anthony Barr deserves Heisman hype

Crank the Heisman hype machine.

UCLA head coach Jim Mora thinks linebacker Anthony Barr deserves a shot at football’s preeminent award, and he’s not shy about telling anyone and everyone.

“Absolutely. It should start,” Mora said Thursday. “UCLA needs to promote him, and I’m going to promote him, and he needs to go out and promote himself by going out and playing great and helping his team win.”

The only Bruin to have ever taken home the Heisman is quarterback Gary Beban, who won in 1967. More daunting is the trophy’s bias towards offense: Since Michigan’s Charles Woodson became the only primarily defensive player to win in 1997, quarterbacks and running backs have won 14 straight. Continue reading “Mora: Anthony Barr deserves Heisman hype” »

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